FPD Chapter 488

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With the Empress in the Palace (2)


Empress Lilia was flushed all over. Her beautiful face seemed to be covered with red, making her to look extremely charming.

She was extremely wild, not at all caring about the fact she was in the palace or the fact that she was betraying the emperor on his own home. In fact, the knowledge that she was cheating on her husband, Grand, and he did not know, only excited her more.

Quickly, she removed my clothes, using her dainty hands to roam my body as she took off my shirt and pants.

Soon, both of us were completely naked. I could feel the warmth of Lilia’s skin against mine, burning hot due to the excitement.

I looked at her with a greedy expression and my mouth searched for hers one more. We immersed ourselves in a kiss after another, as our bodies rubbed against each other and our excitement became bigger and bigger.

Empress Lilia groaned softly. Love juices started to leak out of her pussy, sliding down her legs and creating a very lewd image.

Moreover, she started to feel a strange itch on her secret cave. With her climbing excitement, she wanted nothing more than to be penetrated by me.

“… Clark… Give me…” She muttered softly.

“Your Majesty sure is lustful. To think you are asking to be penetrated for another man than your husband.”

The empress’s face turned red, but her eyes shone with an excited luster.

“Who do you think made me like this?” She said seductively and used her hand to grab my member. “It’s this little one fault I’m like this.”

I grinned and kissed her neck. Then, my mouth moved down towards her breasts and covered her towering peaks.

“Ahn…” The empress moaned softly. I grinned and proceeded to suck her breaths. At the same time, my teeth bit and licked her nipples, causing them to become erect and sending shivers through the empress body.

At the same time, my other hand took care of her other breast, pinching and twisting the nipple repeatedly, provoking several moans of pain and pleasure from the empress mouth.

When I saw her like that, I grinned and used my remaining hand to touch the place between her legs.

Immediately, the empress’s body shivered, and a great amount of love juices spurt out of her vagina.

“Oooo…!” With an embarrassing moan, the empress orgasmed.

Her climax came so strongly that her body twitched violently, and her mouth opened and closed once and again.

“So much love juice.” I grinned. “I’m sure your husband never made you so excited.”


“Tell me, my beloved empress. Who do you prefer? He or me?

The empress looked towards me with glazed eyes. She then hugged my neck and brought her mouth towards mine, combining our lips in another fierce battle.

However, I snorted.

Using my thumb and index finger, I pinched the empress’s clitoris, making her shiver violently.

“You have not answered my question.”

“… Y-You…”

“Oh? I what?” I asked with a mischievous smile.

The empress looked at me with an embarrassed expression and closed her eyes.

“I-I like you more…”

As soon as these words sounded, I could see the empress’s body trembling slightly.

At the same time, the love juices coming out of her pussy increased greatly.

Obviously, such words excited her greatly.

Even she did not expect she would be so excited by cheating on her husband.

Perhaps it was due to the stress she was feeling, or because she had never felt truly loved by the emperor, but at some point, the empress had fallen so deep that herself realize she could not stop it anymore.

In fact, she had been unconsciousnly thinking of me more and more recently.

I smiled in satisfaction when I heard the empress answer and rubbed my finger over her slit, making the empress shiver again.

“… C-Clark, please… I-I want it…”

“Oh? What do you want?

“Y-Your cock…”

I smirked and bit her earlobe softly, breathing some words on her ear.

“I wonder how your husband would react if he learn you are asking for the cock of another man.”

“… Doesn’t matter… Please…”

I grinned and nodded. Then, I put her legs over my shoulders and brought my erect penis in front of her cunt.

The empress was completely wet by this point. The bed below her had been drenched by her love juices, and her skin glistened due to the sticky liquid.

Due to all the foreplay we did, she was already incredibly sensitive. As soon as she felt my dick touching he entrance, she shivered and her mouth let out a soft moan.

I was excited seeing her appearance. To think that the empress, the person that hates me the most in the entire world, would make such sounds due to my caresses.

I grinned and put strength on my waist, pushing my penis inside little by little.

The empress let out a long moan as my cock entered inside her.

Then, I abruptly slammed my penis in.


The sudden penetration made the empress scream out loud, and the strong pleasure turned her mind white. For an instant, the empress felt she was about to find.

“G-Good!” With a cry, the empress hugged my body and groaned. But before she could get used to the pleasure, I started to thrust, invading her insides repeatedly and crating loud slamming noises that resounded through the room.

This kind of attack made the empress crazy. The beautiful MILF that was betraying her husband felt as though her soul was leaving her bod.

Her sweet voice let out repeated moans and her eyes were filled with ecstasis. The empress enjoyed the feeling of being completely conquered by her lover.

Moreover, when she thought of the fact that her servants were just outside as she cheated on her husband, she could not help but turn even more excited.


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