FPD Chapter 521

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Assaulting the Daemon Camp (3)


“Daemon Sword, [Cutting the Moon]!”

Princess E’Athar’s attack lit up the night sky. Her sword slash arrived in front of the members of Eternity’s Fangs in an instant!

In front of the attack of a twelfth-layer practitioner, the mem of Eternity’s Fangs could do nothing but watch wide-eyed.

But when they thought they were about to die-

“[Reality Render].”

A calm voice came from behind them.



Two sword slashes clashed, creating a powerful shockwave that blew the men of Eternity’s Fangs and several daemons away.

Princess E’Athar narrowed her eyes and looked at me.

“Oh? You managed to stop it?”

It looks like it’s time to act.

I smiled softly and bowed towards the princess.

“You should be E’Athar Deora, Princess of the Daemons. Nice to meet you, my name is Claus Quintin.”

“Quintin? I see, so you are the Fourth Prince of the empire, huh.” Princess E’Athar’s eyes narrowed. She seemed like a lioness observing her prey. “To think I would meet a prince here. I wonder what will happen if I kill you.”

“Well, you can try, beautiful lady.”

“It looks like you are as much of a scum as the rumors say.”

Scum? Hey!

Are you sure you are not expressing your personal feelings through the act?

Speechless, I could only look at Katherine and Rose behind me.

“Girls, Am I truly a scum?”

“Damn Claus, stop flirting with the enemy princess and hurry up or I’ll kill you when we are back!”

Okay, okay…

With a sigh, I uttered an order.

“Forget the last tent! It’s time to leave! Katherine!”

“On it!”

Katherine immediately started to cast her teleportation spell. At the same time, the men of Eternity’s Fangs and Rose gathered towards her.


“Do you think I’ll let you leave!?”

Princess E’Athar attacked again at that moment.

Moreover, her attack was full of killing intent!

I grunted and brandished my sword, blocking her sword attack and retreating towards Katherine.

But then, E’Athar launched a kick towards my waist, forcing me to stop.

“Stay here! Scum like you should die!”

I looked at E’Athar with a speechless look.

Girl, you are taking advantage of this opportunity to take revenge, right?

E’Athar snorted when she saw my gaze as though saying, ‘I am, what can you do about it?’ and continued releasing attack after attack without stopping.

Her attacks were so strong and full of killing intent that it seemed nothing like an act.

No, I’m sure she was really trying to kill me!

Seriously, this girl!

I continued blocking each one of Princess E’Athar attacks repeatedly, wielding my sword skillfully as I protected Katherine and the others.

At the same time, Katherine and the others were under the fierce attacks of several daemons.

In fact, if not that Rose was using her powerful strength to suppress a great part of the daemons, they would have been overwhelmed long ago.

Katherine gritted her teeth. She ignored the daemons attacking and focused completely on the teleportation spell.

Last time she managed to cast the spell instantly because she had prepared it beforehand. But the truth was that she was not very good at this kind of spell.

She needed around twenty seconds to cast one. And during that time, she would be defenseless.

Fortunately, Katherine had Rose and the members of Eternity’s Fangs to protect her.

In the meanwhile, the battle between Princess E’Athar and I intensified.

“Die, Prince!”

“Calm down, Princess! Ouch, that was painful!”

“Bastard! You deserve to die!”

“Hey, don’t you think your act is a bit too real?”

“Go to hell!”

Ignoring my whispers completely, Princess E’Athar continued wielding her sword as a berserk.

She seemed like she was facing the enemy that killed her father, her mother, and her siblings!

I was amused and exasperated inwardly.

Sigh, women are truly vengeful creatures.

“… You will see it. Wait until we are alone again.”

Princess E’Athar stiffened. Then, a bit of panic and hesitation appeared in her eyes.

But when she saw my bad smile, her anger erupted.

Thinking about how I stole her kiss without her permission, she wanted nothing more than to stab her sword in my belly.


I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Fortunately, Katherine was done at that moment.

“Claus! We need to leave!”

“Perfect! It looks like we need to end our date here, beautiful princess.”


Princess E’Athar growled coldly. Aware that I was about to leave, she filled her sword with as much mana as possible and raised it up.

“Die, Prince! Daemon Sword, [World’s Destruction]!”

Then, she swung her sword down, releasing a slash of sword energy that seemed to cut the entire camp into two.

I grinned and put my sword in my chest. Then, I moved it gently towards the sword slash before flicking it away.



The sword slash passed beside us, unable to cause us the slightest harm.

At the same time, I jumped backward, appearing beside Katherine and the others.

“Goodbye, Princess E’Athar.”

In the next second, we were swallowed by the light of teleportation.

The last thing we heard was the angry voice of the daemon Princess.

“I swear I’ll kill you!”



At the same time, Ysnay smiled at the two men fighting her.

She looked towards Fort Mist, sensing that the two powerhouses battling General Anson had managed to shake him off and were returning to the camp.

“I guess I should leave for today. It was fun to play with you.”

She then flew away calmly, as though she was unworried the cardinal and the other thirteenth-layer powerhouse would attack her.

And in fact, she was unworried.

Because she knew they did not dare.

They could only watch Ysnay leave with an expression of powerlessness as blood flowed from the countless injuries in their bodies.



Katherine’s spell brought us back to Fort Mist. We appeared in the middle of the Fort, close to General Liko’s office.

With this, the operation was a complete success. I had achieved all the goals I wanted to achieve.

Only that–

“Claus, I think we need to talk.”

Katherine and Rose were glaring at me coldly.

“Is anything wrong?” I feigned a confused look and asked.

But Katherine snorted.

“Stop feigning. Tell us, what is your relationship with the Daemon Princess? Why it seemed like she hated you to the bones?”

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

… Princess E’Athar. I swear I’ll spank your ass when I see you again!



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