FPD Chapter 518

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Alver and General Liko (2)


“… We can only inform the capital about the situation. As for us, we will continue with our plan. We need to make sure Prince Claus does not return to the capital alive.”

Man, so much hatred.

I listened to the conversation between Alver and General Liko with an amused smile.

Should I feel happy that you put so much attention on my death?

Mm, I wonder how the two of you would react if you learn I’m listening to your conversation.

Alver nodded after hearing the words of the general.

“I understand. I will start my plan after a few days then.”

“Can I hear the details of your plan?”

Alver frowned. He then shook his head and refused.

“I’m sorry, but I was ordered to no reveal any detail before the operation. I know that you are trustworthy, general, but after so many failures, my master can’t afford to fail again.”

I could not be but to be slightly surprised when I heard that.

Does it mean General Liko and Alver belong to different parties?

In other words, my father and Earl Riea are not the only ones trying to kill me this time.

My lips curved up in a small smile. How interesting.

General Liko furrowed his brows, but he did not insist. Instead, he suggested something to Alver.

“You should wait until after Prince Claus’s operation to make your move. Who knows? Perhaps he will be killed by the daemons and save us a lot of trouble.”

“… Do you think Prince Claus can succeed?”

“To be honest, I don’t think so. That mission is suicide. However, Prince Claus has that powerful teacher behind him, so there is a small chance he succeeds. Plus, even if he fails, I’m sure his teacher will manage to bring him back alive.”

“Should we tell the daemons about the operation?”

General Liko thought for a moment before shaking his head. “There is no need to risk it. General Anson is very suspicious of us. If he notices it, he will not hesitate to kill us.”

“General Anson, huh… He and Ysnay Fate will be the hardest part of our plans. Mainly Ysnay.” Alver sighed.

“You are right.” Nodded General Liko. “But now that her existence is no longer a secret, dealing with her will be easier.”

“Yes, we just need to find a way to kill both of them together or make it so she can’t rescue him.”

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

To think these two are thinking of ways to kill the two of us.

I mean, it’s already hard to kill me, an Immortal, but they even want to kill Ysnay as well, another Immortal.

I’m sure other Immortals would die of laughter if they learn that a bunch of mortals is plotting against two of their kind.

Shaking my head slightly, I continued listening to General Liko and Alver’s conversation.

Unfortunately, they said nothing else of interest. They just continue talking about several topics before Alver left.

Seeing that, I returned to my place.

Mm, things are getting interesting. It looks like Alver is just working together with General Liko, but he belongs to a completely different group.

That means I will not face one, but two attempts to my life here in Fort Mist.

To be honest, although I have not put an effort into learning what General Liko plan is, I already have a rough idea about it.

I mean, with Ysnay at my side, there are not many methods he can use to kill me. Plus, he has left a lot of clues in the way, narrowing the possible options greatly.

As for Alver… I’m not so sure about him.

Well, there is no point in worrying about that right now.

Instead, I should focus on finding clues about that slippery immortal.

… Also, I should spend some time of quality with Aunt Dayana, Aunt Sera, Andrea, and Katherine.



The next day, at night.

Katherine, Rose, Ysnay, and I were standing in the walls of Fort Mist with ten members of [Eternity’s Fangs] behind us.

Currently, we were waiting for the attack of the daemons.

Princess E’Athar confirmed to me that the daemons would attack tonight.

According to her, she managed to convince the Daemon General that it would be good to make a full attack the night before the arrival of the reinforcements. That way, they can attack again when the reinforcements arrive, catching the fort off guard.

I was a bit worried if Princess E’Athar’s actions would raise the suspicion of the general, but she said I did not need to worry. According to her, she used a technique to plant the idea in the mind of one of the general’s aides, and this aide was the one that convinced him.

I was a bit impressed by her methods.

As expected of someone that dared to spy on a conversation between the higher-ups of the army.

Anyway, right now, we were waiting for that attack.

“Are you sure they will attack tonight, Claus?”

“When have I been mistaken?”

Katherine hesitated for a moment and nodded. “Yeah, you rarely are mistaken about this kind of thing.”

I could not help but chuckle.


“… A bit.”

“You don’t need to worry. I’ll protect you.”

A slightly red color appeared on Katherine’s face, making her seem incredibly beautiful.

“I know.”

I could not help but think that Katherine seemed much more feminine tonight.

Well, that is normal considering that we spent the last two days rolling on my bed.

It was mainly because Aunt Dayana, Aunt Sera, and Andrea did not interfere. Perhaps they wanted to give Katherine, the new girl, a few days alone with me.

Of the three of them, Andrea was the most unsatisfied with that arrangement, but even she was very understanding, and her mood improved after I pampered her a little bit.

Instead of them, the most awkward one was Rose.

The poor hero girl did not dare to face me or Katherine during the last two days. Every time she saw us, she looked away in embarrassment.

I could not help but find her behavior very cute.

Mmm, should I find a way to bring her to bed together with Katherine?

Great idea. Yes, I’ll do it later.

While I was lost in my thoughts, we saw a commotion in the distance.

“Daemons…” Katherine spat out.

I nodded.

“It looks like it’s time. Everybody, get ready.

“Tonight, we are going to teach these daemons who is the boss.”



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