FPD Chapter 519

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Assaulting the Daemon Camp (1)


We did not move immediately. Instead, we waited until the daemons arrived at the wall.

Just like Princess E’Athar said, today’s attack was much fiercer than the last attack. The number of daemons attacking was much higher.

Moreover, the number of powerhouses in the army was higher as well.

It seemed like a full-scale assault.

Not even five minutes after the battle started, the daemon general plus another two daemon powerhouses appeared above the daemon army.

“Anson! Come out! Let’s fight one hundred bouts tonight!”

“Hahaha! I was waiting for you!”

With a brave laugh, general Anson flew out from Fort Mist and confronted the three daemons powerhouses!

Less than one second later, a spectacular battle started in the skies.

I decided to move at that moment.

“Let’s go. Katherine, are you ready?”

“I am.”

“Do it then.”

With a nod, Katherine waved her hand, creating a magic circle below our feet.

The magic circle expanded quickly until it covered the entire group.

It was a teleportation spell!

As Evelyn’s disciple, Katherine knew a bit about space-type spells. Of course, Katherine’s specialty was wind and her cultivation was not as good as Evelyn, so her space magic was far from comparable to the headmistress.

However, for tonight’s operation, it was more than enough.

One second later, we disappeared from the fort, appearing several kilometers away.

Three hundred meters behind the daemons camp.

As soon as we appeared, Katherine waved her hand again.

This time, she released a wave of mana that extended to the surroundings.

She then put on a focused look and closed her eyes, only opening them thirty seconds later.

“Good, I managed to mask the mana fluctuation caused by our teleportation. Nobody should have discovered us.”


With a smile, I led the group towards the daemon camp.

I could feel that the people in our group were very nervous.

Ironically, the most nervous ones were Katherine and Rose.

The members of Eternity’s Fangs had been trained in much more dangerous environments, thus they were able to keep calm in the current situation.

On the other hand, although Katherina and Rose were much stronger compared to their age, they were, in the end, still adolescent girls.

They could not help but be nervous in the current situation.

I say nothing, however. This experience would be good for them.

I’m sure it will help them to grow.

Every person in our group was a powerful powerhouse, with the weakest being at the sixth rank. Due to that, we managed to reach the daemon camp in seconds even when we were moving much slower than normal to not attract attention.

But when we reached the camp, I raised my hand to stop them.


“Claus? What happened?”

“There is a barrier here. Teacher, please.”

Ysnay looked at me and rolled her eyes. But she stepped forward and extended her hand.

One instant later, small ripples appeared in the air where her hand was.

“That is…”

“The barrier. It’s around the entire camp. The person that cast it should be a fourteenth-layer powerhouse.

“Can you break it?” Rose asked.

“I can.” Ysnay nodded. “But the problem is that the person that cast the barrier will feel it and we will be discovered.”

Katherine and Rose looked at each other in dismay.

But before they could say anything-

“Well, I can take care of that as well.”

Ysnay spoke up with a playful smile.

She then waved her hand, creating a three-meters tall hole in the barrier.

“How is that possible!?” Katherine’s eyes opened wide. As a mage, she knew how difficult what Ysnay did was.

However, Ysnay did not plan to explain. She just smiled mysteriously and walked through the hole.

I rolled my eyes and followed behind her.

This woman, trying to be so mysterious.

Well, if she finds that fun…

The daemon camp was completely silent. We could not hear even the slightest sound when we entered.

It was obvious most of the daemons had left.

We looked at each other and nodded. Then, the group moved stealthily towards the location of the supplies.

Occasionally, we could see a team of daemons patrolling, however, we managed to bypass them without a problem.

Eventually, we arrived at the place where the supplies were located.

Five tents appeared in front of us, containing half of the supplies of the daemon army.

Everything went so smoothly that Katherine and Rose were doubting their eyes.

In truth, when they decided to come with me, they were expecting a fierce battle where they would have to risk their lives But to their surprise, they had not been obstructed during the entire way.

However, now came the difficult part.

Two eleventh-layer daemons were standing in front of each tent, making it a total of ten eleventh-layer daemons.

With them protecting the tents, getting the supplies would be very hard.

“I’ll take care of two of them,” I said. “Teacher will take care of four more. As for the remaining four, Rose will take care of one and the rest of you will take care of the other three. Understood?”

The group nodded silently.

“Go then, remember to make as little noise as possible. We will attack one minute later.”

Katherine, Rose, and the people of Eternity’s Fangs moved. In one minute, each one of them approached their targets as silently as possible.

I was not surprised by Eternity’s Fangs’ performance. I had trained them, so I knew they were pretty good at this kind of maneuvers.

Katherine and Rose were different, though. They had never been trained for this kind of mission.

However, their performance was surprising.

Katherine cast a spell around her, wrapping a layer of wind around her body that eliminated the noise of her footsteps and her smell completely.

As for Rose, perhaps it was due to her status as a hero, but she moved even more stealthily than the members of Eternity’s Fangs.

It was as though she had done the same thousands of times before.

Like that, one minute passed.

And in that instant, we moved.

Everything happened in one second. I appeared in front of two daemons, unsheathing my sword silently and piercing their hearts.

My movements were so fast that the daemons did not manage to react even when they died.

At the same time, Ysnay moved. She was even more stealthy than me, waving her hand slightly and snuffing out the souls of four daemons.

As for the others, Rose pierced her sword on the back of a daemon, killing him instantly as Katherine and two members of Eternity’s fangs worked together to kill the other.

And finally, the last two daemons had their throat slit by two members of Eternity’s Fangs while they tried to defend against the attacks of the other six members.

Ten eleventh-layer daemons had been killed in one second!

I looked at the group and nodded.

“Perfect. It’s time to move then. We must be fast. Someone could smell the blood and notice that something is wrong. Ysnay, please.”

Ysnay stepped forward. Using the same technique from before, she opened a way through the barriers protecting the supplies.

Then, three members of Eternity’s Fangs proceeded to enter and store the supplies inside two storage rings.

Less than twenty seconds later, the tent had been emptied and we proceeded to the next tent.

Just like that, we emptied three tents.

To be honest, we could have continued like this, finishing the operation without being detected.

However, I did not want it.

I need to use this operation to increase Princess E’Athar’s influence.

Hence, when we were going to the fourth tent, I waved my finger slightly.

Due to that, one of the members of Eternity’s Fangs staggered.



He touched the barrier of the tent.

Katherine, Rose, and the members of Eternity’s Fangs changed their expressions.

“It’s bad.” I smiled wryly.

And one second later–


An alarm resounded through the entire daemon camp.

Then, a powerful pressure surged from the center of the camp and charged towards us.

“Who dares to steam the supplies!?”

Tonight’s main show was about to start.



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