FPD Chapter 537

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Everything is Better if You Do It with the Family (1)


“My beloved nephew, do you think you have time for your beautiful aunts.” Aunt Dayana chuckled softly as she hugged Aunt Sera from behind.

Contrary to Aunt Dayana, Aunt Sera was looking at me with a complicated expression. It was a mix of anticipation, lust, shame, and embarrassment.

She glanced at her two daughters that were lying on the bed and then put on a flustered look.

“I-I should lea–”

“Where do you think you are going, Aunt?” With an evil smile, I caught Aunt Sera before she could run off and hugged her body tightly.

My naked body was pressed against the thin towel covering her bombshell figure, making Aunt Sera’s turn red in embarrassment.

“I’m curious about something. What you were doing in my bathroom, Aunt?”

“T-That is…”

“She was trying to seduce you, Claus.” Aunt Dayana chuckled playfully.


“There is no point in denying it now, Sera. Listen, my beloved nephew, Sera wanted to seduce you to stop you from sleeping with Lina. It looks like she did not want to share you with her daughter.”

“N-No, t-that is no–!”

“Oh? Is it so?”  I looked at Aunt Sera with a teasing smile. Seeing Aunt Sera panic like this was truly interesting.

Sigh, since when did I turn into such a bully?

“Aunt Sera, is what Aunt Dayana is saying true?”

“O-Of course not! I-I mean, I did want to seduce you, but, I-I-I–”

“See, Claus, she admitted she wanted to seduce you. Sera is such a bad woman.”

Aunt Sera looked at Aunt Dayana with a crying expression. She seemed like she was begging her to help her to explain the situation.

Actually, if Aunt Sera would have been a bit calmer, she would have realized we were just teasing her, but in the current situation, she could hardly keep her calm.

After all, she could not deny that she was waiting in my bathroom, with just a towel and watching how I fucked her two daughters.

Aunt Sera had never been in a situation so embarrassing in her entire life.

I chuckled softly and hugged her body. Then, I put a hand below her knees and an arm in her back and lifted her, carrying her towards the bed.

“S-Stop, w-what are you doing?”

“Of course, I’m going to punish you, Aunt,” I smirked mischievously. “Aunt Dayana, do you mind helping me?”

“Of course not, my dear nephew. I’m also interested in seeing how you punish my big sister.”

With a smile, Aunt Dayana slid down the towel covering her body, revealing her naked body, and walked towards the bed. She then hugged the panicking Sera and took off her towel as well.

“D-Dayana, wait!”

“Come on, sister. It’s time for your punishment.”

“B-B-But why are you not punished as well!”

Aunt Dayana stiffened. But quickly, she smiled and pressed Aunt Sera against the bed. At the same time, she looked at me with a smile.

“You are right, I should be punished as well. However, the idea was yours, so you should be punished first. Don’t you think so, Claus?”

“Aunt Dayana is right.”

Grinning, I looked straight into Aunt Sera’s eyes before leaning towards her and kissing her lips.

Aunt Sera’s lips parted softly, allowing my entrance easily. In no time, our tongues were entangled in a deep kiss.

Contrary to her words, Aunt Sera did not resist. She probably was aware that I was not planning to let her escape at this point in time.

Even so, when our lips parted, she looked beside her to her youngest daughter that was breathing slightly and put on an ashamed expression.


Then, she felt something entering her.


Aunt Sera was already completely wet, so my meat stick slid inside her easily.

It was as though her cave wrapped around my penis tightly. A joyful pleasure spread through my entire body.

Aunt Sera’s reaction was even more exaggerated. Feeling my penis invading her, she let out a long groan and curved her back.

Then, I started to thrust.

Fiercely, I moved in and out of her, plunging my member deeply inside my aunt.

Each thrust caused a slurpy sound that resounded in the room, and in answer, Aunt Sera moaned softly.

Perhaps because she was afraid of waking her daughters up, but she did her best to be as silent as possible. However, her face as she tried to suppress her moans was truly seductive.

Unfortunately, her efforts were meaningless. After all, my fierce thrusts were shaking the bed strongly.

In that situation, it was impossible for her daughters not to wake up.

And the first one to wake up was the youngest daughter.

“M-Mom, A-Aunt? W-What is it?”

With a voice mixed with surprise and confusion, Lina looked at her mother who was moaning under my body, and then at her aunt, who was holding her mother down, in astonishment.

Hearing the voice of her daughter, Aunt Sera was startled. She hurriedly looked beside her, looking at the dazed eyes of her daughter in a panic.

“D-Don’t look!”


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