FPD Chapter 500

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Rescuing the Mysterious Girl


“Damn idiots! A spy infiltrated in my tent and nobody noticed anything!” The daemon general cried out in rage at the guards outside the tent.

The guards turned pale. They hurriedly kneeled down to beg the general for forgiveness. However, that only made the general even angrier.

“What are you doing! Catch her! Don’t let that damn rat escape!”


The soldiers nodded flustered and rushed out to catch the spy.

The shout of the general alerted the entire daemon’s camp. In seconds, each daemon was trying to find the girl.

However, the girl’s abilities were top notch. Thanks to the strange technique she was using, she managed to escape the eyes of the daemons.

It seemed like she would be able to escape successfully!

However, I knew that her situation was not as good as it seemed.

In fact, the girl’s situation was critical.

Through my senses, I could see she was gravely injured.

Although she managed to defend against the daemon general’s attack, she was not unscathed.

There were traces of her blood all over the tent, caused by the terrifying injury in her abdomen.

I put on a pensive expression and focused on the girl that was escaping.

That girl was pretty impressive. She was just a twelfth-layer practitioner, but the technique she was using allowed her to fool the senses even of a fourteenth-layer powerhouse.

No, it was not just her technique. This girl had an innate talent for stealth.

However, her situation was very bad right now.

Due to the wound on her abdomen, she couldn’t hide her presence completely. Moreover, her wound was so heavy that she needed a lot of her mana just to stop it from worsening.

Each second, she used an enormous amount of mana.

But at the same time, she needed mana to keep herself hidden.

Once her mana is exhausted, she will be unable to keep using the technique and will be found out.

It seemed like the girl also understood it. She was moving quickly through the camp with an expression of panic.

Aware of her critical situation, the girl promptly decided that her best option was to leave the camp and escape the pursuit of the daemons before her mana was consumed.

Otherwise, she was destined to be caught.

Unfortunately, it seemed like the daemons thought about that as well.

Suddenly, a thirteenth-layer daemon appeared in the sky above the daemon camp.

He was the cardinal!

Holding a staff in his hand, the cardinal narrowed his eyes and bellowed.


Immediately, a translucid film of energy appeared around the daemon camp, surrounding it completely.

The girl turned pale.

Her situation had just turned much worse.

She was confident that if she wanted, she could create a small crack in the barrier through which she could escape.

However, once she attacked the barrier, her location would be exposed for a brief instant.

And that brief instant was enough for the several beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses inside the daemon camp.

She knew that in the instant she appeared, several powerful attacks would fly towards her, probably killing her instantly.

The girl bit her lips again. She continued moving through the daemon camp, quickly trying to find a solution to this crisis.

However, she could not think about anything.

Furthermore, her mana was about to be depleted. At most, she only had a few seconds more.

I watched in interest as the daemon girl’s expression changed several times in just a few seconds. But then, she seemed to resign herself to something.

Immediately, I understood her plan.

She was going to let herself be caught.

Yes, with her identity, she would most likely survive after a small punishment.

Mmm… But that is not convenient for me. It looks like I should act now.

Perhaps this girl can be my point of entry to find what I need.

Just when I was about to act, the injury the daemon general caused to the girl acted out.

“Ugh!” The girl grunted in pain.

But then, her eyes turned wide in fear.

Because in that brief instant, the technique she was using to hide her presence weakened!

And almost instantly, she felt a powerful and murderous presence locking on her.

“There you are, rat!” The general bellowed.

With a roar, his sword left his sheath, releasing a wave of sword intent that cut towards the girl.

The girl’s pupils constricted. The terrifying murderous intent froze her body completely.

At that moment, only a thought appeared on her mind.

I’m dead.

But suddenly, a soft voice reached her ears.

“Don’t resist.”

Then, she felt a warm arm hugging her waist and pulling her against someone’s chest.

At the same time, a hand extended towards the sword slash coming towards her, slapping it away.

The girl’s eyes opened wide.


But before she could ask anything, a soft breath blew on her ear.

“We are leaving.”

Then, they disappeared.



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