FPD Chapter 536

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Sera’s Melancholy


Sera did not know how things ended like this.

Originally, she planned to seduce her nephew before he visited her daughter. She planned to appear in front of him and use her mature charms to tempt him.

Sera was rather conservative. Her sexual life with her husband was rather plain, though she was satisfied with that.

In truth, during the few days she had been entangled in the shameful practices of her sister and nephew, she had seen much more about sex than in her long years of marriage.

Even so, she had confidence in her seduction skills. She had used them several times against her husband, so she knew how effective they were.

And right now, she was going to use them to test her nephew.

In all honesty, Sera’s feelings towards Claus were complicated. On a side, there were the shame and the aversion to incest, and on the other side, there were the thrill of taboo and the joy of feeling that she was loved and desired again.

The problem was that with each passing day, she felt she was drowning more and more in this taboo relationship.

That was the reason she was doing this.

She wanted to use this test to put an end to her complicated emotions. If Claus resisted her seduction to respect her daughter’s innocent love, she would give herself completely to him.

Unfortunately, before she could put her plan into practice, everything went out of control.

Sera was not sure where the plan was wrong.

She remembered that her sister came to help her with it, telling her that it seemed fun and she wanted to participate as well.

Although she did not like Dayana’s motive, she thought that with her help, the plan would be much more effective. After all, Claus would find it harder to resist both of them.

Thus, they created a plan. The idea was to enter Claus’s bathroom one hour before he visited Lina. According to Dayana, Claus liked to take a bath before his sexual escapades, so they could ambush him here.

Fortunately, Claus was not in the mansion in the afternoon, so they could enter his room without worry and wait for him in it until he returned and went to take a bath.

Thinking that the plan was sound, Sera agreed.

But to her surprise, things did not go according to the script.

Five minutes after they entered the bathroom, they heard the door of the room opening.

Sera was sure it was Claus; and she was right, but…

He was not alone.

“… So it’s your room, cousin.”

When she heard that voice, Sera froze.

She could recognize that voice anywhere.

It was her baby daughter!

Her youngest child!

Her little princess!

The reason she was here in the first place!

But before she could process what was happening, she heard another voice.

“Cousin, can you stop teasing my little sister?”

At that moment, she realized that everything was going wrong.

Her mind froze. She was completely clueless about what she should do in this situation.

But before she could think about a plan, she heard the sound of someone being thrown on the bed and then being kissed.

That seemed to wake Sera up. She immediately stood up and prepared to rush out.

But her sister stopped her.


“D-Dayana, let me go!”

“Listen, what will your daughters think if you go out like this?”

Sera stiffened. She looked at a mirror in the room and turned red in embarrassment when she saw her own appearance.

Because they were planning to seduce Claus, both her and Dayana had only a towel covering her bodies. They were completely naked below!

If they came out like this, her daughters would immediately deduce that they were trying to seduce Claus.

Just the thought of that was enough to make Sera incredibly embarrassed.

However, her embarrassment did not last long.

Because at that moment, she heard the voice of her eldest daughter teasing her youngest daughter.

Startled, Sera opened slightly the door to see what was happening in the room.

And when she saw it, her blood turned hot and cold at the same time.

Her eldest daughter was stripping her youngest daughter and teasing her as the bastard of Claus observed!

Once more, Sera gained the determination to rush outside and kick that bastard nephew of hers.

… Only to be stopped by Dayana once more.

By this point, she realized she could do nothing.

She could only watch as her baby daughter was pierced by her nephew. How she groaned and moaned as she lost her virginity.

Soon, though, Sera realized something.

Her body was turning strangely hot.

The guilt of watching her daughter having sex with her nephew (and lover) as she hid in the bathroom made her blood boil.

It reminded her of the time when she first had sex with Claus. Back then the situation was similar, but she was observing her nephew and her sister instead.

Sera’s panicked. She hurriedly shook her head and tried to expulse those thoughts from her mind.

But as she heard her small daughter moan more and more, the hot feeling coursing through her body became stronger and stronger.

When she saw her nephew shooting his semen inside her youngest daughter as she cummed, her love juices leaked out of her slit.

When she saw her eldest daughter being penetrated fiercely in a shameful position, her body became itchy.

The strange situation made her body hotter and hotter.

Sera bit her lips and did her best to endure. She stopped her hand from going down to her groin and tried to stop watching, but unfortunately, her gaze seemed glued to that shameful and lustful scene.

And at that moment, her younger sister delivered the last blow.

Behind her, Dayana used her hands to caress her body and the place between her legs.

Sera’s body immediately turned weak.

When she heard the whispers of her sister about going out and joining the fun, her body shivered in anticipation. Even though she refused, she could feel the growing desire in her body.

Then, she saw her eldest daughter orgasm, and then orgasm again as Claus shot his seed inside her.

At that moment, her younger sister opened the door of the bathroom and pushed her outside.

In the next instant, Claus looked towards her.

And when Sera felt his gaze over her body, she realized she could not escape this tribulation.



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