FPD Chapter 538

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Everything is Better if You Do It with the Family (2)


“D-Don’t look!” Aunt Sera groaned, however, it was of no use.

It was impossible for Lina not to look.

After all, she was seeing her mother and beloved cousin having sex beside her!

But different from Aunt Sera’s panic, Aunt Dayana smiled playfully.

“So you are awake, little Lina.”

“A-Aunt, w-what is happening?”

“Nothing, my dear. We are just strengthening our relationship as a family.”

“B-But, m-mom and cousin, that…”

Aunt Dayana chuckled and walked towards her niece, hugging her in a tight embrace and patting her head.

“Well, just like you, your mother is also Claus’s woman. Not just her, me as well. We are all the same.”

Lina was stunned. For an instant, she did not know how to react.

All this was too confusing for her.

She looked at me for help, but I just smiled softly and did not reply. I just continued thrusting inside my aunt without stop.

At that moment, I felt my aunt’s vagina clenching tightly my penis. At the same time, I could feel the muscles of her body tensing up.

I knew that she was about to orgasm.

Grunting, I accelerated my movements, until finally, Aunt Sera spasmed as her love juices gushed out of her vagina.

“N-No…!” With a soft cry, Aunt Sera covered her eyes and orgasmed.

I sighed in satisfaction and pulled my penis out of her. Then, I walked towards the still confused Lina.

“What is wrong, little princess?”

“C-Cousin, y-you and mom… And a-aunt as well…”

I sighed softly and patted her head.

“Little princess, are you telling me that you had not noticed it before?”

Lina fell silent and lowered her head.

Certainly, she had already noticed some clues, mainly because I was not trying to hide it.

However, now that she confirmed her suspicions, she did not know how to react.

I smiled and kissed her lips. Then, I lay her on the bed and kissed her neck.


“Relax. It’s alright. Just like Aunt Dayana said, we are strengthening our relationship as a family. Everything is better if you do it with the family.”

“T-That is…”

Before Lina could say anything else, I kissed her on the lips again and hugged her petite body.

Then, I once more positioned my member to attack her.

Lina bit her lips. When she felt the hot and hard thing pressing against her slit, she knew what I was intending.

She glanced at her mother that was beside her, looking towards her with an expression of shame, and bit her lips.

“Hmph! I’m not going to lose against mom!”

Then, she hugged my neck and moved her waist towards my penis.

In the next second, her small cave greeted my hard member.

“C-Cousin…” With a groan, little Lina received my holy sword again. I smiled and started to move my waist, sending my meat stick to her deepest part.

Lina’s face turned red. She groaned and looked at me with wet eyes as she bit her lips.

I looked at her cute expression and kissed her. Then, I accelerated my movements.

This time, I was way faster than the first two times with her. I moved at a fast speed, thrusting inside her and enjoying her little cave.

With each thrust, Lina let out a soft and cute moan. Aware that her mother and aunt were watching, her face turned red from the shame.

At that moment, Aunt Dayana approached me. She hugged my neck as I thrust inside Lina and kissed my lips fiercely.

At the same time, she started to rub her breasts and her lower cave with a seductive expression.

“A-Aunt…” Lina’s face flushed in complete shame and Aunt Sera Was looking at Aunt Dayana with an expression of disbelief.

“W-What are you teaching my daughter!?”

“Nothing nothing. And you, Claus, hurry up. I want it too.”

Seeing Aunt Dayana lick her lips, my excitement surged up.

I pressed Lina’s body fiercely against the bed and attacked her faster than before.

The sudden increase in speed startled Lina. She felt an overwhelming feeling of pleasure run through her spine, making her mind blank.

“C-Cousin, cousin, cousin…!”

Before long, I  noticed that she was close to orgasming again. I chuckled softly and kissed her lips as I hastened my movements.

I guess I should give her another creampie, huh. After all, tonight is her first time.

With that thought, I continued plunging my penis deep inside Lina without stop.

Quickly, a feeling of pleasure built up in my abdomen. My penis became harder and bigger, making Lina let out louder moans.

Finally, her petite body shivered and she cummed!

“Take my seed!”

With a grunt, I gave her four deep thrusts and put my entire load in her small body, filling her womb with my semen.

When I finished, I caressed her cheek and kissed her small lips gently, making Lina smile in embarrassment.

“Lina, I love you.”


“You are so cute…”

“T-That is so embarrassing…”

Smiling, I kissed her lips again, only to feel someone yanking me away from her.

“My dear nephew, you did not forget about me, right?”

I grinned and shook my head.

“Of course not, Aunt.”

Without hesitating, I jumped towards my most beloved Aunt Dayana.

I grabbed her small breasts with an excited expression and rubbed them as I kissed her lips. Soon, our bodies were tangled on the bed as we tried to pleasure each other.

Different from the passive Aunt Sera, and the inexperienced Lina, Aunt Dayana was very proactive. She quickly pressed me against the bed and sat on my waist in the horse-riding position.

Then, she lifted her waist and moved her lower cave until it was over my hard-rock penis.

“My cute nephew, it’s time to reward your beautiful aunt.”

“As my beloved aunt wishes…”

Smiling excitedly, Aunt Dayana sat down, inserting my penis inside her.

“Huuuu…” With a long groan, she looked at me and smiled softly. Then, she started to move her waist up and down.

Aunt Dayana’s movements quickly became very fast. Occasionally, she twisted her waist slightly to the left or the right, tightening her vagina around my penis to give me even greater pleasure.

“Ahhh… Yes… Haaa… Good…”

Watching Aunt Dayana riding me so erotically gave me a great sense of pride. Each one of her moans filled me with excitement.

But before long, Aunt Dayana’s movements started to slow down. Probably because she was becoming tired.

I smiled and grabbed my aunt’s waist. Then, I looked straight into her eyes with a playful smile.

“It looks like you need help, Aunt.”

Putting strength in my waist, I thrust up strongly.

“Ughnn….” Aunt Dayana raised her head with an erotic moan. The hands on my chest fell to the bed as she curved her body back.

Grinning, I thrust up again, and again, and again, inserting my spear inside her vagina deeper with each thrust and enjoying how her body shook each time.

Just like that, Aunt Dayana’s orgasm came. She let out a loud scream and collapsed on the bed.

I sighed in contentment and pulled my penis out, then, I looked at Aunt Sera who was looking at us with an embarrassed look, and at Andrea who woke up after hearing Aunt Dayana’s moans.

Smiling evilly, I walked towards them.

“Should we continue?”

That night, my room was filled with all kinds of lewd sounds.



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