FPD Chapter 53

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First Day (1)


Katherine guided us to our rooms.

Daisy’s room was with the other commoner girls, a bit away from my room. She was a bit reluctant to be so far from me, but she agreed after a bit of coaxing. She said that she would visit me every morning though.

Katherine frowned visibly to that, but she said nothing. She could do nothing if Daisy wanted to serve me of her own will.

As I said before, even if nobles and commoners were supposed to be equal in this academy, the truth was that most commoners would follow a noble willingly, becoming their subordinates. After all, for commoners, the opportunity to become a subordinate of a noble family was something desirable.

After we left Daisy in her room, Katherine and I resumed walking. Katherine kept silent all the way, wearing an ice-cold expression and not bothering to look at me.

From what I know, Katherine is also a commoner. She is the personal student of the headmistress and a very talented wind mage. She is also the head of the students’ guard committee.

She is considered as one of the rising geniuses of the empire. At eighteen, she is already at the peak of the fifth layer, just a step away from attaining the sixth layer.

I looked at her curiously. Certainly, her mana was very near the sixth layer. She probably could break through anytime.

When we reached the men’s rooms, Katherine suddenly turned towards me. “What are you staring at?” She asked coldly.

I was startled before smiling wryly. It looks like this girl misunderstood my gaze. I don’t mind it, though.

“I just thought that miss Katherine is very beautiful and talented. The headmistress is very fortunate to have a student like you.”

Katherine was truly beautiful. She had long dark green hair tied in a ponytail. Her eyes were of a beautiful blue, and her skin was pale white. Moreover, her cold expression gave her an unapproachable feeling that made her even more enticing.

Katherine wrinkled her brows and looked at me coldly. “Save your compliments, prince, they are useless. I know what you nobles think. Do you think that because you are a prince and I a commoner, I’ll come running to your arms?” She snorted and then released her mana into the surroundings. “Let me warn you. If I learn you force your maid to do something or you harass any of the girls, you will learn how sharp my sword is!”

I looked dumbfoundedly at the girl. Hey, I’m a prince after all. Do you have to be so direct?

But thinking about it, my second brother is also in this academy. Considering his reputation, I can understand why this girl has such a prejudice.

Seeing that I did not reply, the girl turned around and continued guiding me to my room in silence.

Five minutes later, I saw it.

The room was pretty big and luxurious. After all, most of the students are nobles and princes, so the rooms must be befitting of their statuses.

Despite it, most nobles did not sleep in the academy. They prefer going back to their homes at night and return to the academy in the morning.

I examined my room before nodding at Katherine.

“It’s perfect, thanks.”

Katherine nodded back and gave me a key and a small booklet. “It’s the key to the room, and the booklet has written the classes you must attend. Also, you must choose an extracurricular activity before the weekend.”

“I understand, thanks again.”

Katherine looked at me for a moment, before turning around and leaving.

I smiled inwardly. This girl is truly cold.

Afterward, I asked one of the servants to bring my things to the room and organize it.

They quickly finished moving and organizing everything. I confirmed that nothing was wrong and thanked them.

Once the servants left, someone approached my room.

It was a blonde young man with blue eyes. He was smiling amicably while looking at me.

“You must be prince Claus. Nice to meet you, I’m Alver, I live beside you.” Alver then pointed to one of the other rooms.

There were five rooms on this floor. Each noble had his own room, so it means there were five people on each floor at most.

I smiled at Alver. “Nice to meet you.”

“Haha. You are pretty easygoing, prince. By the way, it looks as we are going to be floormates during the next five years.”

“Oh yeah? What about the other rooms?”

Alver’s smile stiffened.

“… Well, the others said that they preferred not to speak with you.”

I put on a startled expression before forcing a smile. It looks like they were avoiding me.

They probably don’t want to be involved with me now that my exile had been announced and my first brother had been chosen as the crown prince. It would be bad if others think they are on my side.

“What about you?” I asked with a curious expression.

“Well, I’m just the son of a small countryside noble. It doesn’t matter much whose side I’m.”

I curved my lips up. It doesn’t seem as he is lying or has an ulterior motive. I did not think I would meet a noble like this in the academy.

Unfortunately, I currently don’t have any interest in making friends.

I chatted superficially with Alver for a while before bidding him farewell with the excuse that I wanted to rest. Alver did not insist and left.

But before I could return to my room, someone else appeared.

“Claus, follow me.” Dina looked at me and nodded.

I stared at the serious expression on sister Dina’s face before shrugging and following after her.

It looks as I was not going to be able to rest on my first day in the academy.


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