FPD Chapter 497

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Fort Mist (2)


We were in an office inside Fort Mist, meeting with the general in charge of the fort.

The general in charge was called Anson Garde, a thirteenth-layer practitioner who had been defending Fort Mist from the daemons for more than forty years.

In a certain way, this man was considered a legend in the military. He had been fighting daemons since he was a teen!

And after so many years of warring, a powerful killing intent had been accumulated around his body.

In all honesty, he had the strongest killing intent I had seen in a mortal of this world. In fact, I couldn’t help but wonder how many people he killed to get such a heavy killing intent.

Hell, I can almost smell the blood.

General Liko was obviously uncomfortable in front of this thirteen-layer practitioner. However, he did his best to not show it. After all, he was a general with the same authority as General Anson, even if his strength was weaker.

“So you are the reinforcements the emperor sent, huh.” The general looked at us before fixing his gaze on me. “Not bad, I heard my men talk about the battle in the rear of the fort. I never thought that your martial powers were that outstanding, Prince Claus.”

“Thank you for your compliment, general.”

“You deserve it.” General Anson grunted before looking at General Liko again. “Then, general, I imagine you bring some orders for me, right?”

“I do.” General Liko nodded with a serious expression and took a letter out of his shirt. “This is the personal letter from the emperor containing your orders, general.”

General Anson received it and frowned. After confirming that the seal was real and that the letter had not been opened before, he tore it open and read it.

For a few seconds, the office fell silent. But all of sudden–


General Anson slammed his desk and looked at General Liko with a glare full of killing intent.

“What is the meaning of it!?”

General Liko trembled. Facing Anson’s killing intent, his expression turned briefly pale.

However, he managed to recover and replied calmly.

“Just like you read in the letter, general.”

“Bah! Do you expect I’ll agree to this crap!? Forgive me for being blunt, General Liko, but I can’t see you like someone able to defend this fort properly.”

“You…” General Liko’s expression turned dark. He could hear the disdain and sarcasm in General Anson’s voice.

He took a deep breath to calm down and glared at the thirteenth-layer general coldly.

“These are the orders of the emperor. It’s your choice if you want to obey them or not.”

General Anson fell silent. However, his powerful killing intent filled the office.

The killing intent was so powerful that it seemed to solidify the air. It was almost tangible.

I raised an eyebrow in surprise and observed the general in front of me once more.

Then, I noticed something interesting.

This man… Heh, to think I met someone like him here.

He has already put a foot beyond this world’s system of cultivation!

You must understand that most people are unable to do that.

Normally, only one or two people are able to do that in each generation. Most people are unable to continue advancing after they reach the limit of mana that their body can hold. At most, a few of them find a way to become gods.

However, he is different. He is already forging his own path beyond that.

But the most interesting thing is that he has not even reached the limit yet.

This man, he has the potential to become an Irregular.

Such a shame he is not a woman.

The atmosphere in the office was tense, with General Anson glaring at General Liko with a murderous look. His eyes were so intimidating that General Liko was already sweating cold.

However, all that killing intent disappeared all of sudden.

“Very well, I understand.”

“Good choice, general.”

“However, General Liko. If I find that you bring harm to this fort, I promise to kill you, even if it means paying with my life later!”

General Anson left the office after saying these words, leaving a stiffened General Liko behind.

For an instant, a look of fear and dread flashed through General Liko’s eyes.

Oh? Could it be he is truly thinking about that?

Let me guess. It’s part of their plan to get rid of me.

I could not help but laugh inwardly. Hehe, serves you right.

Do you think I can’t see through the true intention of this order? The reason my oh so amazing dad made this arrangement is most likely to execute his plan to get rid of me without a hitch.

I wonder what his plan, no, their plan, is… Could it be they are planning to order me to attack the daemons and then use them to get rid of me?

If it’s just that, I’ll be disappointed.

Chuckling softly, I stood up from my seat and followed General Anson.

There is something I need to ask him.

“General, can we talk?”

“… Your highness, what is it?”

“If it’s possible, can you tell me about the situation in the fort?”

“The situation, huh.” General Anson fell silent for a few seconds before sighing. “It’s bad. The daemons troops seem endless, and they sent many powerhouses to this battlefield. I have confirmed the presence of a fourteenth-layer powerhouse, two thirteenth-layer powerhouses, and five twelfth-layer powerhouses.”

I raised an eyebrow. That is a lot…

According to my observation, besides General Anson, there are just two other twelfth-layer powerhouses defending this fort. It’s surprising it has not been breached yet in these circumstances.

As though feeling my doubt, General Anson smiled wryly.

“The truth is that the only reason we endured until now is that I’m stronger than the daemon powerhouses. I can take the fourteenth-layer powerhouse and the two thirteenth-layer powerhouses by myself… Well, they probably can defeat me, but they are afraid that I’ll kill one or two of them before dying, so they have been trying to exhaust me out slowly.”

I nodded. Certainly, judging by the general’s talent, he does have that ability.

However, I’m interested in something else.

“By the way, General, have you noticed anything strange lately? Perhaps something you find suspicious or that is out of place.”

“Huh?” The general was startled. He then thought for a few seconds before smiling wryly. “Your Highness, with tens of my men dying every day, I don’t have time to pay attention to anything else.”

“Is it so?” I nodded silently.

As expected, it will not be so easy.

Sigh, I wonder where that bastard Immortal is hiding and what he is planning.



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