FPD Chapter 495

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Charge (2)


“Prince, you will lead the charge.” The general looked at me with a stern expression.

I raised an eyebrow in surprise. Really? Are you going to use your newly gained authority over me so quickly?

Or perhaps, are you aiming to use the daemons to injure or kill me?

“Wait a moment!” Aunt Dayana spoke up at that moment. “General Liko, don’t you think it’s inappropriate?”

“What is inappropriate about it? With the prince leading the charge, the morale of our soldiers will increase. It’s a good idea.”

“Then, why don’t you lead the charge yourself!?” Aunt Dayana said angrily. “I think that you, as the general, are more suitable for that role!”

The eyes of General Liko turned cold. He glared at Aunt Dayana darkly and growled.

“Are you questioning my orders?”

Aunt Dayana was about to growl back, but I stopped her with my hand.

“Don’t worry, Aunt. It’s alright.” I then looked at the general with a smile. “The general is right. I’m very suitable for this role.”

“… It’s good you understand.” The general snorted and looked away. He probably was dissatisfied when he saw I did not seem anxious or flustered after hearing his orders.

I chuckled softly, making sure that it could reach his ears, and looked at the girls behind me.

“Rose, Katherine, follow me. Lina, you and Eternity’s Fangs will stay behind to protect Aunt Dayana and the others.”

“… Okay.”

“I understand.”

Rose hesitated slightly, but she finally nodded. Katherine followed suit, completely ready to enter the battlefield.

As for Lina, it seemed she wanted to say something, but when she saw my gaze, she bit her lips and nodded.

Sorry, my little cousin. Don’t worry, you will have enough opportunities to fight later.

Katherine, Rose, and I spurred our horses forward. Quickly arriving in front of the calvary.

Then, I raised my voice, infusing a bit of my will into it to stimulate the morale of the soldiers.

“Men! The battlefield is in front of us! Now is the time to fight! Let’s show these daemons that we are not cowards that stay behind watching their comrades fight!”


The effects of my words were immediate. Cries of excitement came from the soldiers’ mouths, and their fighting intent increased all of sudden.

Even the most nervous soldiers turned into brave warriors.

I could feel the general’s cheeks twitching slightly after he heard my short speech. Obviously, he could notice I was insulting him.

However, he did not dare to say anything. After all, talking at this point in time was the same as admitting he was a coward.

Chuckling inwardly, I unsheathed my sword and pointed it forward.



Five hundred calvaries roared and charged forward, advancing towards the daemons with an overwhelming aura.

I led them with Rose and Katherine behind me, both a bit nervous, but at the same time, determined.

The daemons had already noticed us. Several daemon mages turned around, waving their hands and wands and casting multiple spells towards us.

Earth walls, earth spikes, walls of flames, fire arrows, lightning snakes, and all kinds of spells appeared, trying to hinder our charge and disrupt our rhythm.

However, I was not planning to let them succeed.

This is my opportunity to act cool. Obviously, I will not let them ruin it.

“Begone!” With a shout, I swung my sword, releasing an enormous sword slash that cut through all the spells in our path.

Then, I swung my sword again, releasing an even bigger sword slash that forced the daemons to cast several barriers to stop it!

However, that stopped them from attacking the calvary again!

And using that opportunity, the calvary closed the distance between the daemons and us.

In less than thirty seconds, we arrived in front of the daemon army!

“Ha!” I roared, raising my sword and slashing a daemon in front of me down.

The next second–


Humans and daemons clashed, both parties using their swords and spells to attack each other!

Blood flew crazily, and limbs were severed. In just one second, more than twenty people died!

The daemons knew how dangerous this kind of charge was, so they aimed for the horses. However, calvaries were made of experienced soldiers and riders, so they did not allow the daemons to succeed so easily!

Waving their swords and using the momentum of their charge, the calvary cut through the daemons and trampled on them, killing tens of them quickly!

But immediately after that, stronger daemons stepped forward; each one of them a fifth-layer practitioner or stronger. They made use of their cultivations to enhance their bodies and attack the charging calvary.


Instantly, several of the calvaries were killed, and some of them were thrown off their horses. In an instant, the battlefield became messy.

Several of the daemons attacked me as well. In fact, perhaps because they realized I was the one leading the charge, the daemons attacking me were particularly stronger.

Two ninth-layer practitioners and one tenth-layer practitioner attacked me from three different directions!

The first one attacked my horse, killing the beast in a strike. Meanwhile, the other two aimed at me.

I grunted and kicked the horse, jumping from it before its body collapsed on the ground and escaping the attacks of the daemons. Then, I released my sword intent, creating a storm of sword winds around me that attacked the daemons!

However, the daemons did not retreat despite that. In fact, they tried to make use of the fact I was in the air and without footing to kill me, even if they had to be injured in the process!

A spear, a glaive, and a sword pierced towards me from three different directions!

Any other practitioner would have had trouble surviving these attacks. However, that was nothing for me. Making use of my sword wind, I twisted my body mid-air and evaded the three attacks.

Then, I brandished my sword in a strange trajectory, avoiding the three weapons and aiming towards the neck of one of the ninth-layer daemons!

The ninth-layer daemon grunted. His yellow eyes narrowed into slits as he brought back his glaive to block my sword.

But when his glaive and my sword clashed, he realized that something was wrong.

There was no strength behind my sword!

It was a trap!

However, it was too late.

With a twist of my wrist, my sword slithered around the glaive, going through his defenses and arriving at his neck.

In a desperate attempt to save his life, the daemon erupted his mana, creating a thick defensive layer of mana over his skin.



It was as though the defensive layer did not exist.

With his eyes opened wide, the daemon watched how my sword pierced his neck.

I then pulled my sword back and the daemon collapsed on the ground.

After that, I faced the remaining two daemons with a soft smile.

“Who is next?”



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