FPD Chapter 504

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Constantine (1)


Once I promised to help the princess, the atmosphere between us became much more amicable. Even if the princess did not trust me completely yet, at the very least, we were now allies.

After that, I was kicked out of the room.

“Sigh… Is it like you should treat your allies?”

“Are you planning to watch as I change my clothes!?”

“Can’t I?”

The princess said nothing, but the way she was glaring at me showed how much she wanted to hit me right now.

Chuckling softly, I stepped across space and left the tent.

I’m a gentleman after all.

When Princess E’Athar finished changing her torn clothes, I returned to her tent.

“Then, what is your plan?” I asked.

The princess fell silent. She organized her thoughts for a few seconds.

However, when she was about to explain them to me, I stopped her.



The princess was confused. But one second later, her expression changed.

Nervous, she looked towards the entrance of her tent, feeling someone’s presence outside.

“Princess E’Athar. It’s Sir Edmuh. Can I go inside?”

The princess’s expression changed. For an instant, a look of nervousness appeared on her face.

The reason? The person outside the tent was a thirteenth-layer powerhouse.

And you don’t need to be a genius to know why he was here. Obviously, he was searching for the ‘spy’.


“Wait a moment, Sir Edmuh.” Princess E’Athar said quickly before looking at me with a nervous expression.

Judging by her gaze, it was obvious she was asking me to leave before I was discovered.

However, I shook my head.

Instead, I snapped my fingers. Immediately, my skin turned grey, my eyes yellow, and my hair took a red hue.

The princess stared agape as I turned into a daemon in front of her eyes.

In fact, if not that she was seeing my transformation with her own eyes, she would have not doubted that I was a true daemon.

“From now onwards, my name is Constantine. One of your subordinates.”

The princess was stunned.

“What in the hell are you planning!?”

However, she realized that the daemon outside the tent was turning impatient.

Gritting her teeth, she decided to play along with my act.

When Princess E’Athar opened the entrance of the tent, the daemon outside nodded to her.

“Sorry for the disturbance, Princess. I’m here to check something.”

But one second later, his eyes narrowed.

Then, he looked towards me.

“I did not know you had company, Princess.”

“… His name is Constantine. He is one of my men.”

Edmuh narrowed his eyes into slits. He stared at me fixedly before looking at the princess.

“One of your men, huh.”

Princess E’Athar frowned. She could hear the suspicion in the thirteenth-layer powerhouse’s voice. However, she said nothing.

She knew that saying anything right now would only increase Edmuh’s suspicion.

“You should why I’m here, right princess?” The daemon said.

“… Is it due to the spy? Yes, I heard the general’s roar. Have you not caught him yet?”

“Not yet.” Edmuh shook his head. “However, we are sure he has not left the camp.” At that point, his gaze fell once more on me.

“… It looks like you are suspecting my subordinate, Sir Edmuh.”

“Forgive me for my imprudence, Princess. However, it’s the first time I heard about this Constantine. Don’t you think that is suspicious?”

Princess E’Athar narrowed her eyes. Inwardly, though, she was quickly thinking about a way out of this situation.

At the same time, she was cursing me for bringing her unnecessary trouble.

However, Princess E’Athar was a witty one. She quickly thought of an excuse.

“I don’t think I’m forced to tell you about my private subordinates, right?”

“… You are not.”

“Well, it’s normal if you suspect him. How about it, I will bring Constantine to see the general. The general should be able to identify him.”

Edmuh was stunned. But quickly, he nodded.

“That works. Let’s go then.”

“Let’s go.”

E’Athar then left the tent with me following behind her.

A frown appeared on Edmuh’s face. In truth, he was almost one hundred percent sure that I, Constantine, was the spy.

But when he saw Princess E’Athar’s confidence and straightforwardness, he could not help but question his guess.

However, he did not dwell in it too much. Anyway, the truth would be revealed once we meet the general.

On the way to the general’s tent, I noticed something unusual.

Despite being a Princess, E’Athar did not seem very welcome in the camp.

In fact, it seemed like she was being ostracized.

We were constantly receiving frowns and displeased gazes from every daemon we passed.

“It looks like you are not well-liked here, huh.” I transmitted my voice to her mind.

E’Artha smiled wryly and used the same method to reply.

“I’m not. Otherwise, Edmuh would not dare to speak to me like this.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Did anything happen?”

“Well, when you are the only one advoking for peace in a country where everybody wants war, you become a sore thumb for some people.”

I chuckled. So it’s that huh.

“Actually, I tried to convince my father to stop this war several times, but he never heard my words. I do not have convincing evidence that something is wrong either, so there is not much I can do. Even when I mentioned my sister’s guess about the Daemon God’s death, my father just scoffed in displeasure. After all, it’s normal for a god to not answer their adherents’ prayers. Insinuating that he is dead is blasphemous.”

“I see.” I nodded. “How did you end here then?”

“I asked to come here myself.” Princess E’Athar sighed. “I realized I could not change anything in the capital, so I asked my father to send me here to see if I could change something here. However, although my father agreed, he gave me neither authority nor troops. In fact, not even my maids were allowed to accompany me.”

“… In other words, it was like an exile.”

“You can say so.” Princess E’Athar smiled bitterly. “I’m not even allowed to leave my tent without the company of several soldiers. I’m essentially on house arrest. Even though I came here to change the situation, I have been unable to do anything.

“That is the reason I decided to eavesdrop on the general’s conversation. I wanted to see if I could hear something useful that could help me.”

However, she ended being discovered.

I was speechless. This princess…

How is she supposed to take over this army like that?

As though feeling my thoughts, the princess once more transmitted her voice to my brain.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.”

I nodded.

At that moment, we arrived at the general’s tent.

As soon as we entered the tent, Edmuh spoke up.

“General, I brought Princess E’Athar. Moreover, I found someone suspicious in her tent.”

“Oh?” The general raised an eyebrow and looked towards us sharply. Soon, his gaze fell on me. “So our princess is messing around again, huh.”

With a grunt, his powerful aura surged towards me.

“Tell me, little spy. Who did give you the gall to eavesdrop on a secret military conversation!?”



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