FPD Chapter 505

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Constantine (2)


I bet many of you were not expecting this chappy…



“Tell me, little spy. Who did give you the gall to eavesdrop on a secret military conversation!?”

The booming voice of the general resounded in the tent and the killing intent coming from his body showed he was just a thought away from deciding to kill me.

Princess E’Athar was startled. But immediately, she sneered and put on an ice-cold expression.

“Heh, so now that you were unable to catch the culprit, you plan to blame it on my subordinate, huh? Perhaps you are the general in charge of the army and I can do nothing to stop you now. But if you dare to accuse my subordinate unjustly, I promise you that I will do everything in my might to avenge him!”

The daemon general’s eyes narrowed. For an instant, they flashed with a bit of hesitation.

After all, Princess E’Athar was a child of the emperor. Even if her naïve preaching for peace had earned her the dislike of some people, offending her slightly could bring terrible consequences.

However, he still found my sudden appearance very suspicious.

“… Your subordinate? I don’t remember seeing him before, Princess. How coincidental that this subordinate of yours appeared just when the spy disappeared.”

“Yes, but it’s just that, a coincidence. If you don’t believe me, check him yourself.”

The general frowned. He looked at me for several seconds before narrowing his eyes.

“Take off your shirt. The spy received one of my attacks. Although he managed to escape after that, I’m sure he was gravely injured.”

I nodded. Without hesitating, I lifted my shirt to show my upper body to the general.

When the general saw that there was no trace of injury, his frown deepened.

“Are you convinced, general?” Princess E’Athar sneered. “Or perhaps do you have something else to say?”

“… It was my mistake. You can leave.”

The princess chuckled coldly and nodded. “Good. Let’s go, Constantine.”

“Understood, your highness.”

But just when we turned around, a terrifying pressure surged behind us.

Then, without any warning, the general threw a punch towards me.

I smirked coldly in my mind. But on the outside, I put on a look of panic and hurriedly turned around as I crossed my arms in front of my chest to defend against the attack.

In the next second, the attack of the general arrived, throwing me several meters away.

“General, you dare!?”

Princess E’Athar’s expression turned ugly. Her twelfth-layer mana erupted in rage.

Frowning, the general sighed softly and shook his head.

“Sorry, I was just testing something. It’s a misunderstanding” He did not seem apologetic when he spoke up. “Right, Princess, we will launch an attack at midnight. You should remain in your tent.”

The general’s attempt to shift the topic was very obvious, but after considering it for a moment, E’Athar decided to play along.

“… I want to participate.” E’Athar said with gritted teeth.

The general frowned, but thinking that he had offended the princess just now, he decided to agree.

“As you wish then.”

As for me, I stabilized myself outside the tent and coughed softly.

Of course, I’m not injured. In truth, the general did not use much strength in his attack.

Despite the powerful pressure his attack exuded, the true strength behind it was around the sixth layer at most.

His actual purpose was to test me. He probably wanted to use the attack to confirm if I was the spy or not.

Of course, he was disappointed.

After all, the spy showed twelfth-layer strength when she resisted the attack she received from the general. As for me, the strength I showed just now was in the eighth layer.

Plus, he could feel that my presence was completely different from that of the spy.

Hehe, I wonder how he would react if he learns that the spy was the princess in front of him.

He would never guess that a noble princess would do something like that.

Princess E’Athar confirmed I was not injured and sighed in relief before snorting coldly in the direction of the general.

Then, she left with me in tow.

Once we left, the princess transmitted her voice to my mind.

“That was dangerous.”

“But nothing happened, so it’s alright… Even so, I’m surprised the general dared to attack your servant in front of you.”

Princess E’Athar smiled wryly.

“Well, I told you that my situation is not very good right now.”

A soft chuckle escaped my lips.

“It looks like our meeting was fated. Our situations are pretty similar.”

The princess was startled, but soon, she smiled.

“Right, I remember now. The fourth prince of the Arcadian Empire, Claus Quintin. It’s rumored you are hated by the emperor and the empress.”

“Oh? You know about it?”

“Well, our sources of information are very good.”

True. It’s normal if the daemon empire has one or two spies on the empire.

Plus, my situation is not much of a secret in the upper society.

“How about it? Don’t you find our situations similar?” I asked with a grin.


“How about marrying me then? We can use it to foment the peace between humans and daemons.”

Princess E’Athar was stunned for several seconds. She then glared at me and rolled her eyes.

“The rumors also said that Prince Claus is a famous womanizer and that many noble girls have fallen by his sweet words. It looks like that is true as well.”

Hey! Who said that about me!?

… Although I can’t deny it’s true.

Chuckling slightly, I transmitted my words once more towards the princess.

“By the way, you have not explained your plan yet.”

The princess’s eyes narrowed. Then, a ruthless light flashed through them.

“I decided on it just now. We are going to kill the general.”

… Girl, you are really vengeful.



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