FPD Chapter 543

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Lina’s Progress


“Miss Lina, you should take Miss Dayana, Miss Sera, and Miss Andrea away. We will cover the rear!” A member of Eternity’s Fangs shouted with a serious expression.

Lina frowned and bit her lips. She looked ahead of her at the daemon that had suddenly appeared with a determined expression.

An eleventh-layer daemon! Compared to Lina and the men of Eternity’s Fangs, whose strongest was just a seventh-layer practitioner, it was an overwhelming difference!

However, Gina gritted her teeth and took a step forward.

“No, I’ll stay. Mom, sister, aunt. You leave.”

“B-But, Lina–”

“I say leave, mom. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be alright.”

Sera bit her lips with an expression of pain. How could she leave her little baby behind?

But at that moment, she felt Dayana pulling her arm.

“Let’s go.”

“B-But Dayana…”

“If we stay, we will only become a hindrance and make the battle more difficult for her. Plus…”

Dayana looked at the daemon walking towards her before shaking her head.

“No, it’s nothing.”

It was better not to reveal that she was sure nothing would happen to Lina.

Because she had the feeling that Claus knew what was happening here, and he would protect her.

However, it was just a feeling; and she could not confirm it.

Regardless, she for some reason was certain that Claus would save them if they were in danger.

Unaware of the thoughts of her younger sister, Sera bit her lips and nodded reluctantly. Then, Dayana, Sera, and Andrea ran away.

Watching them leave, the daemon powerhouse chuckled.

“Do you truly think you can escape?”

With a grin, he stomped the ground. Then, his body flew towards the three women.

But suddenly–


A sword appeared in front of him, forcing him to use his sword to block.

It was the sword of one of the members of Eternity’s Fangs.

However, he was just a sixth layer practitioner. Facing the charge of an eleventh-layer daemon, he was inevitably flung away.

The daemon frowned and gathered mana in his sword, preparing a flying slash to finish the man.

But at that moment, he felt another attack coming from his right!

It was another one of Eternity’s Fangs’ members! He was charging with a spear filled with powerful mana.

The daemon wrinkled his brows and avoided the attack. However, that meant he lost the opportunity to finish the first man.

However, he did not care. Immediately changing his movements, he aimed this time to sever the second attacker’s waist.

But then, he felt another attack coming from behind him.

Surprised, the daemon blocked it only to feel two more attacks coming from his two sides, plus a magic spell coming towards him.


The daemon was astonished.

He could feel that none of the enemies was very powerful.

The strongest was just a seventh-layer practitioner, and the weakest was in the fifth layer.

However, their coordination and teamwork were amazing.

Every time he tried to kill someone, another person attacked, forcing him to avoid or block the attack.

Even though he was much stronger than them, he did not dare to take their attacks with his body. After all, he had not reached the level where he could ignore their attacks.

The daemon frowned. The fact that he was being stalled by a group of weaklings made him furious.

“Die then!”

With an ice-cold voice, he gathered mana in his sword and released it around him.

Sword technique, [Cutting Vortex]!

It was a technique that created a vortex of sword energy around the user and attacked all the enemies in the surroundings!

The technique was very effective. In an instant, several of Eternity’s Fangs’ men were gravely injured.

However, at the moment when the technique finished, he saw someone flying towards him.


With a sharp cry, a petite girl brandished a sword towards his head.

“Little girl! Who do you think you are!?”

Roaring, the daemon raised his sword to stop the attack. But at that moment, his expression changed.

Because all of sudden, the sword of the girl was filled with sparks.



An explosion occurred as soon as the two swords clashed.

“Shit!” The daemon cursed in panic. He gathered mana around his body in a hurried attempt to protect himself.

However, he could feel his skin burning despite that. The attack of the girl had injured him!

It was the effect of Lina’s Laws of Combustion.

She had acquired them when the church tried to kill her and Claus saved her. Then, under Claus’s guidance, she had been training them in the Red Skull Gang.

Just like Claus expected, the laws turned Lina into an unprecedented genius. Her cultivation rose quickly, and just this morning, she reached the sixth layer!

A fifteen-year-old fifth layer practitioner. Just the thought of that was enough to stun anyone in the empire.

Furthermore, if she used her laws of combustion in battle, her battle power was much stronger. She could barely fight against a ninth-layer practitioner!

That was the reason she became the captain of this team despite not having the highest cultivation!

And right now, this daemon was experienced it.

However, he was experienced. After recovering from the explosion, he bellowed angrily and let loose his mana, creating a shockwave that caused Lina to stagger.

At the same time, his sword pierced through the air, piercing towards her neck.

But then–


A shield appeared in front of the daemon, stopping his attack.

The person behind the shield, another one of Eternity’s Fangs’ men, was sent flying away unconscious, however, it allowed Lina to recover her posture and attack again, this time towards the daemon’s chest.

Unfortunately, the daemon had turned cautious after her last attack. He twisted his body to evade Lina’s sword as his sword slithered towards Lina’s neck.

But once more, another person appeared in the path of his sword, blocking it, and allowing Lina to counterattack again!

The daemon was stunned.

‘These guys…!’

He could not understand how these guys could stop him always.

They were just sixth and seventh layer practitioners, but they could stop the attacks of an eleventh-layer powerhouse!


However, he did not know that these men had been trained by Claus in extreme environments.

Many times, they had to face enemies much stronger than them.

And during these times, there was only a way to kill them.


The weakest ones sacrificed themselves to block and hinder the enemy’s movements and at the same time give their companions a chance to attack.

Just like now.

Once and again, the men of Eternity’s Fangs blocked and hindered the daemon’s attacks while Lina focused only on attacking him.

She did not pay attention to her defense. She knew that her only chance was to land a blow.

Just a blow! With her laws of combustion, that was more than enough to finish this battle!

However, fighting an eleventh-layer practitioner was very hard. Despite their best attempts, the men of Eternity’s Fangs were falling one after another.

Moreover, Lina had not managed to land even one attack!

The daemon was smart. At some point, he had focused only on evading her attacks while he defeated the men that charged towards him.

“Dammit!” Lina bit her lips anxiously. At this rate, they would be wiped out.

But at that moment, she saw a man of Eternity’s Fang looking at her.

Then, he smiled and charged towards the daemon.

Lina was stunned. But immediately, she realized the man’s goal.



Roaring, the laws inside her body exploded, and her mana erupted powerfully!

For an instant, her strength increased crazily, reaching the next level.

At that moment, the heart of the man that smiled at her was pierced by the daemon’s sword.

But when the daemon tried to pull his sword out, he realized that the man was grabbing his arm and smiling at him.


That was the last thing the daemon managed to say.

Because in the next instant, an explosion occurred where Lina was.

And before he could react, a sword was piercing his chest.

With tears in her eyes, Lina put all her mana in that attack.


And the body of the daemon exploded into pieces.



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