FPD Chapter 51

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Hope’s Lesson (3)


Looking at Hope’s back, I pierced her again.

“Hmm…~” Hope woke up instantly. She raised her face and let out a loud moan.

I smirked and started to thrust. Her lower cave was already very wet due to the various orgasms, so my penis slid inside easily.

“Ahhhmmm… Prince…~”

Hearing Hope’s moan and feeling her walls wrapping around my dick, I smirked. Seeing her twist her body on the bed filled me with excitement.

I could see her expression filled with lust. The current Hope was completely lost in the joy of sex. I’m sure that if I stop moving now, she would take the initiative to move her waist.

I licked her back and kissed her neck while pistoning. Her womb shivered with each thrust and her mouth let out moans of pain and pleasure.

Her entire body was covered in sweat, and her legs had begun to shake due to the constant thrusting. When she felt my tongue licking her back, she shivered in pleasure.

I slammed her ass with all my strength, creating slapping sounds that filled the room. Under my fierce movements, Hope was like a lost boat being attacked by storm waves.

“I can’t…~ It’s too good…~” Hope groaned.

I brought my lips near her mouth and kissed her again. Hope received my kiss with a lustful expression, entangling her tongue with mine and licking my lips hungrily.

Seeing her current expression, I could see how much Hope missed sex. Perhaps because she didn’t have sex in years, Hope was very aggressive. Even after four orgasms, she was still full of energy. Her cave would tighten around my dick constantly as if it wanted to suck all my semen out.

I thrusted and thrusted repeatedly, not bothering in going easy on her. It was the first time I was so fierce in sex, but Hope was receiving my attacks without complaining.

After a few minutes of thrusting, Hope orgasmed again. I then changed our positions and continued my attacks. My mouth moved to her tits and began to suck on them while my dick continued moving up and down inside her body.

“Prince…~ Prince…~” Hope screamed loudly with a sweet voice. She gave up her remaining reason and simply enjoyed the intercourse. We changed our positions constantly, sometimes with her below, other times with her above. We enjoyed each one of the different positions without caring about anything else.

I bit her nipples strongly, making them bleed, but Hope simply let out an excited moan and continued moving her waist. Her cave tightened even more around my dick, and more love juices flowed out of her womb.

She then brought her mouth to my shoulder and bit down hard. I could not help but pierce her with even more strength due to the slight pain, provoking another cry of joy from Hope.

Finally, after Hope climaxed another four times, and I shot another two rounds inside her womb, Hope finally fainted.

Her eyes turned white and her consciousness became fuzzy. Hope’s lied on the bed while twitching from time in time as if remembering the taste of my rod.

I exhaled and took my penis out of her cave. Hope let out a moan of disappointment and sighed sadly.

Love juices and white-hot semen flowed out of her cave.

While I stared at the sleeping Hope, Daisy came from behind and hugged my back.

“Your highness, that was very exciting…”

I looked at Daisy and realized that her face was flushed and her eyes were moist. I curved my lips up and kissed her lips, sharing a long kiss with her.

While we were like that, Hope woke up again.

She looked at us with an expression of satisfaction and shame. When her eyes met mine, she blushed deeply and moved her gaze away.

I smiled softly and cupped her face.

“Did you like it?”

“Mm…” Hope smiled shyly and closed her eyes.

Seeing her adorable expression, I could not resist kissing her lips.

“If you want, I can teach you as many things as you want.”

Hope looked at me and blushed. “I don’t mind if prince Claus wants to teach me.”

Hearing her answer, I smiled kissed her again.

When our mouths separated again, Hope had her eyes closed and was breathing evenly.

It looks like her body was very tired.

At that moment, Daisy rubbed my back with her breast. “Your highness, if you continue looking at sister Hope and ignoring me, I’ll become jealous.”

I smiled and rested my body on her chest. “You know you are the one I love the most.”

“Then your highness, please me teach me about sex too…~” Daisy bit her lips softly.

“Of course.” I smirked.

Turning around, I hugged Daisy’s body and pressed her below me. Daisy blushed and put on a seductive expression. “Your highness, there is nothing else to do until tomorrow, hence, we have the entire night for us.”

My blood boiled seeing this little succubus’s expression. My holy sword recovered its strength and prepared for another battle.

Daisy’s sweet fragrance mixed with the smell of sex in the room. I sniffed her fragrance greedily and sucked her neck.

Daisy’s lips curved up and hugged my head. After that, we battled for the entire night.

When Hope finally woke up, she escaped from the room without daring to look at me.

However, I knew she would be back.

And then, she would help me to deal with Lilia.


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