FPD Chapter 506

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Officializing the Alliance


Women are indeed vengeful creatures.

I mean, the general just offended Princess E’Athar and she is already planning to kill him.

Really ruthless.

Mm… Should I reconsider my idea of seducing her?

Yeah… No.

I mean, a beautiful daemon princess as wife sounds good.

Shaking my head, I put on an amused smile and followed the princess to her tent.

Once we entered it, she cast a silence spell around the tent before snorting.

“That bastard! How dare he!?”

“Calm down, Princess. Nothing happened, right?”

“Hmph! It’s obvious he thinks nothing of me. To think he dared to attack one of my subordinates in my presence!”

“… You remember I’m not really your subordinate, right?”

“… You understand my meaning.”

I smiled wryly and shook my head.

“Anyway, do you truly plan to kill the general?”

“… That is the easiest way.” Princess E’Artha nodded hesitantly. “Actually, I was hesitant to use this method before, however, I don’t have any hesitation right now. If we kill the general, I can make use of my identity as Princess to take control of the army. After that, although it will be a bit hard to stop the attack against Fort Mist, it will not be impossible.”

I thought for a moment and nodded.

“We should formulate a plan then.”

The princess nodded. The two of us then started to formulate the plan to kill the general. We left some parts of it vague, though, due to certain reasons.

Plus, I had to make sure this plan does not interfere with whatever my father is planning to kill me. Otherwise, I’ll ruin my fun.

We did not take long to finish the plan. After one hour, we were done.

“We will do it like this, then. I’ll try to visit you every day in case something changes.”

“… That is a good idea. Are you leaving now?”

I nodded. I have already spent a lot of time here.

It’s already night, and I’m sure Aunt Dayana and the others are already searching for me.

But before leaving–

“Right, don’t you think we should officialize our alliance? You know, like making an oath or something like that?”

Princess E’Athar put on a startled expression before nodding hesitantly.

“… You are right. Do you have any idea?”

I put on a playfully and took a step forward.

“I do.”

Then, I hugged her waist and planted a kiss on her lips.

The princess froze. Feeling my lips overlapping with hers, she was unable to react for an instant.

She only felt an electric current running through her entire body as the warm feeling of my lips against hers blanked her mind.

But when she felt my tongue starting to behave mischievously, she snapped out of it and pushed me away.


With an angry look, the princess threw a punch towards my chest!

It was a punch coming from a twelfth-layer powerhouse!

However, I easily stopped it by grabbing her arm. Then, I pulled her body towards me, hugging her and kissing her lips again.

But this time, I disappeared before she could react, only leaving behind my laughter.

“Your lips are very sweet, Princess!”

“Bastard! I swear I’ll kill you one day!”

I don’t think so, Princess.

Mm, it will be fun to tease you every day.

Chuckling again, I moved my body across space and returned to Fort Mist.

Just as I expected, Aunt Dayana and the others were already searching for me, worried about my whereabouts. I apologized to them and told them I was checking the situation in the fort.

When we returned to the house that was assigned to me, Andrea had already prepared dinner.

During the entire dinner, Aunt Dayana, Aunt Sera, and Andrea threw sneaky glances towards me. It was obvious they were suggesting pervy things for tonight.

However, I’ll have to decline this time.

“There will be an attack at midnight. You should be rest before then.”

“… How do you know that?” Aunt Dayana and the others looked at me with surprised looks.

I chuckled without explaining. It’s not as though I can tell them that I was flirting with a daemon princess in the daemon camp.

Instead, I put on a mysterious expression and brought a finger to my lips.

“Trade secrets.”

The girl rolled their eyes and snorted. They then left for their rooms obediently.

I shrugged and went to my room as well.

However, five minutes after I entered my room, someone knocked on the door.

I smiled. So someone came ended coming, huh.

Aware of the identity of the person outside, I opened the door and raised an eyebrow with feigned surprise.

“Aunt Dayana?”

Aunt Dayana put on a playful smile and entered the room hurriedly, quickly closing the door behind her.

When she was sure nobody spotted her, she smiled at me.

“Young man, I heard that there will be a fierce battle tonight, is that true?”

This woman, what is she playing at?

Seeing my expression, Aunt Dayana inched up her lips like a Cheshire cat.

“Then, I was wondering if I should encourage you before the battle.”


… Well, I guess a bit of encouragement will be good.

“Mm, I guess I could need a bit of encouragement.”

Hearing my answer, Aunt Dayana chuckled softly before putting a finger on my chest and pushing me towards my bed.

“Leave it to me.”

A few minutes later, the bed in my room started to shake fiercely.



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