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Rose’s Awakening (2)


When you thought there would not be a chapter today, a wild chapter of Fourth Prince appears…




The daemon general attacked Rose. He ignored General Anson and attacked the black-haired girl!

The sudden action of the daemon general surprised general Anson. However, as a veteran of the battlefield, General Anson did not hesitate. He knew he could not let the daemon emperor succeed.

With a grunt, General Anson thrust his spear in the direction of the Daemon General with the intention to force him to defend.

But to his surprise, the daemon general just twisted his body slightly, protecting his vitals, and continued advancing towards Rose.

Even after being aware he would be injured by General Anson’s spear, he did not hesitate to proceed to kill Rose!

“You dare!”

General Anson cried out in rage. With a thought, his killing intent turned into a barrier between Rose and the daemon general.

However, such a hastily-created barrier only managed to weaken the attack of the daemon general before breaking apart.

And the now-weakened attack continued towards Rose.

“Rose!” Katherine cried out trying to rush towards her junior. At the same time, Rose watched as the power of the daemon general descended towards her.

For some reason, though, she was not afraid.

Right now, she felt as though she was filled with strength.

Her mind became empty. All her thoughts disappeared save by the image of the sword in her hands.

Then, she raised it up.

And when the attack of the general was about to touch her, she swung her sword down.


Milky-white light erupted from her sword, clashing against the daemon’s general attack. It was as though all the starlight from the night sky would have been gathered in Rose’s sword slash.

Such a powerful attack stunned both General Anson and the daemon general.

This kind of attack… It was not something that a seventh-layer girl should be able to unleash!

However, that white light was quickly overwhelmed by the general attack.


With another explosive sound, Rose was sent flying away.

However, she managed to survive.

Besides a few injuries, she was still standing.

The daemon general squinted. The fact that Rose managed to survive surprised him.

Without hesitating, he filled his sword with mana to release another attack.

But this time, General Anson was not going to allow it.

“Shameless! How do you dare to attack a little girl!?”

The daemon general snorted without saying anything.

Little girl? With that kind of power when she was just a seventh-layer practitioner, she was a monster.

If she was allowed to grow, she would become a nightmare for the Daemon Empire.

The daemon general, however, knew that he had lost his opportunity to kill her.

In the current situation, General Anson was not going to allow him to attack her again.

But he did not plan to give up so easily.

“Men! Kill that girl!”

The daemons replied with actions. As though they were crazy, each one of them rushed towards the panting and injured Rose.

They even ignored their enemies just to attack her!

“Protect the girl! Don’t let anything happen to her!”

General Anson spoke up at the same time. He could not let such a talent perish here.

In an instant, the battlefield changed completely.

It turned from a battle to take the fort to a battle to kill Rose.

“Are you not going to help her?” Ysnay asked me with a curious expression.

I shook my head softly. “This is a great opportunity for Rose to grow. Her powers as a hero are still immature, she needs this kind of pressure. The more hardship she faces now the stronger she will become.”

Ysnay nodded.

“You are right. Heroes, huh… Such an interesting group of people. I don’t know if call the lucky or pitiful… Their birth itself heralds a demon king, a calamity; and their fate is linked to despair and tragedy… Hehe, nothing more than helpless puppets. They did not know that their existence is a curse for the people around her.”

Although I don’t want to admit it, Ysnay is right.

Heroes are very pitiful people.

Their talents are certainly enviable, but the price for that talent is despair-inducing.

A world gives birth to a hero when there is a danger the world itself can’t face. Something that can destroy it.

But that kind of danger is usually not something that a normal mortal can face. Most heroes are unable to face it and instead die in the attempt.

Plus, in the process of becoming stronger, they need to go through countless tribulations and trials.

And what is the best motivation to become stronger?

Despair, helplessness, rage.

The desire for revenge.

True, heroes are protected by the world. They are virtually unkillable before facing their fated demon king (Even if they did not know about it).

But the people around them did not have such protection.

Quite the opposite, many times the world uses their deaths as fertilizer for the hero’s growth.

Their friends, their families, their loved ones.

It’s not a coincidence that most heroes had tragic origins.

And that is without mentioning the times when the world tries to get rid of them after they manage to defeat the calamity.

However, Rose is different.

“Because I’m here,” I said indifferently.

Ysnay nodded with a chuckle.

“… That girl is very fortunate. You will take care of her calamity for her. And you will make sure that tragedy can’t reach her life.”

“Of course, she is my woman after all, even if she has not accepted it yet.”

Ysnay rolled her eyes before smiling bitterly.

“How fortunate. Not many people have the fortune to have the protection of an Immortal.”

“You did.”

“… Yeah, I did.”

Ignoring the self-deprecating expression on Ysnay’s face, I continued focusing on Rose’s battle.

The area around her had turned into pandemonium. Daemons and humans clashed against each other trying to kill or to protect her.

And in the middle of that, Rose’s powers continued blossoming. The pressure of the battlefield and the fact that people were dying to protect her hardened her determination to become stronger.

And the world answered her determination.

It gave her power, turning the laws that normal people would need years to understand into something she could feel easily.

Each second, Rose’s swordsmanship became stronger. The starlight-like glow on her sword became thicker and sharper, and the mana in her body grew exponentially.

And soon, it reached the limit.


With a loud cry, her sword released a powerful shockwave that blew away all the nearby enemies.

Such an attack faintly surpassed the twelfth layer already!

But after that attack, she started to pant.

“Huff, huff, huff…”

Her body was already tired. However, the daemons were still trying to reach her.

Looking at the daemons looking at her with eyes filled with killing intent, Rose bit her lips.

“It looks like it’s her limit.” I sighed.

“That is already pretty great. At this rate, she will become a irregular in a few years.”

I nodded. Yeah, with her rate of growth, becoming an irregular is almost certain.

You must understand that not each hero manages to reach that level.

Irregulars. Mortals with the power to fight Immortals.

Of course, not every Immortal is the same. There are weaker Immortals and stronger immortals.

However, I know of some irregulars strong enough that even I can’t underestimate them.

“I wonder if Rose will reach that level one day.”

“Well, if you succeed and share your Immortality with her, that is a possibility. Although by then, she will not be considered an Irregular but an Immortal instead.”

Nodding, I decided it was time to move.

I then unsheathed my sword calmly.

I could see the daemons rushing towards Rose, trying to make use of the fact that she was weakened and tired to cut her down.

At the same time, Katherine and the soldiers nearby tried to protect her.

At that moment, I suddenly appeared.

And ignoring the surprised looks of both daemons and humans, I brandished my sword calmly.


After I swung my sword, all the daemons in ten meters were frozen.

Then, their bodies collapsed on the ground with a cut in their necks or a stab in their heart.

“That was…” Rose looked at me surprised.

“Do you need my help, Miss Hero?” I asked with a soft smile.

Rose smiled wryly.

“I do.”

Then, she closed her eyes and fell unconscious.

A soft smile appeared on my lips. It looks like this girl trusts me a lot, huh.

Ignoring the dumbfounded daemons trying to understand the situation and the stunned humans looking at us in surprise, I put a hand on her back and another behind her knees and lifted her body.

Then, I carried her out of the battlefield as though the enemies around us did not exist.

Behind me, Ysnay shook her head.

“I’m always doing your dirty work.”

Chuckling, she waved her hand.

And all the daemons on the wall were decapitated.



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