FPD Chapter 489

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With the Empress in the Palace (3)


The empress’s change was astonishing. The usually dignified empress had turned into a complete slut on the bed.

She was the empress of the strongest human empire, a woman that was usually arrogant and condescending; but right now, she was letting out loud lewd sounds with an expression of lust.

Aware of that, I could not help but feel satisfied. The feeling of conquest filled me with pride.

While I thrust my penis, my hands moved towards her breasts, twisting as playing with them as my rod moved in and out of her cave.

“Ooo…. Ahn… Uuu…”

The empress moaned repeatedly and lewd water splashed out of her vagina, making the scenery even more obscene.

Each second, my penis was inserted deep inside her sacred cave, creating loud slurping noises that filled the room.

“Your Majesty, you are so tight,” I muttered and leaned my body against her, biting and sucking her nipples while our lower bodies were tightly connected.

The empress gasped loudly and twisted her body under me, catering to my movements and hugging my head against her chest.

She felt as though her entire body burning. Each time I inserted her, it was as though a powerful electric current ran through her entire body and sent shivers to her spine.

With a moan, she grabbed my head and brought her mouth towards mine. Opening her red lips slightly, she put her tongue inside my mouth and shared a deep kiss with me.

The tingling pleasure made her mind blank. At this point, her body was completely surrendered to me.

My dick drilled her cave vigorously, piercing her deepest part and hitting the entrance of her womb. With each thrust, the empress’s plum and beautiful body shook and her mouth let out a moan.

“Ann… Clark… Oh… I love you…~”

I grinned and kissed her neck, not stopping my thrusts and accelerating my movements even more.

“Your body is so beautiful… I’m truly envious of your husband that enjoyed your body all these years.”

“Uuuu… I-It doesn’t matter… It’s yours now… All yours… Ahn…”

“Yes, your body is completely mine now. You should forget about that husband of yours.”

The empress turned red in shame and closed her eyes. After hearing my words, the fires of lust inside her became more and more intense, and her lower cave became wetter and wetter.

At some point, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started to shake her buttocks, trying to get as much pleasure as possible.

“Anh… C-Clark… I-I’m coming…!” The empress suddenly cried out. Immediately, her lower cave clenched my penis powerfully, and her body shivered in pleasure.

A stream of love juices rushed out of her cave, drenching my pelvis and legs completely as the empress screamed in pleasure.

“Cumming…!” With a loud voice, her body twitched violently, and her eyes rolled up.

I groaned and continued thrusting, enjoying the pleasurable feeling of her cunt clenching my penis.

The heavenly feeling continued for several seconds, during which I thrust and thrust without stop, savoring the beautiful body of the married empress completely.

When the empress’s orgasm finally ended, she let out a soft groan and looked at me with glazed eyes.

“C-Clark… So good…”

Narrowing her eyes, the empress looked at me with a loving and satisfied expression. She looked completely like a meek lover instead of a dignified empress.

But even if she was satisfied, it doesn’t mean I was satisfied yet.

“Let’s continue…” I muttered on her ear with a smile and once more moved my abdomen.

“Uuuu…” With a soft groan, the empress closed her eyes. She felt my penis moving softly inside her cave, making her quiver.

Her vagina shrank softly, pressuring my penis and giving me even more pleasure. At the same time, I could feel her fleshy walls shivering softly in anticipation.

Feeling the reaction of her body, I started my vigorous thrusts again. My penis invaded violently her insides once more.

“Ahn… Uuu… Ahhh…”

I grabbed her waist with my hands, supporting her body so my penis could reach deeper. At the same time, I put more strength on my waist, slamming the empress’s buttocks repeatedly.

The empress cried out in comfort. She shyly wrapped her hands around my neck and put her head on my chest, enjoying the lustful pleasure of adultery.

At this point, the empress had forgotten completely about her husband or her children. She only wanted to enjoy the fleshy pleasure.

“Ahnn… Goood… D-Deeper…” The empress exclaimed loudly.

The slapping sounds caused by our fierce sex once more filled the room. My penis continued being inserted and penetrating her little cunt once and again.

“Ahnn… Goood… Clark… You are so good…”

With her mind blank, Lilia moaned and groaned as she twisted her body to cater to my movements. Each time she felt my penis hitting her womb, she trembled softly and let out loud moans and groans.

She could almost not withstand this kind of crazy pleasure. Moreover, the excitement caused for betraying her husband made everything even crazier.

The guilt the empress felt towards her husband had turned into lust and excitement that made her crazier.

I grinned when I saw that. My big dick penetrated deep inside the empress’s vagina, making her exclaim and tremble.

Soon, she felt another climax coming.


With a scream, the empress grasped the sheet of the bed and straightened her body.

I grinned and accelerated my movements, going faster and faster as the empress approached her third climax.

Finally, I felt her vagina tightening around me strongly.

Aware that she was about to orgasm, I accelerated my movements once more and got ready to shot my semen inside her.

“I’ll cum inside!” I said with a grunt, but the empress did not react. She just let out an unintelligible sound as her body started to shiver.

Then, even more love juice than before erupted out of her vagina.

At the same time, I started my last sprint. My penis pierced her secret cave deeply and finally, I did a strong thrust!

With a spurt, hot semen was shot inside the empress womb, making her groan in pleasure.

Once, twice, thrice. Finally, after four spurts, my orgasm finally came to an end.

The empress panted softly. She felt the hot semen on her womb and looked at me in satisfaction.

Afterward, she closed her eyes and let out a long breath.

“… Amazing.”

With these words, the empress slowly fell asleep.


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