FPD Chapter 525

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Fox in the Seal


After spending a few hours teasing and hugging the daemon princess, I left the camp.

According to the princess’s analysis, the daemons would not attack today. It means I have nothing to do until tomorrow.

I briefly considered whether to spend the day lying between the breasts of my aunts, Andrea, and Katherine, but after thinking for a moment, I shook my head.

I wanted to do that, but I should take advantage of this opportunity to deal with some things I have been delaying.

With a sigh, I shrank the space ahead of me, allowing me to travel thousands of kilometers with one step.

When I reappeared, I was on a cliff in the elf territory.

At first sight, this cliff seemed completely normal, with a beautiful view and a soft calming breeze hitting my face.

But I knew the truth.

This place was sealing an existence able to destroy this world easily.

My daughter in one of my past lives, and at the same time, a powerful immortal wielding unimaginable strength.

The Incarnation of Endless Power, Emilia Softley.

When I stepped on the cliff, I felt space around me trembling. I knew that Emilia had detected my arrival, and was struggling against the seals in an attempt to get out.

I smiled wryly and took another step forward.

With this step, the scenery around me changed completely.

It was as though I would have stepped into a whole new world.

The cliff, the trees, the grass, the sky, and the clouds disappeared completely, replaced by an endless white that seemed to make one’s crazy.

And in the middle of this white world, a young girl was chained.

Her blood-red eyes were fixed on me, staring at me with excitement and anticipation as her fox tail wagged repeatedly, clearly happy about seeing me again.

“Dad, you came to visit me!”

Contrary to my expectations, Emilia was not angry. She did not seem to mind the fact that I had sealed her, again.

Perhaps to her, simply the fact that she could talk to me was enough to make her happy.

“Emilia.” I murmured softly and walked towards her.

“Dad… I missed you so so so much.”

“You are exaggerating. It had been just a few days,” I said with a wry smile.

“A few days without my dad are like an eternity. Do you know? I was afraid you would leave me alone for hundreds of years like the last time you sealed me.”

“I’m not planning to do that this time.” Sighing slightly, I walked forward until standing in front of her.

Emilia tried to stand up and hug me, but the seals restricting her movements made that impossible. In the end, she could only look at me with a pitiful look.

Amused, I waved my hand, removing the seals.

I did not remove them completely though. They were just deactivated momentarily. I just needed a thought to activate them again and seal Emilia once more.

Emilia also knew that, but she did not care. She jumped towards me cheerfully, hugging me tightly and rubbing her face against me.

“Dad’s smell… So nice…”

“Are you a dog?”

“Even better, I’m a fox.”

I smiled softly and patted her silky golden-red hair. I then waved my hand to materialize a cozy chair in the white space before sitting down on it.

Emilia did not hesitate to sit on my lap, still looking at me with a happy smile.

“As expected, being with dad is the best.”

“You don’t seem angry even when I sealed you, huh…”

“Of course not! I can forgive anything dad does! Plus, I was planning to put a chain in your neck, so I don’t have any right to be angry. I just need to win next time we fight and put that chain in dad’s neck.”

“That is… Very disturbing…”

Emilia giggled. “Don’t worry dad, I promise you I will give you a lot of love.”

Girl, that doesn’t make it less disturbing.

… And sorry, but I prefer it when I am the one in control.

“Anyway, have you thought about my words?” I asked.

“I did.” Emilia nodded cutely. “I think there are a lot of girls I need to kill. Although I can leave the girl of the contract alive. I can barely accept her.”

I was speechless.

This girl…

Are you planning to kill everybody but Raven?

“… I’m not planning to let you kill any of them.”

“I thought so.” Emilia nodded before pouting in displeasure. “Anyway, I don’t like the fact that so many girls are around you. Even now, I can feel the smell of several sluts in you. Dad, you were rolling in the bed with other women, right?”

… As expected of a fox girl. Your nose sure is sharp.

Emilia giggled softly and shook her head.

“Don’t worry, I can forgive you, dad. However, I can’t forgive these women! Hmph! They dare to sleep with you when I have not done it yet!”

“Hey, your jealously is overflowing.”

“I’m still a virgin, dad! You never ate me even when I tried to seduce so many times!”

… Yeah, the me of that life was a lot less perverted, huh.

If it would have been in my current lifetime, I would have eaten Emilia long ago.

“Let’s stop talking about that, okay?” I flicked Emilia’s forehead, making held holt it with a look of pain. “It’s obvious that you still need to consider my words a lot more. I guess I should come another day.”

“I don’t plan to consider it, dad. You should be mine only! They did not have the right to get your care!”

This possessiveness…

As expected, it would not be so easy.


“Are you not going to consider it even if you know I’m planning to make this my last lifetime?”

Emilia stiffened.


“… If I succeed this time, I will spend eternity together with them. If I fail, I will stop this endless cycle of reincarnation forever.”

Surprise appeared on Emilia’s eyes.

And then, it was replaced by confusion, loss, and panic.

“B-But dad, does that mean…?”

“Yes.” I nodded. “This is your last opportunity, Emilia.”

Emilia lowered her head in a daze.

For several minutes, she did not speak, just remaining seated on my lap and thinking about my words.

But although she seemed calm, she was not.

Even if she was not moving, I could feel the endless energy inside her body twisting and surging violently, as though it wanted to crush and destroy everything around her.

Only after almost half an hour did her energy return to normal.

“… I need to think about it a bit more, dad.”

“… Sorry, Emilia. But it’s my choice.”

“No.” Emilia shook her head with a sad smile. “You don’t need to apologize, dad. You have always wanted it. In fact, I know I’m not in the right… It’s just that…”

You can’t tolerate it.

I’m Emilia’s obsession. The reason she struggled so much to attain Immortality.

Perhaps her entire raison d’etre.

Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to stop for her.

I plan to continue, no matter who I have to fight to achieve my dream.

“Think carefully, Emilia. There is not much time left. I’ll come to visit you again soon.”

“Are you leaving so fast, dad? Why don’t you stay with me for a while? Being here alone is boring.”

“… Alright, but I’ll leave after one hour.”

“Yay! I love you, dad!”

“You…” I shook my head with a small smile and caressed her head. “Right, I wanted to ask you for a favor.”

“A favor from dad? Of course! No! Wait! I will help you, but it will cost you!”

“Mm? How much?”

“Pat my head, a lot… And a kiss! No, two! Wait, three… make it five kisses!”

“Just that?” I asked with an expression of amusement.

“How about ten kisses then?”

“Stop messing around.” I knocked her head softly with a chuckle. Suddenly, though, I leaned forward, planting a short kiss on her lips.”

Emilia’s eyes opened wide.

One second later, she smiled brightly and giggled.

“What do I need to do, dad? I don’t mind destroying a few worlds if you want it!”

… Hey, I’m not some kind of demon king.

“Listen well.”

With a smile, I explained the situation to Emilia.

When I finished speaking, Emilia was surprised.

“Just this?”

“Just this. In fact, there is a possibility this will not be necessary, at all, but I just in case, I hope you can help me when the time comes.”

Emilia did not hesitate to nod.

“Don’t worry, dad! I would have done it even if you don’t tell me. Hehe, I definitively want to see her face contorting in fury!”

I shook my head with a smile.

“I’m counting on you then.”

“Yes, dad!”



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