FPD Chapter 511

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Katherine’s First Time (2)


I pressed Katherine’s body against the sofa as my lips overlapped with hers in a gentle kiss.

Katherine blushed. Her blue eyes stared straight towards me with a look of shyness and anticipation, like an innocent girl longing for her sweetheart.

Such a cute gaze was enough to give me a heart attack. Moreover, the fact that Katherine was usually serious and cold made the contrast with her current expression even more endearing.

I separated my lips from hers and stared at her with a playful expression.

“You are so cute.”

“H-Hey… W-What are you talking about…”

“Hahaha… Why, are you shy?”

“You… Hmph!”

I chuckled and kissed her lips again. Our lips were tightly pressed against each other, feeling each other breath occasionally.

Eventually, I stuck out my tongue and moved it towards Katherine’s mouth, startling her. However, she did not resist and just closed her eyes, opening her lips slightly to cooperate with me.

Anyway, she had already made up her mind to sleep with me today, so there was no point in resisting.

But although Katherine was not resisting, she was not cooperating either. No, it was not that she was not cooperating, but that she did not know how to.

I did not mind it, though. I was pretty happy about taking the initiative.

Slowly, my tongue explored inside Katherine’s mouth. I started by licking her teeth and gums, slowly exploring deeper until reaching her tongue.

When our two tongues made contact, Katherine shivered. A tingling feeling traveled through her entire body, making her flustered.

A soft moan escaped from her throat, making Katherine incredibly embarrassed. But at the same, a strange feeling of ectasis wrapped her body, making her feel hot.

But that was just the start. Without allowing Katherine to get used to the strange feeling, my tongue continued exploring inside her mouth, entangling with hers as though two snakes coiled around each other.

It was followed by loud slurping sounds that made Katherine embarrassed.

“Uuu… Ahn… Uuu…”

When I finally separated my lips from her, Katherine was panting softly with a red face.

I stared at her face fixedly before chuckling.

“You are so sexy.”


Ashamed, Katherine used her hands to cover her face and twisted her body in embarrassment. I laughed softly and patted her silky green hair gently.

When Katherine finally calmed down, she glared at me with a pout.

“… Do you like to make fun of me so much?”

“Well, you are very cute when you are embarrassed.”

“You… Teacher was right, you are a bad man.”

“What can you do? You already fell in my arms.” And Evelyn will fall soon as well.

“Hmph! I must be blind.”

I chuckled amusedly and kissed her nose.

Looking at Katherine’s red face, I could not help but feel a great sense of accomplishment. At the same time, I felt incredibly excited.

I could feel that she was excited as well. It was a mix of shyness, excitement, and anticipation. It was as though she was afraid of what was coming next, but at the same time, she was waiting for it.

Kissing her lips again, I started to move my hands around her body. Then, I used my skillful and experienced clothes-removing technique to take her clothes off.

When Katherine noticed it, her face turned even redder. She could not help but look at me with a slight expression of panic.

“W-Wait… W-What if someone comes?”

“Don’t worry, everybody is sleeping already.”

Plus, it’s better if someone sees us. Perhaps I can enjoy a threesome tonight.

Perhaps feeling my evil thoughts, Katherine glared at me suspiciously, but I just kissed her again and continued removing her clothes.

At the same time, I caressed her body softly, making Katherine’s tremble and groan each time my fingers touched her naked skin.

Katherine’s body was pretty slender. Neither her breast nor her buttocks were huge, and instead, she had a balanced body.

Moreover, because of her role as leader of the student guards and her constant training, Katherine’s body was well-toned, filled with firm muscles in the important parts.

However, it did not diminish her beauty. Instead, it made her look sexier. It was just like the body of an athlete.

Katherine looked at me with moist eyes. She closed her eyes softly as her eyelashes quivered every time she felt my fingers stroking her body.

Less than five minutes later, I finished removing her clothes completely. I then gazed at her naked body, admiring her beautiful figure.

“W-What are you looking at?” Katherine glared at me with a look of embarrassment.

“Nothing. I’m just admiring my future wife.”

“Idiot… Who is your wife?” Feeling my hot gaze over her body, she could not help but use her arms to cover her chests and lower body.

I smiled and kissed her lips again. Then, I moved my lips to her neck, caressing her skin softly until reaching her shoulders.

The kisses on her body provoked a moan from Katherine’s mouth. She twisted her body softly, trying to cope with the strange sensations she was feeling.

However, her innocent reactions were like an aphrodisiac for me. I could not help but want to tease her more and more, to see more of her current expression.

Giving in to my impulses, I used my tongue to explore her body slowly, caressing her neck, shoulders, and collarbone. Occasionally, I kissed her cheeks and ears, biting her earlobe softly and making Katherine’s quiver.

Finally, I used my tongue to lick her nipples.


Katherine groaned softly and looked at me with glazed eyes. By this point, her entire body had become soft.

“So cute…”

I whispered in her ear, making her close her eyes in embarrassment.

Chuckling, I ran my nails across her skin, caressing her waist and going down to the place between her legs.

“N-No…” Katherine groaned softly. She hurriedly tried to press her legs together to stop my advances, but my finger continued unimpeded, eventually arriving at her crack.


Katherine’s seductive voice escaped from her lips. Her voice filled with excitement, shame, and embarrassment was incredibly cute.

I grinned and kissed her breasts again, sucking them softly as I moved my finger across Katherine’s crack.

Having her entire body was kissed, licked, and caressed, plus the sudden pleasure in her lower body was too much to the inexperienced Katherine. Before I could even start to caress her lower body, her body twitched violently.


“Oh? You came?” I asked with a smirk.

Katherine gritted her teeth and looked at me with crying eyes.

She tried to use one of her hands to hit my chest in embarrassment, but I grabbed it and kissed her lips again.

“Well, I think it’s time to taste you.”

Smiling, I took off my clothes in less than three seconds, throwing them away carelessly.

When Katherine saw my naked body, her embarrassment increased to the next level.

She hurriedly looked away and used her hands to cover her eyes.

“B-Be gentle, please…”

“Of course.”



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