FPD Chapter 532

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Two Cousins (1)


When I finished listening to Aunt Dayana’s recount, I was speechless.

What in the hell is Aunt Sera thinking?

Well, the plan in itself is not bad. In fact, if she executes it right, almost any male would fall for it.

After all, not many men are able to resist pouncing on a served dish.

However, there is no way I can fall into such an obvious trap.

“What are you going to do, Claus?” Aunt Dayana asked with a curious smile, obviously interested in how the situation was going to develop.

In fact, her current smile seemed like someone that wanted to see the world burn.

“… Aunt, is it alright for you to tell me this? Don’t you think Aunt Sera will feel betrayed?”

“Don’t worry, Sera and I have been sisters for many years. Even if she becomes angry with me, she will forgive me after a few days.”

I shook my head speechlessly.

What can I say? Aunt Dayana’s hearts is pretty black.

Sigh, poor Aunt Sera. Her sister sold her off again without her noticing.

“I guess I should reject Aunt Sera later then, huh?” I sighed.

But instead of nodding, Aunt Dayana rolled her eyes.

“Hey Claus, if I wanted that, I would have not given you this information. Even without my warning, you would have noticed Sera’s intentions easily.”

Well, that is right.

It’s impossible for her plot to fool me.

“What do you suggest then, Aunt?”

Aunt Dayana smiled like a Cheshire cat and leaned her head towards my ear.

Then, she whispered her plan.

After I heard it, I looked at my aunt with an amused smile.

Aunt Dayana, do you like teasing Aunt Sera so much?

But… It’s not a bad idea…

In fact, I can’t wait to see Aunt Sera’s reaction.

With an evil smile, I looked at my co-conspirator and nodded.

“Let’s do that then.”



Aunt Dayana and I took one hour to finish the detail of the plan.

Actually, we completed the plan in the first twenty minutes, but Aunt Dayana was excited after she imagined the outcome and we ended fighting a pair of rounds in the bed.

Afterward, Aunt Dayana went to Aunt Sera’s room to start our plot. As for me, I went to Lina’s room and told her that I would come to her room earlier than I said before.

Lina nodded, not even asking for the reason. In truth, she was so flustered and nervous that she barely listened to my words.

This cute girl…

Following the plan, I left the house and returned a few hours later, in the late afternoon.

Then, I took a bath and changed my clothes to something suitable for the occasion before going to Lina’s room.

From the corner of my eye, I caught Aunt Dayana winking at me. Indicating that everything was going according to the script.

Nice, Aunt…

Chuckling softly, I arrived at Lina’s room and knocked on the door.

I heard someone rushing towards the door as soon as I knocked on it. But then, that person stopped abruptly in front of the door.

A few rustling sounds later, the door opened.

Immediately, a beautiful girl appeared before my eyes.

Red hair, black eyes, and a petite body that ignited my protective desires.

She was standing in front of me nervously, dressed up with a beautiful blue dress and a blue flower on her red hair.

“C-Cousin, you are here…” Lina greeted me shyly and lowered her head when she noticed I was staring fixedly at her.

I smiled softly and caressed her cheek.

“Beautiful angel, were you waiting for me?”

Lina blushed deeply, unable to look straight at my eyes.

Sigh, this cute girl…

As I said before, Lina is quite beautiful. Although she doesn’t have the curvy body and seductive presence of her mother, her petite figure was filled with youthfulness and innocence that made you want to possess her.

Plus, with her current shy look that was completely different than her usual mischievous expression, I found her even cuter.

It made me want to paint her with my colors.

“C-Cousin, c-come inside.” Lina stammered shyly when she saw I was still staring at her.

I nodded and followed her inside her room.

As soon as I entered the room, someone else appeared in my sight.

Just like Lina, she was a red-haired girl. However, her eyes were blue instead of back and she was a bit taller. Plus, her body had inherited more of the curviness of her mother.

I raised an eyebrow curiously.


“C-Cousin, hello.”

I looked at Andrea, and then at Lina, and then smiled.

“I see, so you are here due to that.”

The two sisters turned completely red in embarrassment.

I could only shake my head amused. I mean, I know I told Andrea she could join us tonight, but I swear I was joking back then.

I don’t dislike it, though. Quite the opposite, I’m more than happy to accept this arrangement.

Even so, I asked Lina’s first.

“Are you sure about this, my princess?”

Lina nodded with a blush still on her face.

“W-Well, I-I don’t know much about s-sex, and sister told me s-she could t-teach me… P-Plus, with sister here I won’t be so nervous.”

“Is it so?” I looked at Lina and Andrea and curved my lips up.

Well, this will make everything even more interesting.

“W-What should we do first?” A visibly nervous Lina asked at that moment.

I did not reply and instead looked at Andrea.

Now is the time to guide your sister.

Understanding the meaning of my gaze, Andrea’s cheeks reddened.

“H-How about starting with a kiss?”

“A k-kiss?”

“Yes, Lina. Look, I’ll teach you how.” Andrea then stood up and walked towards me.

Then, with a small blush on her face, she put her lips on mine.

Andrea’s kiss started with a simple touch. It then continued with her putting her arms around my neck and then opening her lips slightly.

Soon, our kiss had transformed into a deep French kiss.

Lina gasped slightly. Seeing her sister and cousin kissing, she could not help but feel embarrassed.

But for some reason, she could not move her gaze away. Her eyes were completely fixed on our connected lips.

Andrea and I kissed for almost one minute. Our lips separated only to join again, once and again, repeating the kiss each time with more passion.

Andrea had said she was teaching her sister, but it seemed as though she had gotten lost in the kisses. Perhaps it was because she was excited by the fact her little sister was watching everything.

Eventually, though, she separated her lips from mine and panted softly.

“… Did you see that, Lina? It’s your turn now.”

Looking at her breathless sister, Lina nodded nervously and approached me.

Different from her sister, though, Lina was much more nervous and embarrassed. For several seconds, she just looked at me, unable to take the initiative.

I chuckled and decided to step forward. Then, holding Lina’s shoulders, I joined my lips with hers.

Lina was much more inexperienced than her big sister. She shivered slightly when she felt my lips, and her face flushed.

Even though we had kissed before, it had never gone beyond quick and short kisses. This time, though, our kiss was nothing like that.

It was an aggressive and passionate kiss filled with lust and desire.

I pressed my mouth firmly against hers, savoring my cousin’s small lips joyfully.

After a few seconds, I bit her lips softly, causing Lina’s gasp. I took advantage of that to push my tongue inside her mouth.

Lina’s eyes opened slightly wide. Her body tensed up and she clenched her teeth, looking at me with a slightly anxious expression.

Aware of her nervousness, I smiled gently and used my hands to caress her back while my tongue licked her teeth and gums.

My gentle movements calmed Lina down. She closed her eyes and gripped my shirt, finally relaxing her body.

Before long, her teeth opened up slightly.

Immediately, I pushed my tongue forward.

Lina’s eyes opened again with a startled expression. However, perhaps because she was afraid of biting my tongue, she did not close her teeth.

Due to that, I managed to invade her mouth easily and used my tongue to search for hers.

Lina gasped. She gripped my shirt tightly as she tried to cope with this new experience. Meanwhile, I finally intertwined my tongue with her small tongue and created soft slurping sounds.

When the kiss finally finished, Lina was looking at me with a hazy expression.

“How was it?” I asked.

Lina hummed with a shy look and lowered her head.

Seeing such a cute look, I wanted to push her against the wall and devour her.

However, there was something I need to do first.

“Girls, what do you think about going to my room? Lina’s room is close to the rooms of Aunt Dayana and the others. If we do it here, they will hear everything.”

The girls looked at each other shyly and nodded.


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