FPD Chapter 48

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Daisy and Hope


“Sister Hope, c-can you teach me about sex?”

“… Huh?” Hope was unable to process Daisy’s words.

Daisy’s face turned red. She lowered her head and gripped the corner of her dress with a nervous expression. “… I-I’m going to sleep with his highness tonight, so I want to l-learn a bit about s-sex beforehand.”

Hope’s mouth opened wide. She looked at Daisy with an incredulous expression and then blushed deeply.

“Y-You and prince Claus…”

“Yes…” Daisy replied in a mosquito-like voice.

Hope’s face turned completely red. She wasn’t sure about how to answer at Daisy. “W-Why are you asking me about it…?!”

“I-I thought you were experienced. After all, you told me once that you have done it before…”

“It’s true, but…” Hope looked at Daisy and thought for a moment before finally nodding. “Sigh, okay, I’ll teach you, b-but I’m not so experienced myself so…!”

“I-It doesn’t matter. I just want to learn the basics.” Daisy replied.

Hope was empress Lilia’s personal servant. She had been her servant from the day Lilia married the current emperor.

But although the members of the imperial family don’t have a good relationship between them, such rivalry doesn’t extend to the servants. Actually, most of the servants have a good relationship with each other. Of course, they don’t speak about their masters’ private matters.

Due to it, Hope did not find it strange when Daisy asked her for a favor. Moreover, now that she learned about Daisy’s request, she had to admit that she was a bit interested.

“S-Sister Hope, can I ask you how many times have you done it before?”

Hope blushed deeply and scolded Daisy. “What are you asking about?!” But when she saw Daisy’s curious expression, she decided to be honest. “Just twice…”

“Huh?” Now it was the turn of Daisy to be surprised. She thought that Hope was more experienced that it.

But in the next instant, a playful light flashed through her eyes.

Fufu, it will be fun.

Unfortunately, Hope was unable to realize that something was wrong with her younger coworker.

“I-It was with the emperor, a few years ago…” Hope continued with an embarrassed expression.

Daisy was not very surprised about that, after all, personal servants could be considered as a property of their masters. It was normal for the personal servant of a woman to sleep with the woman’s husband.

Very few personal servants marry on their lives. Most of them accompany their masters during their entire lives.

“Then, can you show me what you did?” Daisy looked at Hope with an expression of anticipation. Hope was so embarrassed that she wanted to escape the room, but in the end, she nodded.

“Y-You see, t-the man will p-put his thing on our c-crotch and the i-insert it inside… Afterward…”

“Uh, sister Hope, I already know it. The head maid explained it before. What I want to know is how to please his highness.”

“I-Is it so? Y-You are right… B-But I’ll don’t know much about how to please men so…” Hope lowered her head embarrassed.

Daisy wrinkled her brows and put on an expression of panic. “W-What are we going to do then? W-What if his highness doesn’t like me after tonight?”

Hope bit her lips with an apologetic expression. “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to help you…”

Daisy looked at Hope with teary eyes. Her expression was truly pitiful, filled with panic and nervousness. However, a trace of cunning light could be seen in the depth of her eyes.

It’s said that women are natural-born actresses, and today, Daisy proved it.

For a moment, a trace of hesitation appeared on Daisy’s face, however, it disappeared in the next instant. She was determined to help her lover, no matter what she has to do.

Moreover, she was sure that Claus will to treat Hope well. Claus needed someone he could use to approach the empress, and Hope was the best candidate.

So, she continued with the plan.

“… Sister Hope, I have an idea…”

“Huh? What is it?” Hope asked.

Daisy looked at Hope with an embarrassed expression. “This… W-We can try for ourselves and see if we can learn something…”

Hope stared at Daisy with a doubtful expression, but in the next instant, she turned completely red. “G-G-Girl, w-what are you speaking about!?”

“B-But I can’t think of any other way. Sister Hope, you will help me, right?”

Seeing Daisy’s teary eyes, Hope could not help but hesitate slightly. Furthermore, she also was a bit curious.

If she learned something good tonight, perhaps she could use it afterward with the emperor. Even though the emperor did not seek her after that day, she was hopeful that he would do it with her again.

So, after hesitating for a moment, she agreed.

Daisy put on an excited expression and hugged Hope. “Thanks, sister Hope, you are the best.”

Hope blushed and muttered something under her breath. She then followed Daisy’s lead and took off her clothes.

The two of them took off all their clothes except their underwear. Hope was slightly embarrassed, but when she saw that Daisy seemed normal, she calmed down.

“How do we start?” Daisy asked, but Hope didn’t have much experience on this topic. Besides the two times with the emperor, her only knowledge was of when she talked with the other servants.

Seeing it, Daisy decided to take the initiative.

“I know, why don’t we try something I saw on a book?”

“A-A book?”

“Yes, sister Hope, lie down in the bed and close your eyes.”

Hope was a bit nervous but she nodded. She then closed her eyes and waited for Daisy to start.

The next second, she felt a hand on her chest.

“Kya!” Hope opened her eyes in panic and found Daisy touching her breasts. She was using a hand to grope both breasts with a curious expression.

“D-Daisy!” Hope’s face turned red, but before she could continue speaking, Daisy’s other hand began to move through her body.

“W-What are you doing!?” Hope exclaimed, but Daisy just smiled with a teasing expression and continued moving her hands. “Don’t worry, sister Hope. It’s to see how you react.”

Hope felt that something was wrong, but she did not know what it was. Soon, Daisy began to use her hands to stroke each corner of Hope’s body.

Daisy was not skillful, but she remembered how Claus used his hands when they had sex. So she tried to imitate him and touch the same places.

Soon, her hand touched Hope’s hidden cave.

“D-Daisy, stop…” Hope moaned, but Daisy’s eyes shone with an excited light. For some reason, she was feeling a strange sense of accomplishment.

Daisy then began to use her finger to stroke Hope’s crotch. She moved her fingers over her underwear, teasing her clitoris and making Hope groan.


Little by little, Hope turned excited. It had been a long time since the last time she felt such sensations. Moreover, back then the emperor was not so gentle with her.

Daisy saw Hope groaning on the bed and curved her lips up. Her hands roamed Hope’s abdomen, causing her an incredibly pleasurable feeling. She then moved her finger through her chest, neck, and then mouth.

Finally, she moved her mouth near her ear.

“How does it feel?”

When Hope felt Daisy’s breath against her ear, her body shivered. A stream of love juices flowed from her lower body and wet the bed.

Daisy was slightly surprised. She did not think that Hope would climax with just that, but thinking about it, she was the same the first time.

At that moment, the next part of the plan finally began.

When Hope’s mind was lost in the pleasure of sex, someone knocked on the door.

“Daisy, are you there?”

Instantly, Hope’s eyes opened wide.


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