FPD Chapter 54

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First Day (2)


“… Big sister, are you still angry with me?” I asked.

Dina hmphed and continued walking forward without looking at me. I could only smile wryly while following after her.

Seeing Dina’s ‘displeased’ face, I could not endure teasing her.

Looking around, I made sure that nobody was nearby and smirked. Then, I took two steps forward and grabbed her hand.

“C-Claus?!” Dina looked at me with a startled gaze. But then, she quickly blushed. “Wh-What are you doing?”

I curved my lips up and wrapped my fingers around her fingers. “Don’t worry, nobody is around.”

Dina’s gaze turned red. She tried to move her hand away, but I held it tightly.

When she realized that I was not going to let go of her hand, she looked around in panic. She finally confirmed that nobody was around and punched my chest softly.

“W-What is it for? It’ll be bad if someone sees us?!”

I stared at Dina’s panicked expression and smiled. “Well, I was concerned because my beloved sister was ignoring me.”

Dina lowered her head embarrassedly. “… It’s your fault.”

I grinned. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just that you are too beautiful. Besides, your lips are pretty sweet.”

Dina raised her face while biting her lips and looked at me with teary eyes. “… Claus, stop.”

I smiled awkwardly and scratched my head. “… I’m sorry, it was a joke.”

Dina heaved a sigh, and a complicated look flashed on her eyes.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“You need to choose an extracurricular activity, right?” Dina replied. “I’m the president of the student council. Just a few days ago, some members left the student council, and we still have two extra slots. What do you think? Are you interested?”

I thought for a brief moment before nodding. “Okay, I’ll join. Actually, I’m not interested in any extracurricular activity, so if I can make use of it to spend time with you, I don’t mind.”

Dina blushed slightly, but in the next second, her expression turned downcast. “Claus, you know we are siblings.”

I looked at Dina a sighed softly. Then, I walked towards her and hugged her from behind.

Dina stiffened briefly before making a bitter smile. She did not try to escape from my hug and simply rested her body against mine.

We stood like that for a while, feeling the heat of our bodies without speaking a word. Finally, I kissed Dina’s hair and smiled. “Big sis, no matter what you chose, I’ll accept it.”

“… Give me a bit more of time. Please, Claus.”

I nodded and released my hug. Dina then put on a complicated expression and looked at me before resuming walking.

I shook my head and followed after her.

A few seconds later, Dina’s usual expression was back. There was no trace of the flustered and pained look she had when I was hugging her.

To be honest, Dina’s feelings towards me could not be described as romantic love. What she felt towards me was absolute trust.

At most, she had a budding seed of love that she herself had not noticed yet.

But after I kissed her a few days ago, things changed completely.

The budding feelings she had before began to sprout. She began to notice that her feelings toward me were different than she thought. Dina realized that her feelings toward me were not normal sibling love.

When Dina realized it, her first reaction was to panic. After all, we were siblings and princes. A relationship beyond siblings would be seen as a great taboo.

Knowing it, she decided to avoid me.

But Dina knew she could not avoid me forever. Eventually, she would have to face her feelings toward me.

So, she strengthened her resolution and decided to stop any hope of a relationship as soon as possible.

When I saw the serious expression Dina had when she met me, I knew what she was thinking.

However, it looks like she underestimated her feelings.

When I grabbed her hand, her resolution crumbled completely.

And when I hugged her, she knew it was impossible for us to return to a normal siblings’ relationship.

But she still needed a bit more of time to make her mind up.

I did not pressure her. Dina is different than aunt Dayana. Even if aunt Dayana had feelings for me, she never would have accepted them. If I don’t push her down, we would have continued being aunt and nephew forever.

But Dina is someone resolute. Once she admitted her feelings and decided to accept them, she will do everything in her power for them.

After walking for another while, we reached the student council’s office.

Dina turned towards me and put on a serious expression. “Claus, try to leave a good first impression. Nobody will disagree to make you a member, but it will be bad if any of them feels unwilling to work with you.”

I nodded.

“Also, wipe that smirk off of your face.”

I put on a startled expression before noticing that Dina was curving her lips up.

Before I could reply to her, she opened the door and entered the office.

I shook my head helplessly and followed after her.

Once inside, I was greeted by a heavenly scene.

Besides Dina, another two beautiful girls were looking towards me.


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