FPD Chapter 501

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Daemon Princess (1)


When we reappeared, we were inside a tent in the camp.

The girl widened her eyes in surprise.

“It’s… my tent? But how?”

“I brought us here,” I replied calmly.

The girl was stunned. But suddenly, her mind registered what was happening.

The arm around her waist, the body hugging her tightly, and the soft breathing on her ear.

Immediately, her face turned into a mix of white and red.

“Let go!”

With an angry voice, she exerted her mana to push me away.

I raised an eyebrow and released her obediently, allowing her to jump away.

At the same time, I opened my mouth.

“Stop shouting. You don’t want to attract the guards here, right?”

The girl was startled and hurriedly covered her mouth. Fortunately for her, I had put a barrier around her tent                beforehand, stopping our voices from being heard outside.

The girl, of course, did not know it. She slowed her breathing down with an anxious expression waiting for any signal that we had been discovered.

Only after several seconds like that, she sighed in relief.

“Thank god.”

She then looked towards me.

“Hi.” I put on a smile and waved my hand playfully.

“Hello. Thank you very much for…”

But then her expression froze.

Quickly, her face turned pale, and her body tensed up cautiously.

If not for the fact that she was injured and was afraid of attracting attention, she would have shouted in panic immediately.

Instead, she did her best to calm down as she spat out a word.

“… Human.”

“Daemon.” I smiled.

“… What are you doing here?” The girl said with a wary expression. I could feel her mana circulating around her body, ready to launch an attack at any time.

Well, it was normal. After all, the relationship between humans and daemons has never been good.

Quite the opposite, it can’t be worse.

In fact, right now our races are waging war, with the daemons trying to eradicate us.

I can’t blame the girl if she is wary when she discovers that the person that rescued her is a human.

She probably is wondering what kind of nefarious intention I have.

Although, to be honest, she is right to be wary.

After all, I’m planning to use her to get information about the daemons.

But for that, I need to shock her a bit more.

“Nice to meet you, Princess of the Daemons. You can call me, Claus.”


The princess’s eyes opened wide when I mentioned her identity. Involuntarily, she took several steps back.

Yes, the girl in front of me is a princess.

Interesting, right? Who would have expected that a daemon princess was eavesdropping on a secret conversation of the daemon army?

I discovered her identity when she was in the tent. As soon as I saw her ring, I knew she was a princess.

After all, that ring is the symbol of the daemon empire’s imperial family.

Only the daemon emperor, the daemon empress, and the daemon princes can wear it.

“… It looks like you know my identity.” The princess said with narrowed eyes.

But soon, she squinted.

“Blue hair, blue eyes, and name’s Claus… Could it be, are you the Fourth Prince of the Arcadian Empire?”

“Smart,” I replied with a smile. I never planned to hide my identity anyway.

Otherwise, I would have disguised myself as Clark, or I would have created a completely new alter identity.

The princess stared at me fixedly before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She then opened her eyes again with an ice-cold expression.

“I guess I should introduce myself as well. My name is E’Athar Deora. Second Princess of the Daemon Empire.”

“Nice to meet you, Princess E’Athar.”

“I guess you have something to discuss with me, right? That must the reason you rescued me.”

I nodded. “I do. However, you should take care of your injuries first. Don’t worry, I won’t attack you. I would have done it before if I wanted.”

“… Are you not afraid of me calling the guards?”

My lips curved up in a mischievous smile.

“You can try if you want. However, I advise you not to. You should be aware I’m pretty strong, and to be honest, I can escape easily if I want. Plus, this conversation will be convenient for you as well. You should hear my words first.”

The girl thought for a moment and nodded. Immediately, she stopped circulating her mana and relaxed her body.

But at the moment her body relaxed, her expression turned pale.

Her injury acted out!

In fact, although the princess was keeping a tough front, the truth was that she was at her limit.

She had just suffered a heavy injury from a fourteenth-layer practitioner, plus she was forced to escape from several beyond-twelfth-layer practitioners while heavily injured. Her current situation was grave.

She hurriedly used her remaining mana in an attempt to suppress her injuries and stop the bleeding, but it was useless. In her current condition, she would die shortly if left alone.

The problem was that she could not search for treatment. She did not have a way to explain her injuries unless she revealed she was the one eavesdropping on the meeting.

And although I’m not sure of the reason she was doing it, it’s obvious she wanted to keep it a secret.

With a sigh, I walked towards her.

“Stop! Stay where you are!”

“Come on, Princess. If I wanted to hurt you, I could have done it long ago. Let me help you.”

“Human! Stop!”

“Sigh, such a stubborn beauty.”

Shaking my head in exasperation, I took a step across space and appeared before her. Surprised, the princess staggered backward and lost her balance, but I hurriedly hugged her waist, stopping her from falling.

“Be careful,” I said with a smile, my lips almost touching hers.


The Princess’s eyes were livid. But before she could say anything, I sent my mana inside her body.

“Gasp! W-Wha…”

“Calm down, I’m just treating your injuries.”

The princess gasped again. Feeling the powerful mana invading her, her body turned hot and a strange feeling ran through her spine.

All of sudden, a strange moan escaped from her throat.

I chuckled and smiled playfully.

“How sexy.”

Enraged and ashamed, the princess tried to struggle out of my arms.

However, I sent more mana to her body, making her moan again.

In the end, she could only resign herself to go through this embarrassing experience.



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