FPD Chapter 540

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Battle of Fort Mist (1)


The daemon army advanced fiercely towards the fort, with hundreds of thousands of soldiers marching uniformly.

This scene was enough to frighten the more light-hearted soldiers, and even the bravest soldiers could not help but feel a bit of fear.

In the middle of the daemon army, several siege weapons were advancing slowly, being pushed by hundreds of soldiers towards the walls of the fort. It was obvious that these siege weapons would become a nightmare for the defending soldiers.

Watching it, I could not help but whistle.

Even as an Immortal, I must say that the sight of hundreds of thousands of soldiers marching forward is very impressive. Moreover, judging from how uniform their march is, it’s obvious that the army’s discipline is very high.

Against this kind of army, it’s just a question of time before the wall falls.

Of course, that is if I’m not here.

At that moment, I heard someone gulping down beside me. I moved my gaze in that direction and saw my green-haired lover looking at the army with a slightly nervous look.

“Katherine, calm down,” I said softly.

Katherine looked at me and nodded, but without the soldiers around us noticing, her right hand grabbed the corner of my coat.

I did not stop her. It’s normal if she is a bit nervous.

Hell, I think that Ysnay and I are the only ones who are not nervous right now.

Just at that moment, the two generals in the fort arrived.

General Liko and General Anson frowned when they saw the sea of daemons. Immediately, General Anson’s expression turned ugly.

“These daemons, are they crazy? They are attacking with their entire army!”

“What is the problem?” I feigned curiosity despite already knowing the answer.

“It’s the first time the daemons go all-out. Even in the fiercest battle until now, they always kept some of their troops in reserve. But now, their entire army is attacking.”

“… Do you mean they are planning to take the fort this time?” General Liko asked.

“Yes.” Nodded General Anson. “However, that is stupid. Although their foot soldiers are much more numerous than us, we have a slight advantage in high-grade powerhouses, and with Miss Ysnay here, that advantage is only greater. It will be useless no matter how many foot soldiers they have unless they have a way to keep us busy.”

“Then the answer is simple.” I sighed and put on a grave look. “It means the daemons are confident about fighting my teacher and you.”

General Anson said nothing, but his grave expression showed he agreed with me.

Just at that moment, someone flew up from the middle of the daemon army and hovered in front of Fort Mist.

“Anson! Come out!”

“The daemon general…” General Anson frowned.

He stared at the powerful daemon in front of him with a suspicious expression. It was obvious that something was wrong about this battle.

However, he did not cower. As the general guarding Fort Mist, he would protect it or die trying.

With a grunt, he kicked the wall and flew up until he was two hundred meters away from the daemon general.

“What do you want?” He asked.

The daemon general smiled and his eyes turned into slits.

“Simple, I want to advise you to surrender.”

“Surrender?” General Anson sneered. “Is it a joke? I will never surrender to your race! I’ll always protect this Fort and the empire! If you want to invade, then I’ll paint the walls of the fort with Daemon Blood!”

The daemon general wrinkled his brows before shaking his head.

“Anson, do you truly think you can continue stopping us? Let me tell you, the reason I’m asking you to surrender is just that I don’t want to waste too much time here. I promise you that if you surrender, you and your men will be treated as war prisoners. But if you continue being stubborn, then I’ll slaughter each one of them!”

“Is it so?” General Anson grinned, his white teeth seemingly becoming red due to the immense killing intent that leaked out of his body. “Then, show me what do you have!?”

With a roar, General Anson’s thrust his spear towards the Daemon General!

The Daemon General snorted and fought back, releasing his powerful fourteenth-layer mana in a sword slash that clashed against General Anson’s spear.

At the same time, two thirteenth-layer powerhouses flew up from the daemon’s army, attacking General Anson from the right and the left simultaneously.

That signaled the start of the battle.

“Daemons, kill!”

With the roar of a daemon commander, countless daemons rushed towards Fort Mist!

The soldiers in the fort clenched their weapons tightly and General Liko spoke up.

“Arrows, ready!”

The soldiers took out their bows when they heard these words. Then, they put an arrow in the bowstring and pulled it at a forty-five-degree angle.

One second later, the arrows were shot killing hundreds of daemon soldiers!

At that moment, an idea appeared on my mind.

I grinned and grabbed a bow from a nearby soldier. Then, I looked at Katherine who was still slightly nervous.

“Hey, do you think you can stop the wind for an instant?”

“H-Huh? W-Well, if I try, I can. But…” Katherine thought for a moment and looked at the sky. “I can only stop the wind in a radius of two kilometers.”

“More than enough. Wait for my signal.”

With a calm look, I pulled the bowstring back and aimed at the daemon general.

Obviously, I can shot down the daemon general even without Katherine’s help, but that would be too shocking so I want to avoid it. With Katherine’s help, though, the achievement will be divided into two people, making it much more credible considering my disguised strength.

Plus, I’m not planning to kill him. I just want to create an opportunity for General Anson. That way, I will force the daemons to hasten their plan.

While aiming at the daemon general, I waited until he was in a perfect spot and opened my mouth.


Instantly, Katherine’s waved her hand.

Mana surged out of her, stopping the wind in two kilometers around us.

It was a powerful spell considering she was just a sixth-layer mage.

Then, I released the bowstring.



Blood spurted out of the daemon general’s right arm.



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