FPD Chapter 470

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One Week


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Although I found it fun to mess with the general and was looking forward to his plot to kill me, in the end, that was just a game to kill time. There were more important things I needed to deal with.

Mainly, that unknown Immortal.

Thus, while the army continued its course towards the frontline, I disguised myself and used my Clark’s identity to go to the Daemon Empire several times.

My goal was to try to find clues about the Immortal’s plans in the Daemon Empire and destroy them, but even after trying for a long while, I failed to find anything.

He had hidden his plans very well.

Initially, I thought that the war against the daemons was the method he was going to use to arrive at this world, and in fact, that was one of the reasons I accepted coming to the frontlines. But after visiting the Elven Forest and learning that this war was something that the elves fanned behind scenes, I was not so sure.

However, I did not discard this possibility completely. I visited the daemon emperor and scanned his mind without him noticing, even scanning the minds of several of his minister, but I did not find any trace of the Immortal.

It was as though he did not exist.

However, I found a small clue.

Apparently, this war was something that the Daemon God wanted.

And after seeing the Immortal using the Daemon God’s body to create a clone of himself in this world, I’m sure the Daemon God was under the influence of the Immortal for a long time.

The question is, how much?

Is the war something he provoked or is it something completely unrelated?

I was not sure, but there was a high chance he was planning to use the souls of the deceased to summon his main body to this world.

However, when I checked that possibility, I realized that nobody was messing with the souls of the deceased except a few elves that had still not received the order to stop.

Once more, I hit a dead end.

I could not help but sigh inwardly. If I can’t find the method that he is planning to use to arrive in this world, I will be unable to delay his coming.

Helpless, I could only continue trying.

Just like that, one week passed.

During this week, the soldiers continued advancing towards the frontlines, and they needed just three days more to arrive.

This week was pretty fruitless for me. Besides sleeping with my girls at night, trying to find clues about the Immortal, and visiting Emilia a pair of times, I did nothing.

But it changes today.

Finally, we arrived at the place where we accorded to mee the Carmell family.

As agreed beforehand, the caravan separated from the soldiers and took a different route. We were going to meet again two days later, just before arriving at Fort Mist.

“… I’m surprised the general did not oppose to you leaving. Is he not afraid of you running away?” Aunt Dayana said curiously.

“He would be very happy if I do that. By then, my enemies will brand me as a deserter and they will have the perfect excuse to make me a head shorter.”

Aunt Dayana shivered, her face paling slightly.

She then looked at me with a complicated expression.

“Sorry Claus, even although I’m supposed to be your elder. There is not much I can do to help you. Sometimes, I feel I’m useless.”

“What are talking about, Aunt? You are doing more than enough. Thanks to you, I don’t need to worry about the Auction Hall or my businesses in the empire.”

Aunt Dayana chuckled softly and smiled.

“As expected of a womanizer like you. You always know what words to say.”

Experience, aunt. Experience…

“Anyway, Claus, are you sure you want to complete this deal. We still can turn back now.”

“Are you worried?”

“Of course. This deal can’t be any fishier. It’s obvious the Carmell Family is planning something big, and I’m sure they will not mind killing us to achieve that. Who knows? Perhaps they will try to kill us as soon as we complete the exchange to silence us.”

“You are partially right, Aunt. However, I don’t think they are that stupid.”


“For the Carmell Family, we are still useful, and that means they will not get rid of us as long as we still have a use. Of course, it’s another matter after that.”

“Even so–!”

“But just like they are using me, I’m using them.”


Seeing Aunt Dayana’s confused expression, I smiled playfully.

“If I’m going to make my sister the empress, I’m going to do an excellent job at that, and I need to get rid of all the people that could harm her.”

“Do you mean…?”

“The Carmell Family want to use us as a spearhead, but they did not know that I’m also using them to fan the flames. Then, Dina will have the perfect justification to ascend the throne and clean up all the trash of the empire, getting a stable empire to govern.”

Aunt Dayana was stunned. However, she could feel the confidence in my voice.

And for some reason, her face could not help but turn hot.

“… Claus, you look very handsome when you are like this.”

I looked at her and rolled my eyes.

“What are you talking about, Aunt? I’m always handsome.”

Chuckling softly, I looked in the direction of the capital, my gaze piercing through thousands of kilometers of distance.

If I’m not wrong, they are going to make a move soon.

The situation in the capital is going to become exciting.



Meanwhile, in the military camp.

General Liko Noel was looking in the direction Claus and the other left with a thoughtful expression.

At that moment, a shadow materialized behind him, taking the shape of a man and kneeling on a knee.

“… General, should we make a move now? I think it’s a good opportunity.”

The general hesitated slightly before sighing and shaking his head.

“No, let’s follow the plan. The prince still has that troublesome teacher that follows him anywhere. With her beside him, our chances of success are not high.”

“But then, are we going to do nothing?”

“Patience. Being rash at this point in time can ruin our plans. This time, the prince will not escape. And even if he survives, the gallows will be waiting for him in the capital.”

“I understand. I’ll follow your orders.”



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