FPD Chapter 546

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The End of the Battle (2)



The overwhelming sword intent coming from Ysnay shocked humans and daemons alike. For an instant, the entire battlefield froze.

Meanwhile, the five daemon powerhouses facing Ysnay turned pale.

“She used a secret technique in exchange for strength!”

“Dammit! Be careful!”


“Where do you think you are going!?” Ysnay bellowed, acting perfectly her paper as a heroic and fierce swordswoman. “Die for me!”

Immediately, her sword descended.

In an instant, all the sword intent that had spread in the surroundings seemed to gather around her sword, finally turning into a sword slash that chased after the daemon powerhouses.

Then, the sword slash turned into nine strands of sword energy, each one going after an enemy powerhouse.

“Bastard!” The daemon general’s face turned ugly. Facing that sword slash, he did not hesitate to stop his attack towards General Anson and use his sword to defend himself.

Even though his sword was just a few centimeters from General Anson’s forehead, he had the feeling that if he continued his attack, he would be killed by Ysnay’s sword slash!

The next instant–


Ysnay’s sword slash hit the nine daemon powerhouses.





Groans of pain and surprise came from the daemon powerhouses.

Even though Ysnay’s technique had been divided into nine, they barely managed to stop it.

“Dammit, what kind of monster is her!?”

“It’s a secret technique!” The cardinal replied to the Daemon General with an unsightly expression. “We just need to endure until the technique ends and the side effects will leave her weakened!”

Before the daemon general could answer, Ysnay raised her sword again.

The expressions of the daemon powerhouses changed. Without hesitation, they got ready to defend.





Once more, they barely stopped her attack.

Moreover, one of the daemons received a grave injury. His right arm was almost severed!

Ysnay did not give them time to rest. Once more, she raised her sword as her sword intent gathered around it.


With an ice-cold voice, her sword slashed down, turning into nine strands of sword energy that attacked the nine daemon powerhouses simultaneously.

To the daemon powerhouses’ surprise, they noticed that this attack seemed stronger than the last!

“This girl…!”

With an ugly expression, the daemon general received the attack and staggered three steps back.

But at that moment, he heard a cry of pain coming from one of his comrades.

When he looked in the direction of the cry of pain, he saw General Anson piercing one of the thirteenth-layer daemons’ abdomen with his spear.

“Bastard…!” The daemon general cursed enraged and forced himself to release an attack towards General Anson to stop him from killing his companion.

General Anson hurriedly retreated. He had been gravely injured before, so he did not dare to receive the daemon general’s attack.

But at that moment, another attack came from Ysnay.

And this time, the daemon general’s previous attack left him ill-prepared to defend against Ysnay’s sword slash.

“Stop dreaming!!!” With an ashen face, the daemon general roared and released as much mana as he could to defend against this attack.

However, the overwhelming sword intent slashed apart his defenses, piercing his mana and arriving before him.



A long wound appeared on his chest.

The daemon general turned pale. He would have died if the injury was a bit deeper!

But he then saw Ysnay raising her sword again, and his expression could not help but turn to one of fear.

“Retreat! If we continued like this, at least half of us will die!”

None of the daemon powerhouses protested against his decision. In fact, they were just as afraid of Ysnay as him.

Facing Ysnay’s overwhelming attacks, they were almost unable to resist.

Moreover, there was still General Anson, waiting around for an opportunity to kill them.

At this rate, at least half of them would die even if they managed to kill the pair.

“Retreat! We will attack again tomorrow! By then, the side-effects of the technique she used will make it much easier to kill her!”

No hesitating anymore, the daemon powerhouses turned around and flew away.

Ysnay laughed. With a heroic expression, she released one last sword slash that chased after them.

Then, she looked down at the daemon army outside the fort coldly.

When the daemon commanders felt her gaze, their backs turned chilly.

“Dammit, retreat!”


“We need to retreat!”

With the sound of the battle drums indicating the order to retreat, the daemon army withdrew.

Seeing that, Ysnay snorted coldly and turned around to return to the fort.

Behind her, General Anson looked at her with a complicated expression and followed after her.

Just like that, the battle had finally come to an end.



With the daemons retreating, the soldiers celebrated happily, and cheers filled the walls.

However, Rose and Katherine beside me had complicated expressions.

“Claus, your teacher…” Katherine asked with a worried expression. “Is she alright?”

I sighed and shook my head, not answering.

Then, I looked towards General Anson.

Coincidentally, General Anson was looking towards me as well.

When our gazes met, he furrowed his brows and looked away.

“Throw the bodies outside the wall and use magic to burn them. We don’t want an epidemy in the Fort. After that, you should rest well. Tomorrow’s battle will be even harder.”

“Tomorrow battle?” A soldier asked gloomily.

General Liko nodded with a grave expression.

“Yes… I fear that this fort will not endure much longer.”

With these words, General Liko left the wall.

Before leaving, though, he looked at me again.

“Prince Claus, I need to talk with you later about why you left your post during battle.”

In his indifferent expression, I could see an intense killing intent.



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