FPD Chapter 533

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Two Cousins (2)


“So it’s your room, cousin,” Lina murmured with a nervous look when she entered my room.

I smiled and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards me.

“Are you ready, little princess?”

Lina’s face flushed red, and her gaze started to wander around the room in a fluster.

Seeing her like that, I could not help but chuckle softly.

Andrea sighed and hugged my left arm. “Hey, can you stop teasing my little sister?”

“Should I tease you then?”

Andrea blushed and released my arm before hugging my back and putting her head on my shoulder.

“I-I don’t mind if you do.”

This cute girl…

Looking at the bashful expression on Andrea’s face, I could not help but plant a kiss on her lips.

After that, I chuckled and moved my head to plant another kiss, this time on Lina’s face.

The two sisters lowered her heads bashfully.

Sigh, what a life.

I must say, I’m very lucky.

Not everybody can enjoy two sisters in the same bed.

Plus, this is just the appetizer.

I grinned and glanced towards the bathroom of my room.

Through my senses, I could feel the agitated heartbeats of two people inside.

It looks like Aunt Dayana was successful, huh.

As expected of her.

For now, though, I should feign I have not noticed them.

With a big smile, I lifted Lina and carried her towards my giant bed.


Without responding, I threw her on the bed before pressing her petite body below mine.

Lina was incredibly nervous. She closed her eyes in embarrassment, shame, and fear, and twisted her body below mine.

“C-Cousin… T-This…”

I smiled softly and caressed her beautiful red hair. Then, I leaned my head forward and sealed her lips with my lips.

Lina’s eyes opened wide, but she accepted my kiss without resisting. Soon, our tongues were entangled in a fierce battle for supremacy.

Unfortunately, my inexperienced cousin could only defend nervously, doing her best to cope with the experienced movements of my tongue that tried to conquer her entire mouth.

“Uuhn… Ahn… Agnnn…”

Lina groaned and panted, her sweet voice leaked from her mouth as her body twisted helplessly under mine. She looked at me with wet eyes, doing her best to cope with my constant attacks.

At that moment, I heard the sound of clothes sliding down behind me.

Without the need to look back, I knew it was Andrea. She took off the dress she was wearing, before taking off her underwear as well.

Once she was completely naked, she hugged my back and used her tongue to bit my earlobe.

“Cousin… Husband… Stop teasing my little sister.”

This girl… To think she took on the role of the experienced elder sister so quickly.

I chuckled and separated my lips from Lina. Then, I looked back at the girl hugging me and pecked her lips as I felt her breast pressing against my back.

“What should I do then?”

Andrea put on a pensive expression before smiling playfully.

“Let me help you.”

She then released my back and crawled towards her little sister.

Without any warning, Andrea started to take off Lina’s clothes one after another.

“B-Big sis!?”

“Shh… Calm down, Little Lina.” Andrea smiled gently. “Don’t worry, I’m just preparing you to receive our husband.”

Lina looked at Andrea and shivered. Despite the fact that Andrea was smiling gently, Lina could not help but feel chills on her spine.

“W-Wait, sister…”

But Andrea did not listen to her. It was as though the teasing side in her blood had awakened. She continued taking off the clothes of her little sister gently, occasionally using her nails to caress her little sister’s delicate skin.

“Your skin is so beautiful… Little Lina, I’m so envious.”


“I’m curious to know how your moans sound.”

Andrea’s eyes then twinkled mischievously. She looked at me to ask for my opinion, and when she saw I did not refuse, she leaned her mouth towards her sister and bit her earlobe.

“Auuu…” Lina let out a cute moan that excited Andrea. The usually quiet and reserved girl seemed to transform into a sadistic queen at that moment.

“So cute…” Andrea licked her lips

I nodded in agreement. Very cute indeed.

As Andrea continued taking off Lina’s clothes and teasing her, I enjoyed the show patiently. At the same time, I kept an eye on the two women hiding in the bathroom.

At some point, the door of the bathroom had been opened slightly. It was just a slit slight through which you could barely see what was happening in the room.

And through that slit, Aunt Sera was looking at how her eldest daughter teased her youngest daughter.

However, even though she wanted to step out of the bathroom and stop this, Aunt Dayana was covering her mouth and stopping her as she whispered in her ear about what her daughters would think if they learn that she was hiding in my bathroom to seduce me.

That was the only thing that was stopping Aunt Sera from rushing out of the room.

I chuckled in amusement in my mind.

Aunt Dayana sure is evil. How would Aunt Sera react if she learns that Aunt Dayana is one of the two masterminds behind the current situation?

Well, initially Lina was the only one supposed to be here. You can say that Andrea is a welcome bonus.

At that moment, Andrea finished taking off most of Lina’s clothes. The only garment left was her cute panties.

She then used a finger to rub the fabric covering her slit.

“… Little sister, it looks like something drenched your underwear.”


Lina closed her eyes in embarrassment. She could not believe that her big sister was bullying her like this.

Eventually, she looked towards me to ask for help. But instead, of stopping Andrea, I grinned.

“I guess it’s time.”

Leaning forward, I caressed Lina’s waist and her small breasts, moving one of my hands towards her legs and caressing her thigs.

“C-Cousin?” Lina looked at me nervously. I smiled gently and planted a soft kiss on her nose, followed by a deep kiss on her lips that made her groan.

In the meanwhile, I used one of my hands to slide down her panty, finally showing to the world her secret place.

Lina’s vagina barely had pubic hair. And the little pubic hair it had was of a light color, making it almost unnoticeable unless you looked carefully.

Right now, her entire vagina was completely wet. Her love juices slid out of her vagina and drenched her legs.

Excited, I grabbed Lina’s wrists and kissed her again. At the same time, I positioned myself over her.

Aware that I was about to start, Andrea stopped teasing her sister and crawled towards me again. Then, using her hands, she gently helped me to take off my clothes, all while I teased my cute little cousin.

Before long, I was completely naked as well, and my holy sword was ready for battle.

When Lina saw my erect penis, her eyes widened slightly. For an instant, a look of fear appeared on her face.

“C-Cousin, that…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

“B-But, t-that is too big…”

I did not reply and instead put my penis against her vagina. Then, I started to rub it against her slit gently.

Lina moaned. Her cute little face reddened in embarrassment, and her small body shivered.

Just when I was about to enter her, a flood of love juices spewed out of her vagina!


Lina groaned. It seemed like the excitement and nervousness, coupled with Andrea’s light teasing, had made her orgasm.

Ashamed, she used her small hands to cover her face, too embarrassed to look at me.

“How sexy…” I muttered in her ear and continued using my penis to rub her entrance.

Then, when I felt that her cave was ready to accept my invasion, I pushed my penis inside.



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