FPD Chapter 541

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Battle of Fort Mist (2)


I did not put much strength in that arrow. Its power was the equivalent to the attack of a tenth-layer practitioner.

But although the arrow was not very powerful, it pierced through a small gap that appeared in the daemon general’s defenses. A gap so small that anyone else would have not noticed it.

Due to that, the arrow managed to hit his right arm.



With a groan of pain, the daemon general’s movements slowed down briefly.

General Anson was not the kind to miss such an opportunity.

“[Blood Sea]!”

Without hesitation, he released his domain.

Killing intent surged out of him, creating a blood sear around him.

For an instant, the movements of the three daemons fighting him slowed down, enlarging the opportunity created by my arrow!

General Anson did not stop there, though. Immediately, his spear turned blood red. Killing intent condensed around it, spinning at high speed and creating a blood-red cloud.


With a roar, his spear pierced towards the neck of the Daemon General.

But then–


A new voice came from the daemon army, and a translucid barrier appeared in front of General Anson’s spear.


It was the Cardinal of the Daemon God Church!

The barrier stopped the spear briefly. But with a metallic sound resounded through the battlefield, it quickly shattered.

It only managed to stop the spear for one second, but it was enough time for the daemon general to recover and retreat!

Genera Anson furrowed his brows, but he did not stop. Instead, he forced his body to release a second spear attack, this time towards the daemon general’s chest!

But just like before, a barrier appeared in the path of his spear, stopping it.

Moreover, the daemon general used this opportunity to slash towards his neck.

General Anson barely evaded the attack, only to realize that two new attacks were coming from his left and right!

The other two thirteenth-layer powerhouses!

They had blocked all his routes of escape!

But when the daemon powerhouses thought they would kill General Anson, a soft sigh came from Fort Mist.


Then, a ray of sword light cut the sky.

Instantly, the four daemon powerhouses paled.

They did not hesitate to use their strongest techniques to block the sword light coming towards them.

But even after that–


All four of them trembled violently after receiving the attack and were forced to retreat several steps.

Meanwhile, Ysnay had appeared at some point beside General Anson, looking at the four daemon powerhouses with an indifferent expression.

“Just four of you?” She shook her head with a disappointed expression. “Too weak.”

… I must admit, Ysnay sure knows how to act cool.

With this, though, the rest of the actors should appear soon.

Right now, the battlefield has entered a burning-hot state. Daemons are charging at the walls recklessly, with their siege weapons and mages trying to take down the walls. At the same time, the human soldiers are unleashing barrage after barrage of arrows while some of them take care of the stronger daemons that managed to climb the wall.

The daemon general furrowed his brows when he saw that. He then looked at the beautiful woman that just appeared with a cautious and fearful look.

The sword attack just now made him understand how powerful she was.

Much more powerful than him!

Even with the four of them joining hands to defend against her attack, they were forced to take several steps back. Furthermore, he could feel that his arms were hurting.

She was too powerful.

Fortunately, they were prepared for her.


Immediately, five powerful auras suddenly appeared.

And before General Anson could react, they unleashed five powerful attacks that flew towards Ysnay!

“Careful!” He cried out, but by then, the attacks had arrived!

However, Ysnay smiled.

And in a voice that only I could hear, she chuckled.

“… I guess I should make the act credible.”

Then, she let out a fierce cry.


A powerful aura emerged from her. Her sword of threads slashed the sky, clashing against the five attacks!


Mana exploded in the sky, creating a blinding ball of light that astonished all the soldiers below.

One second later, a figure was shot out of the ball of light.


It was Ysnay!

Her condition, however, was much worse than before.

Her clothes were messy, and her mana was slightly unstable. At the same time, a trickle of blood was sliding down her lips.

Anyone could see that she was injured by the last attack.

However, the daemon general could not help but let out an astonished cry.

“Impossible! That attack should be able to kill any fifteenth-layer powerhouse!”

He was not the only one surprised. The other daemons powerhouses were looking at Ysnay as though she was a monster.

She had received a sneak attack from five beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses, and one of them was a fifteenth-layer powerhouse just like her, but even so, she survived!

And although she seemed injured, her injuries did not seem grave.

“Bastards!” Ysnay gritted her teeth with an expression of rage. She then looked at the five daemon powerhouses that just appeared and raised her sword angrily. “Die!”

However, the daemon powerhouses reacted just as fast as her.

Seeing that their sneak attack did not work, the five of them charged towards Ysnay fiercely.

At the same time, the other four daemon powerhouses, including the daemon general and the cardinal of the Daemon God Church, charged towards General Anson.

It was nine vs two!

Under such a disadvantageous situation, Ysnay and General Anson quickly fell into a disadvantage.

However, the two of them proved to be incredibly sturdy. Despite their disadvantage, they fought fiercely against the daemon powerhouses, and several times they were close to killing some of them.

I looked at Ysnay’s fight and could not help but let out a sigh of admiration.

Such a good actress.

It definitively looks like she is putting her life on the line just to fight them.


[Hey Willian, what do you think? Was I cool just now?]

The fact that she had time to transmit her voice to my mind and joke with me showed that she was just playing around.

After all, as an Immortal, she could have killed them easily.

The only reason she is not doing that is to cooperate with my plan.

I chuckled and looked at the daemons that were advancing towards us.

Now, let’s make this war as tragic as possible.



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