FPD Chapter 514

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Claus’s Plan


“General Liko, I have a plan,” I said with a calm look.

“You?” General Liko narrowed his eyes with a suspicious expression. “Prince, you know it’s not a place to joke, right?”

This person…

I know that you don’t like me, but at the very least, you should hear my plan first.

You make it too obvious.

“I think we should the prince’s plan first.” General Anson stated, obviously displeased by the fact General Liko did not bother to hear my plan.

See? I told you.

General Liko frowned, but in the end, he grunted in agreement.

“Do speak, then.”

“My plan is simple. If we don’t have supplies, we just have to get more.”

General Anson, General Liko, and the rest of the people in the office frowned.

“How are we supposed to do that, Prince?” One of the men. “If there was an easy method to get supplies, we would not be in this problem.”

I glanced at him before tapping the table twice.

“Actually, there is a place with more than enough supplies.”

“Huh? Where is that?”

“The daemon camp.”

These words caused a commotion in the office.

“You are crazy. Are you suggesting us to raid the daemon camp for supplies?” General Liko sneered. “You understand the only reason we have not been exterminated is thanks to the protection of these walls, right? What do you think will happen if we try to attack the daemon camp?”

Of course, if we attack without a plan we will die.

But it did not mean there is not a chance.

We just need to find the right opportunity.

“Thus, we have to act when the daemon camp is the most undefended.” I smiled confidently.

General Liko glared at me coldly. He then shook his head to shot down my idea.

But General Anson was different.

After pondering my words for a few seconds, he squinted and looked at me.

“And when is that, Prince?”

My lips curved up in a small smile.

“When they are attacking us.”

“So that is your idea, huh.” General Anson put on a pensive expression and fell silent.

“… You are not thinking about going on with that idiocy, right General Anson?” General Liko frowned. “Even if the daemon camp is slightly more undefended when they attack, our chances of success are very small.”

“You are right, but I think it’s not a bad idea. At the very least, the daemons will not be expecting that. However… We need a way to approach their camp without them noticing and also a way to escape once we have looted them. Besides that, the group that attacks need to be very fast. Otherwise, they will be caught by the daemon army once they realize something is wrong.”

“That is not so hard. If we move at night and use a team of elites, we will be able to approach the daemon camp without being noticed. Plus, I have information about where their supplies are stored. We can also use some storage devices my people brought to transport the stolen supplies quickly. If we use that to our favor, I think there is a pretty high chance of success.”

“Huh?” General Anson looked at me with a startled expression. “Prince, do you really have information about the location of their supplies? How did you get it?”

“Well, money can move the world.”

“So Prince Claus has a spy, huh.” General Anson nodded in understanding.


Actually, I got that information myself when I infiltrated their camp, but you don’t need to know that.

General Anson fell silent to contemplate the chances of my plan succeeding. Not just him, but the rest of the people in the office fell silent as well.

Finally, after almost one minute, General Anson looked at me and sighed.

“It’s a very risky plan.”

“But there is no other way.”

General Anson nodded bitterly.

Yeah, there was no other way.

Unless he planned to give up Fort Mist or die of starvation inside it, this was the only way.

“Very well, I agree with your plan, Prince.” General Anson said and looked at General Liko, as though waiting for his opinion.

However, I was sure he was not going to object.


“I agree as well. However, Prince Claus proposed this plan, so you and your men should execute it.”

This was a perfect opportunity to kill me.

I smirked inwardly. This general is so predictable.

General Anson frowned and was about to object. But before he could, I raised my hand and stopped him.

“I don’t have a problem with that. We will wait until the next night attack to realize the operation.”

“Very well.” General Liko nodded. “Prince Claus, you have five days to execute this plan. If by then you have not succeeded, then we will abandon the fort. That is better than all of us dying here.”

I looked at General Anson for a moment and smiled.

“I understand.”



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