FPD Chapter 522

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Assaulting the Daemon Camp (4)


I only managed to escape from Katherine’s interrogation ten minutes later.

The girl was still sure that I had some kind of strange relationship with the princess, though. Even though she was not sure of the nature of our relationship, judging by my track record, she had an idea of what it was.

Plus, when she thought about the fact I always knew when the daemon army would attack, she was even surer of her suspicions.

I did not bother to deny it. Anyway, they would learn about it eventually.

Of course, I did not confirm it either. I would be a fool to do it when Katherine’s jealouslymeter was at maximum.

Fortunately, General Liko and General Anson arrived at that moment, forcing Katherine to stop her interrogation after glaring at me with an I-have-not-finished-with-you expression.

“Prince Claus, you are back.” General Anson was the first to greet me. “How was it? Did you succeed?”

I did not reply. Instead, I just smiled mysteriously and nodded at the men of Eternity’s Fangs.

Understanding my meaning, two men stepped forward and passed ten storage rings to General Anson.

“This is…” General Anson was startled. He then sent his perception inside the rings before putting on a surprised expression.


“What happened?” General Liko asked with a frown, making General Anson gave him one of the rings.

Still frowning, General Liko sent his perception inside the ring as well.

“This is… Impossible!”

“It’s not impossible. We did it.” I said with a smug smile.

“Hahahaha! Good boy! Splendid work! You did not disappoint me!”

“It was just my duty, General Anson. I’m glad I managed to succeed.”

“Hahahaha! Good good, you are worthy of being a prince of the empire! I was a bit disappointed with you when I learned you were living with several women on the battlefield, but after seeing this, I must say I’m impressed.

“Yes, yes! Hahahaha, you are the kind of Emperor this empire needs! With such bravery, I’m sure you will manage to make these dirty daemons hide in their homes, too afraid to come out.”

This time, even I was slightly embarrassed.

I know, I know, I’m great.

Thank you, thank you…

Compared to General Anson, General Liko’s reaction was even more unique.

His face twisted into a mix of a smile and a frown. He seemed like he had bitten a bitter bug.

And when he heard General Anson mention I was the emperor the empire needed, his expression turned completely dark.

“It’s enough General Anson. Prince Claus, good job. You managed to get enough supplies to last us another four months.”

That was more than enough. By then, the empire’s supplies would have arrived long ago.

In fact, I planned to end this war much before that.

Thus, I smiled slightly and nodded to General Liko.

“Many thanks for your compliment.”

“Good, you and your men must be tired. Go to rest.”

“Thank you.” I then bowed slightly and turned around to leave.

Before leaving, General Anson patted my shoulder twice, obviously excited by my performance.

After telling the men of Eternity’s Fangs to go to rest, Katherine, Rose, and I returned to the house.

Ysnay had returned at some point and she was talking with Aunt Dayana and the rest, telling them about what happened tonight.

Due to that, Aunt Dayana and the others already knew about the success of tonight’s operation.

Even so, they bombarded us with questions as soon as we arrived.

Only after one hour, we were let free.

I smiled wryly and got ready to sleep. Of course, I did not plan to sleep alone.

Mm, a threesome or foursome would be great after this battle.

I looked towards Katherine and put on a playful smile.

Understanding my intentions, Katherine smiled back and hugged my waist.

But then, I felt her fingers pinching and twisting the flesh of my waist.

“Go and sleep with your Daemon Princess, dear~”

With a chilling smile, Katherine turned around, pulling Rose, Andrea, and Lina with her.

I smiled wryly and looked at Aunt Dayana and Aunt Sera with a pitiful look.


“Sigh, my dear nephew sure is hopeless.”

“… I can’t believe you did it with a daemon princess as well.”

“Hey, I have not done it with a daemon princess… yet.”



Aunt Dayana and Aunt Sera were speechless.

Shaking her head, Aunt Dayana sighed.

“I should follow little Katherine’s example and make you sleep alone tonight as punishment.”


“But it had been three days since the last time we slept together. What do you think, sister? Are you coming with us?”

“H-Huh? Well, I don’t know…”

“Don’t worry, Aunt Sera. I do know.”

With an evil smile, I walked towards my two beautiful aunts and hugged their waist.

Five minutes later, their moans were resounding in my bedroom.



In the daemon camp.

The Daemon General was inside his tent, seated in a wooden chair with a dark expression on his face.

Around him were seated the higher-ups of the army plus Princess E’Athar, each one of them with a serious face.

“Who can give me an explanation for this?” The daemon general tapped his armchair twice and looked around the camp with an angry expression. “Q’Esy, you were in charge of defending the camp, what do you have to say?”

“… I have no excuses, General.”

“What about you, Cardinal? And you, E’ertener? You two were unable to stop the invaders from leaving!”

“I’m sorry, general. But you can’t blame us. That woman… She is too powerful.”

“We were played by her.”

Seeing the powerless expressions in the cardinal and the thirteenth-layer powerhouse’s faces, the daemon general could only sigh sighed.

“We suffered a huge loss today.”

“How bad was it?” A commander asked.

“Very bad.” Replied the daemon general. “With lost almost half of our provisions. The remaining provisions will not last longer than one month. But the next round of supplies is destined to arrive forty-five days later.”

The daemons in the tent looked at each other with dark looks.

Their losses had been much worse than they expected.

At that moment, Princess E’Athar spoke up.

“Someone has to take responsibility for it.”

“Princess?” The daemon general frowned.

“What? You don’t agree?” Princess E’Athar sneered. “General, you and your men allowed the enemy to infiltrate our base and steal our supplies without killing even one of them. If the empire learns about it, we will become a laughingstock!”

“What about you, Princess? You did not manage to stop them either.”

“Hahaha! Are you shifting the blame to me now, General?” Princess E’Athar glared at him with a sarcastic expression. “I remember you forbid me from interfering with military affairs! Plus, if not for my timely arrival, our losses would have been bigger!”

“… Princess, now is not the time for it.” The daemon general growled.

“You are right.” The Daemon Princess nodded. “However, I will notify the emperor about your ineptitude, general. I hope you are ready to receive your punishment.”

After saying that, the daemon princess turned around and left the tent.

As for the general, he gripped his armchair with so much strength that it shattered.



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