FPD Chapter 49

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Hope’s Lesson (1)


“Daisy?” I asked and knocked on the door again. I could see the panicking expression on Hope’s face through Akashic Sight.

Daisy also had a surprised expression. If not because I knew she was acting, I would have been fooled by her too.

“D-Daisy, w-what do we do?” I heard Hope whispering fearfully. Daisy put on a flustered expression and gestured Hope to stay quiet. She then replied to me.

“I-I’m here, your highness…”

“… Why did you take so long to answer? Anyway, I’ll enter.” Once I said it, I pushed open the door.

Daisy had locked the door, but I could open it easily with my mana.

“W-Wait, your highness! Y-You can’t enter now!”

I ignored Daisy’s words and opened the door. “What is the problem, Daisy? I even saw you naked before. Moreover, I need to tell you something important.” Then without waiting for an answer, I entered the room.

Hope’s face instantly turned completely pale. She could only close her eyes while I entered and closed the door.

Then, when I looked at the scene inside the room, I put on a stunned expression.

“… What is happening here?”

“Y-Y-Your highness!” Hope tried to stand up with tears on her eyes, but Daisy was still above her, so she could not move her body. I turned around to feign courtesy and spoke again.

“Can someone explain to me what is happening here?”

Hope looked at Daisy with tears on her eyes.

Daisy’s face turned red. She sat on the bed and began to explain everything.

I had to control my body to not burst into laughter. Although Daisy and I planned everything, I never thought it would be so smooth sailing.

Moreover, even now, Hope doesn’t seem to suspect anything.

When Daisy finished explaining, I heaved a deep sigh. Hope and Daisy already had found two blankets to cover their bodies, so I turned around and looked at them.

“… Are you telling me that this happened because you two were trying to learn about sex?”

The two servants lowered their heads embarrassed. I already knew Daisy was just acting, but I was surprised due to Hope’s embarrassed reaction. She was more innocent than I thought.

“How utterly ridiculous.” I shook my head with a perplexed expression. I then spoke in a joking tone. “If you two want to learn about sex, I can teach you, you know.”

Hope turned even more embarrassed, but Daisy stared at me with a meaningful smirk.

“… That is not a bad idea.” She said.

Instantly, Hope panicked. “Daisy! W-What are you saying!?”

“Think about it, sister Hope.” Daisy continued with a normal tone of voice. “If his highness teaches us, t-then I don’t have to worry about failing to please him.”

Hope opened and closed her mouth repeatedly, unable to answer.

However, we weren’t planning to give her time to react.

“It’s decided then. Your highness, let’s do it.” Daisy spoke with a blush. Actually, she truly was embarrassed. After all, doing it with three people was pretty embarrassing.

I stared at them with a surprised expression before changing it to soft chuckle. “Okay, if you don’t mind, I would like to help you.” Then, I walked toward the bed.

Hope took a few seconds to make head or tails of our conversation, and when she saw me walking towards her, she waved her hands frantically. “W-Wait! I-I don’t think it’s right!”

“Huh? What is the problem, sister Hope? Don’t worry, his highness will not use his thing. He is just going to teach us about sex.”

“B-But, I-It’s better if I leave you two alone…”

“Huh? W-Will you abandon me, sister Hope? I-I’m a bit afraid…”

Hope saw Daisy’s pitiful expression and hesitated. She could feel that things were going in a bad direction, but for some reason, she felt a bit of excitement.

After thinking for a few seconds, she nodded.

I smiled gently and sat on the bed. Daisy had an expression as a child that succeeded in a joke, and Hope’s gaze was roaming the room, unable to look into my eyes.

“Well, who is first?” I asked.

“Sister Hope!” Daisy said instantly.


“I want to see how sister Hope does it first before doing it myself.”

I nodded with a smirk. “Okay.” I then looked at Hope with burning eyes.

“W-Wait!” Hope entered in panic, but before she could react, I kissed her neck.

Instantly, her body turned soft.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” I whispered in her ear. Hope simply closed her eyes in shame and embarrassment and tensed up her body.

I just smiled and used my hands to touch her body. Hope’s body trembled slightly, but she did not stop me. I could see she was already resigned to it.

Feeling the reaction of her body through my fingers, I continued caressing her skin. My hands moved through her upper body, some times nearly touching her breast, but I always stopped before that and moved my hands to another place.

Little by little, I caressed her entire body. I even used a little bit of mana on my fingers to increase the stimulation while observing Hope’s reactions.

Before one minute had passed, Hope was already breathing heavily.

I moved the blanket away and laid her body on the bed. Despite being in her thirties, Hope was very beautiful. Her skin was a bit tanned due to the sun, and her hands were a bit callous after working for so many years, but she had a kind of normal beauty different than other women as Mrs. Elene or aunt Dayana.

I kissed her neck again, using my hand to remove a strand of brown hair away. Hope could not help but let out a groan of pleasure, unable to suppress the strange feelings invading her body.

Once I felt her that body began to heat up, I patiently removed her underwear. I was very careful, at the point that Hope did not notice until her underwear was almost gone, but by then, she already could do nothing to stop it.

Hope opened her brown eyes and looked at me with a teary expression. I stared right into her eyes and smirked. I could not believe that a 30-years-old woman as Hope could make such a cute and innocent expression.

Feeling my bestial instincts awakening, I moved my mouth towards her lips. Hope opened her eyes wide, but in the next instant, she narrowed them with an expression of satisfaction.

Our lips separated after one minute, leaving behind a thread of saliva connecting them. I then looked at Daisy and nodded my head.

“Daisy, come…”

Daisy put on a surprised expression but nodded at the next instant.

My lips curved in a smirk. Looking at Daisy and Hope, I spoke.

“Let’s begin the lesson.”


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