FPD Chapter 515

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Difficulties to Implement the Plan


“You are crazy.” Princes E’Athar blurted out after she finished hearing my plan.

“Thank you.”

“What were you thinking? Attack our camp? That is suicide!”

“It looks like you like my idea as well.”

Princess E’Athar snorted. She looked at me as though she was looking at a crazy person.

Shaking her head, she sighed and put on a serious expression.

“Do you truly plan to go on with that plan?”

“Of course. Otherwise, I would have not proposed it.”

“… But that plan…” Princess E’Athar touched her chin with a pensive expression. She then stood up and started to walk back and forth in her tent, thinking about how plausible my plan was.

One minute later, she stopped and looked at me with a frown.

“If I’m not wrong, your teacher and you are the core of the operation, right? Certainly, both your teacher and you are very strong. Strong enough that you will be able to escape even if you are pursued by several beyond-twelfth-layer practitioners.

“However, Prince Claus, remember that powerful powerhouses are not invincible. If you two are bogged down by the powerhouses of the Daemon Army and then attacked by the daemon soldiers, then even you two will be unable to escape unscathed.”

I smiled softly. “Don’t worry, Princess, I took that into account.”

Just like she said, the powerhouses of this world are not invincible.

Even a fifteenth-layer powerhouse can be killed if enough soldiers attack them at the same time, and the daemon army’s soldiers number hundreds of thousands.

Of course, powerhouses beyond the twelfth layer are not restricted to the ground, so unless they are tied down for some reason, they can escape from ground troops if they are at a disadvantage.

However, right now there are several powerhouses beyond the twelfth layer in this camp.

General Anson confirmed the presence of a fourteenth-layer practitioner and two twelfth-layer practitioners, but besides them, I know that there is another fourteenth-layer practitioner more. The cardinal of the Daemon God Church.

According to the common sense of this world, even a fifteenth-layer powerhouse as Ysnay would be in grave danger if she has to face four beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses supported by an endless number of daemon soldiers.

That is the reason everybody finds this operation crazy.

Plus, she needs to go deep in the camp if she wants to loot the supplies. That will make the operation even more dangerous.

Princess E’Athar sighed and looked at me with a helpless look.

“Very well, if you are determined to continue with your plan, I will not oppose it anymore. Let me explain the distribution of the supplies then.

“The supplies are divided into two parts. Half is stored inside several storage rings held by the higher-ups of the army, and the other half is has been put in five tents located in the centermost part of the camp. I suppose you plan to aim for the tents.”

“That is indeed my goal.”

“I thought so. However, you know how important supplies are to an army. Due to that, there are two eleventh-layer practitioners stationed around each tent at all times. Moreover, there are tens of arrays with warning, attacking, and defensive properties protecting the tents. Once they are activated, they will serve to stall the enemy until the powerhouses of the army arrive.”

“According to my estimate, if you want that your plan works, you need to reach the location of the supplies without being discovered. Then, you have one minute to break through the formations, eliminate the resistance, and loot the supplies before you have to escape. And that is taking into account that the main army will be attacking Fort Mist at that moment.”

“Sounds pretty hard, huh.”

“It’s hard.” Princess E’Athar said with a serious look. “To be honest, Prince Claus, I don’t think it’s something feasible. You should give up.”

“Why, worried about me?”

“Be serious.” Princess E’Athar frowned. “It’s not a game. If you commit a mistake, you can die.”

I stared straight into Princess E’Athar’s eyes and chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Certainly, by the standards of this world, this mission is borderline impossible.

However, it can’t be easier for me.

If I want, I can just enter the tents, rob the supplies, and leave without being noticed.

Hell, I can even steal the storage rings with the rest of the supplies.

But, where is the fun in that?

Besides, I will have to explain how I got the supplies and all of that. Too troublesome.

With this plan, though, I will not have to explain the origin of the supplies.

When Princess E’Athar saw that she could not convince me, she sighed.

“I understand. You can go ahead with your plan then. What do I need to do?”

“Firstly, you need to find a way to make the Daemon Army launch another night attack.”

E’Athar thought for a moment and nodded. “I can do it. What else?”

“Well, you need to stop us. That way, you will increase your prestige in the army while dealing a blow to the general’s authority.”

“Stop you? Oh, I see… I will appear after you have stolen part of the supplies and repel you, right?”

“Smart. As expected of you, princess.”

The daemon princess rolled her eyes.

“Stop joking around. Very well, I understand your plan.”

“The night attack should be tonight or tomorrow night. Remember that the daemon army will be receiving reinforcements two days later.”

“Right, I forgot about that.” Princess E’Athar was startled before nodding. “Alright, I’ll find a way to make it tomorrow night.”

“Good.” I nodded and stood up. “I should leave for today then.”

“See you tomorrow, Prince Claus.”

I smiled. Before leaving, though, I decided to tease her a little bit.

“Right, what about a kiss before leaving?”

Princess E’Athar was startled. But quickly, her face turned frosty.

“Get lost, now.”

I shrugged. “Come on, Princess, why so angry? It’s just a joke.”

“You kissed me yesterday!”

“And it was very sweet.”


Laughing happily, I left the tent.

But when I was about to leave, the princess whispered something.

“If possible, try not to kill too many people.”

I fell silent for an instant before nodding. “Don’t worry.”

Then, I stepped across space, returning to Fort Mist.

As expected, the princess is a nice and naïve girl.

Even now, she is thinking about the people that are going to die.

Sighing softly, I stopped thinking about that and walked towards my house.

But when opened the front door, I realized we had visitors.

Raising an eyebrow, I looked towards the living room where a familiar blonde young man was seated on a sofa.


The young man turned towards me and smiled.

“Long time no see you, Prince Claus.”



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