FPD Chapter 490

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Sweet Hope (1)


I watched how the empress fell asleep with an amused expression.

This woman, she sure trusts me.

To think she can sleep in this situation. Is she not afraid of one of her servants entering and discovering everything?

Hell, if I want, I can easily expose her right now, ruining her life completely.

To be honest, that is not a bad way to take revenge.

Imagine if the entire empire learns that the empress cheated the emperor with another man in the palace. Both of them would have their reputation ruined.

However, that is not good enough.

I already had a well-thought plan that will make the emperor and the empress despair.

Now, what should I after this?

I can’t leave like this or if Lotus enters the room, she will discover the state of the empress. It’s still early to reveal it.

However, staying like this is boring.

After thinking for a while, I put my pants on and transmitted my voice to Hope outside.

A few seconds later, Hope opened the door.

She entered the room and looked at me before looking at the empress.

Locking the door behind her, she heaved a long sigh.

“… I was already expecting this, but still, I’m surprised about how much the empress fell for you, your highness.”

I smiled and waved my hand, casting a spell over Lilia to stop her from waking up accidentally.

After all, it would be bad if she hears my conversation with Hope.

“What can I say? Your man is impressive. Not even an empress can stop herself from falling for my charms.”

“Yes, yes, you are amazing, your highness,” Hope rolled her eyes. She then gazed at the empress once more and put on a strained smile.

“… It feels nice to see the empress like this. To think she would have a day where she would be fooled so badly.”

“Oh? Your grudge against her seems pretty heavy.”

“Well, she was not the best master. She was not the worst either, but there are some things I resent about her.”

I shrugged and nodded. I already knew her story after all.

As the personal servant of the empress, Hope had many luxuries, but at the same time, she had a bitter fate.

Unable to bear children, unable to love someone freely, and having always to obey someone regardless of her will.

Even if that person hits and humiliates her.

It would have been different if the empress was a good master, but although she was not too bad, she could not be called nice either.

“Well, I have to admit I feel a bit bitter about this…” Hope smiled wryly. “Plus, I feel a bit of pity for her now that I know about her future fate.”

I fell silent and did not reply.

Did I feel pity for her? Not much. Even although I slept with her, it’s also true that the empress has done a lot of bad things to Dina and me.

Plus, the person she is sleeping with is Clark, not Claus.

I’m sure that if I told her my true identity right now, she will not hesitate to kill me immediately.

Although thinking about it, it would be interesting if she still continues loving me once she learns of my true identity.

Chuckling slightly, I looked at Hope and held her hand slightly, pulling her towards my embrace.

Hope blushed slightly, ignoring completely the fact that the empress was in the bed and hugging me back.

She then kissed my chest and looked at me with a pout.

“Your highness, you have not had time for me lately. I have missed you.”

“… Sorry about that. Don’t worry, once all this mess ends, I will have all the time of the world for you.”

Hope blushed and smiled thinly. “… I know. And I’m waiting impatiently for that day. Fortunately, it looks like everything is going well.”

“You know what you have to do, right?”

“Don’t worry, your highness. I won’t mess it up. Trust me.”

“Of course, Hope. I trust you.” I said while kissing her small lips.

The kiss was a short one, but just after that one finished, Hope took the initiative to kiss me back.

But then, she furrowed her brows and put on a displeased expression.

“… Your highness, you have the empress’ smell all over you.”

I raised an eyebrow.

What are you, a dog?

However, Hope’s frowning expression was very cute.

“… I don’t like it. Even if I know your relationship with her is just a game, I don’t like it.”

“Oh? What do you want to do then?”

Hope furrowed her brows. But then, she looked at me with a mischievous expression.

“Should I replace it with mine, your highness?”

This woman…

“You know that the empress is sleeping right there, right?”

“Then I should be very quiet so she doesn’t wake up.”

After saying that, Hope extended her tongue and licked my chest as I kitten.

Instantly, I felt my blood boiling.

What can I do? I’m a man. This reaction is normal when such a beautiful woman asks me something like that with such an expression.

Grinning, I moved my fingers through her brown hair as my other hand started to slide down her dress.

As for Hope, she continued licking my chest while she used her hands to unbutton my pants.

“… Your highness, can you change to your true appearance. I like to see the true you.”

I smiled slightly and dispelled the spell. Hope immediately stared at me with an entranced expression and her lips opened in a sweet smile.

“Your highness, I love you.”

“Me too.”

“… Should we make a child right now?”

I chuckled softly. “You truly want a child, huh?”

“I do.” Hope smiled shyly. “A child with your highness would be my greatest blessing.”

I stared straight into Hope’s brown eyes and caressed her hair.

A child, huh.

I have had many children during my many lifetimes, so it’s not a concept strange to me.

To be honest, I don’t mind having one with her.


“Not yet.” I shook my head softly. “Wait a bit more, Hope. Once everything ends, I will give you as many children as you want.”

An expression of disappointment appeared on Hope’s face. However, it disappeared in the next instant.

“… Very well, your highness. It’s a promise.”

“It’s a promise.”

With these words, our lips interlocked again.

Then, I carried Hope in my arms and took her to the bed.


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