FPD Chapter 535

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Two Cousins (4)


“Uuu… AHnnn… C-Cousin… I-I can’t…”

Lina’s voice was filled with embarrassment and lust. Her innocent face had transformed into a smiling and ashamed look that made her incredibly seductive.

She was like a small apple that you could not help but want to bit.

And I did precisely that. Gently, I bit her earlobes and kissed her cheek. Kissing then her eyelids and small lips.

The gentle kiss filled Lina with warmth. It mixed with the pleasure she was feeling from her entire body and made her completely hot.

The feeling of my penis caressing the walls of her vagina made her groan and pant softly. Her small body became weak under my constant attacks.

Eventually, her body was unable to endure.

“C-Cousin, again…” With an embarrassed cry, Lina closed her eyes and hugged me tightly.

Aware that her orgasm was coming, I accelerated my movements and put strength on my waist.

At the same time, I readied myself to shot my seed inside her.

“C-Cousin, cousin, cousin…!” Lina opened her mouth and cried out repeatedly twisting her body gently to cater to my movements. I hugged her body tightly and stabbed her body again and again, feeling my approaching climax.

“Cum when you want. I’ll shot my seed inside you.”

Hearing my voice, it was as though a switch was turned on inside Lina.

Immediately, her body spasmed, and her mouth let out a long and seductive moan.

At the same time, her lower cave clamped my rod strongly, as though it wanted to squeeze out my baby seed.

I grunted and gave a powerful thrust, reaching my orgasm at the same time as my little cousin.

With several long and powerful thrusts, I shot several bursts of semen inside Lina’s vagina. Her body twitched in answer, and her mouth let out a soft moan as her mind turned blank.

Lina then closed her eyes softly.

I smiled and kissed her lips again, to which Lina answered unconsciously, opening her mouth to receive my kiss.

When I finished, I pulled my penis out of her cave as semen mixed with love juice slid out of her slit.

At that moment, the big sister hugged my back and kissed my neck.

“Husband, I can’t endure it anymore…”

“Is it so?” I looked at the lustful gaze in Andrea’s eyes and her hand that was rubbing her slit and smiled.

Without hesitating, I hugged her and pushed her against the bed.

Soon, our mouths found each other and we started a fierce kiss.

Saliva passed from mouth to mouth as we savored each other and entangled our tongues in a long kiss.

At the same time, Andrea grabbed my still erect penis and moved it towards her lover cave.

When it was in position, she looked at me with an inviting look.

“Cousin… I love you…”

Such a look made me turn immediately into a hungry wolf!

Moreover, because it was Lina’s first time, I forced myself to be gentle with her. But Andrea and I had done it several times already, so I could go as wild as I wanted with her.

With a grin, I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders. Then, I leaned forward, pressing her legs against her body as her vagina faced up ready to receive my penis.

In the next instant, I pierced her deeply.

It was the famous piledriver position!

“Ahn…~” Andrea let out a long moan and curved her back. A sense of satisfaction filled her when she felt my penis reaching her deepest part.

I grinned and started to thrust!

Once and again, repeatedly, I moved my penis up and down, going inside the pleasant cave of my red-haired cousin.

“C-Cousin, ahn… Unn… Good…”

Perhaps because she just witnessed her little sister’s loss of virginity, but Andrea was much more excited than normal. Even in this strenuous position, she was moaning happily and doing her best to please me.

Each time I pierced her, she tightened her vagina to receive my attacks. At the same time, she wrapped her arms around my neck and sealed my mouth with a French kiss.

“N-Nmm, ahn… Unn… Hah…”

Andrea’s moans were very loud. She did not seem to care that her little sister was beside us. Quite the opposite, it was as though she wanted to be heard.

However, she did not know that her little sister was not the only one hearing her.

Behind the door of the bathroom, her mother and aunt were looking at our fierce lovemaking with widened eyes and a playful expression respectively.

Not surprisingly, the lower parts of the two mature women had become drenched.

At that moment, Aunt Sera felt a hand sneaking towards the place between her legs.

“D-Dayana? W-What are you doing?” Sera was startled and looked at her sister with a nervous expression. But her younger sister just smiled and touched her vagina.

Then, she rubbed it softly.

“Mmhp…! S-Stop…”

“You are so excited after watching your daughters have sex, huh.”

“D-Dayana, stop… Uahn…”

Aunt Dayana grinned and continued caressing Sera’s lower body. After that, she kissed her earlobe and breathed on her ear.

“I’m also very excited. What do you say if we go out and join them?”

“W-What are you thinking about!?” Aunt Sera ushered a hushed cry when she heard the outrageous proposal of her younger sister and shook her head hurriedly.

However, Aunt Dayana did not seem to mind it and just continued caressing her.

I was amused by their interaction and chuckled inwardly. In the meanwhile, I continued my uninterrupted thrusts in the vagina of my cousin.

I could feel the fleshy walls of Andrea wrapping around my dick. They gripped it tightly, creating a pleasurable friction each time I moved my penis up and down.

My thrusts sent shivers to Andrea’s spine. She could feel that our current position allowed me to reach much deeper than normal. Moreover, my attacks were much fiercer than normal.

“Ahn… C-Cousin… C-Claus… Uhnn… Agn…”

The red-haired big sister groaned and moaned, murmuring my name dazedly as she felt my penis invading her lower body.

Eventually, though, she was defeated by the fierce attacks and uttered a long groan.


With her arms wrapped around my neck, she curved her back and screamed in pleasure!

However, that was just the start. I continued my thrusts, enjoying how her vagina tightened around me during her orgasm and feeling her love juices flooding her vagina.

My continuous attacks filled Andrea with a joyful mix of pain and pleasure. She felt her mind becoming blank, her thoughts becoming hazy, and her body becoming weak.

She was like a small boat at the mercy of the constant waves, unable to endure.

Groaning, my cousin bit my shoulder. Her teeth clasped my flesh firmly in an attempt to cope with the incredible pleasure.

But it only made me move faster. I increased the speed of my attacks, drilling her lower body mercilessly.

Finally, Andrea was unable to stand it and was defeated again.

With a groan, she shivered violently as she felt my penis hit her deepest part.

At the same time, I decided to shoot my hot and sticky liquid straight into her womb, piercing her deepest part several times to deliver several bursts of my seed.

Feeling the hot feeling in her womb, Andrea groaned softly. Her mind was completely blank, and I noticed that her eyes had rolled up.

I found her so sexy that I could not help but kiss her lips softly.

But at that moment, a commotion came from the door of the bathroom.

Turning my head in that direction, I meet the panicked eyes of Aunt Sera and the playful smile of Aunt Dayana.

Aunt Dayana, who was hugging Aunt Sera from behind, licked her lips and smiled at me.

“My beloved nephew, do you think you have time for your beautiful aunts?”



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