FPD Chapter 539

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Claus Making Breakfast?


I woke up early the next morning.

Aunt Dayana, Aunt Sera, Andrea, and Lina were sprawled around me on the bed. Aunt Dayana was hugging my right arm, Andrea was hugging my left arm, and Lina was lying on top of me.

The only one that did not hug me to sleep was Aunt Sera, who instead fell asleep beside Aunt Dayana.

It was obvious that of the four of them, she is the only one that has not given me her everything yet.

Thinking about it, it’s normal. After all, our relationship until now has been based just on pleasure and nothing more.

Yesterday was a good opportunity to change that, though. If I would have let Aunt Sera’s plan continue, and then rejected her advances normally, most likely I would have gained her trust and love.

Of course, it would have been much less fun that way.

Yeah, I know, I’m scum.

I smiled wryly. I guess I have to find another opportunity to win Aunt Sera’s heart, huh.

Well, there will be a lot of opportunities later. There is no need to hurry up.

After standing up from the bed while being careful of not waking up any of the sleeping beauties, I took a quick bath to clean the smell of sex on my body before leaving the room.

When I left the room, I looked at the kitchen and realized that it was unlikely for Andrea to prepare breakfast today.

Should I prepare it then?

I don’t think Andrea will wake up in a while, and my two aunts are in the same situation. Yeah, most likely, none of them will prepare breakfast today.

… Thinking about it, they will surely be happy if they find I prepared breakfast for them when they wake up.

Yeah, I’ll do it.

Having decided to make breakfast today, I went to the kitchen and started to prepare the ingredients skillfully.

I have said it before, but I’m pretty good at cooking. I mean, after living for so long, you learn many crafts.

But though I’m good at cooking, I don’t like it. I like delicious food, yes, but I don’t like to cook it.

Of course, the few times I cook, I put my entire effort into it to make the best food I can.

Under my skillful hands, breakfast was quickly prepared. It was something simple. A vegetable soup with omelet and home-made bread, plus hot milk.

Thanks to my abilities, a pleasant aroma was spreading through the entire house less than thirty minutes later.

Attracted by the scent of good food, Katherine and Rose left their rooms and walked towards the kitchen.

“What smells so nice?” Katherine asked surprised. But when she realized it was me in the kitchen, she was stunned. “Claus? What are you doing here?”

“Cooking, as you can see.”

Katherine was startled. She looked at my face, then at the delicious-looking breakfast that I was preparing, and then shouted.

“It’s impossible!”

I raised an eyebrow.

“What? Why are you so surprised?”

“I mean, you are a prince! Princes are not supposed to know how to cook! How are you so good!?”

“Yoy are even better than me.” Rose nodded beside Katherine with just as much shock as her. “Claus, you are the most mysterious prince I have ever seen.”

I grinned with a smug expression.

“And the most handsome as well.”

“Shameless!” Katherine snorted. “Why are you cooking? Is anything wrong with Andrea?”

“Nothing. She is just tired.”

“Tired?” Katherine put on a confused expression. But then, her eyes opened wide in realization.

“W-Wait a moment, I thought that last night was little Lina’s turn!”

Oh? So you knew about it as well?

“It was.” I nodded calmly.

“T-Then, does it mean you did it with Andrea at the same time!?”

My expression remained calm.

“I did.”

Katherine took a deep breath and her face turned beet red.


Thank you, thank you.

Chuckling softly, I looked towards Rose who had turned completely red after hearing our conversation.

“Are you interested, my beloved Rose!?”

The hero panicked completely. She hurriedly looked around trying to find a way to change the topic.

“R-Right, I-I can’t see Miss Dayana and Miss Sera either. W-Where are they?”

Immediately, Katherine froze.

“W-Wait, Miss Dayana and Miss Sera usually wake up early, right?”

“I think so…” Rose nodded hesitatingly.


Looking at my smiling face, a bad presentment hit Katherine.

“It can’t be, right…?”

“Oh, it can.”

“K-Katherine?” Confused, Rose looked at the two of us unable to understand what was happening.

But then–


Katherine cried out and created a ball of wind, throwing it towards my face.

Of course, I blocked it easily. But when Rose saw that and heard Katherine’s ‘shameless’, something clicked on her mind.

She then looked at me as though I was some kind of freak.


“Yes, beloved Rose?”

“You are so dirty!”



As much as I wanted to continue teasing Katherine and Rose, today was going to be a busy day, so I could not.

Most likely, the Daemon Army will attack today.

Moreover, the beyond-twelfth-layer reinforcements arrived yesterday, so today’s battle will be incredibly fierce.

Of course, no matter how fierce it is, it’s nothing more than a game for me.

However, it’s will mark the start of several of my plans.

After I finished preparing breakfast, I served seven portions. Three for Katherine, Rose, and me, and four for the cuties in my room.

The nice smell quickly woke up the four naked beauties. And as expected, they were surprised and happy after they learned I prepared breakfast for them.

Even Aunt Sera was happy. So much that she did not refuse my good morning kiss despite her daughters being nearby.

Four good morning kisses and several sweet words later, I left the room.

Just at that moment, the alarm of the fort sounded.

I frowned and looked at the distance. My sight broke the restraints of space, looking directly at the scene outside the fort.

There, countless daemons were advancing bravely towards Fort Mist.

The number of daemons was so big that anyone would be intimidated. In front of such an army, many soldiers were shivering.

Moreover, I could feel several strong presences among the daemons.

Beyond-twelfth-layer daemons.

They are going all out this time, huh.

Just then, Katherine and Rose rushed out of their rooms.

“Claus, the alarm!”

“The daemons are attacking!”

I put on a serious expression and nodded.

“Get ready, it will be a fierce battle this time.”

Seeing my serious expression, Katherine and Rose looked at each other in surprise.

Then, they returned to their rooms to get ready for the battle.

I guess it’s time to start the main show, huh.

I wonder how many people will die here today.



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