FPD Chapter 499

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I chuckled after I saw Rose leave. With this, I should have increased her affection points slightly.

Mm, I should take advantage of this war to advance my relationship with her. A love forged through life-and-death experiences. It sounds very romantic.

But for now, I have to focus on what is important.

Narrowing my eyes, I stepped across space, appearing in the middle of daemon camp.

Of course, none of the daemons around me can see me. For them, it’s as though I’m invisible.

The reason I’m here? It’s to collect information.

Until now, I have still not discovered what that Immortal plan is.

However, according to the clues I have, this war should be related to it.

For the daemons, this is a holy war. A war ordered by their god. A war to eradicate the human race.

However, I’m aware that the unknown Immortal was in the process of taking over the daemon god’s body when the war was announced.

And following that line of thought, most likely the daemon god ordered this holy war under the influence of that Immortal.

Although I’m not one hundred percent sure that my conjecture is right, the probability is very high.

In other words, there is something he wants to achieve through this war.

The question is: What is it?

That is what I need to know.

However, when I infiltrated the daemon emperor’s palace and searched through his memories, I failed to find anything suspicious.

The only suspicious thing I found is about the elves, but I already know that the elves’ plot was related to the [Queen of Endless Distortions].

As for the plan of the unknown Immortal, I don’t have the slightest clue yet.

And I hope I can find something here.

With a bit of luck, someone here knows something that can lead me to that Immortal’s goal.

Mm, I should visit the general and the higher-ups of the daemon army first. Perhaps I’ll find something interesting in their memories.

Closing my eyes, I extended my senses to find their locations.

I then opened my eyes with a small smile.

How lucky. It looks like they are in an important meeting right now. All the higher-ups of the daemon army are in the same tent.

Fortunately, I will not have to search for each one of them.

With another step across space, I appeared in the place of the meeting, inside the general’s tent.

As soon as I teleported inside, I saw six daemons seated around a table. Five of them were the general plus the higher-up of the army and the sixth was a cardinal of the Daemon God Church.

Nobody else was inside the tent and even the guards who stayed outside. It shows how important the meeting is.

I looked at them and found a nearby seat, ready to hear their conversation.

But at that moment, I raised an eyebrow.

Then, I looked towards a certain place inside the tent with a mysterious smile.

Just at that moment, a small mana fluctuation occurred there, and a daemon girl appeared inside the tent.

However, only I could see her. None of the daemons inside the tent seemed to realize her presence.

What do we have here?

A spy?

And a rather skilled one. This girl managed to enter here without being found up.

Not even the barrier around the tent detected her.

Pretty good skills.

But suddenly, I looked at her left hand.

At her middle finger.

There, I could see a dark red ring with a red jewel on it.

… How interesting.

This girl…

I stared at her for several seconds before nodding to myself and looking away.

I’m interested in this girl, but for now, let’s focus on the conversation between the higher-ups of the army.

“The reinforcements of the Arcadian Empire arrived. Moreover, they wiped out the special team we sent to attack the fortress’ rear.” The general of the daemons, a bulky man with white hair, grey skin, and yellow eyes, spoke up in a serious tone.

He was a fourteenth-layer practitioner. One of the top powerhouses on this army.

In fact, he was the strongest daemon powerhouse in the entire camp.

“How bad is the situation, general?” The cardinal of the Daemon God’s Church asked.

“Very bad. According to our informants, among the reinforcements, there is a very powerful fifteenth-layer practitioner. Ysnay Fate.”

“It’s her…!” One of the daemons in the tent turned pale.

“Why is she here!? With that monster fighting in the frontlines, it will be impossible to take that fortress!”

“I heard that only gods are stronger than her. According to the rumors, just one slash of her sword is enough to kill any enemy!”

“Silence!” The general said with a stern tone. “Now is not the time to be praising the enemy.”

The people in the tent looked at each other with expressions of nervousness. But at that moment, the cardinal of the Daemon God Church spoke up.

“You don’t need to worry about her.”


“You know how important this war is. It’s a war our god ordered. Moreover, the situation inside the Arcadian Empire is currently unstable. There is no better opportunity to destroy them than now.

“Thus, I asked for reinforcements from the headquarters. In three days, five beyond-twelfth layer practitioners will arrive here.”

The general’s eyes lit up. “That is great. With five twelfth-layer practitioners more, Fort Mist will definitively fall!”

“Yes. Once this place falls, the empire will be unable to stop us from invading them. Heh, I’m sure they will be too busy with our other surprises to take care of us. But General, you must not forget the mission of our god.”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do. I will destroy the Arcadian Empire, even if each daemon in this army must die!”


Suddenly, the sound of something falling on the ground resounded in the tent.

The six daemons were startled. Almost simultaneously, they looked in the direction of the sound.

“Who is there!?” The daemon general bellowed, releasing a punch that blew apart half of the tent.

But in the next second, the girl that had been eavesdropping on the conversation jumped out.

She then ran off towards the camp without hesitation.

“Where do you think you are going!?” The daemon general face was ugly. Gathering his fourteenth-layer mana, he sent it to his fist to release another punch.

But at that moment, the figure of the girl blurred.

Then, she mysteriously disappeared.

The daemon general was startled. He hurriedly tried to use his senses to find her.

But it was as though she disappeared. He could not find her location no matter how much he searched.

No, he could feel her presence vaguely. She was still in the camp.

However, he could not pinpoint her exact location.

At this rate, he would lose her completely.

With an expression of rage, he gathered mana in his voice and bellowed out.

“Everybody, find that dirty rat for me!”



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