FPD Chapter 55

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First Day (3)


Besides Dina, another two beautiful girls were looking towards me.

Moreover, I recognized one of them.

It was my redhaired cousin that I met a few days ago, Andrea.

If I’m not wrong, today is also her first day in the academy. I can’t believe that Dina already invited her to the student council.

“Andrea?” I asked surprised.

Andrea blushed slightly. “Hello, cousin.”

Dina looked at the two of us with a suspicious expression. She then secretly pinched my waist while smiling brightly.

I smiled amused. Damn, how can your instincts to be so sharp? It was just a kiss.

Trying my best to not change my expression, I looked at the remaining girl in the office and opened my lips.

“She is…”

“Allow me to introduce you to the current members of the student council. As you know, I’m the president. You also know Andrea. I invited her to replace one of the upperclassmen that left. She is actually working as a secretary.

“The petite girl is Iris. She was the former secretary, but now that the upperclassmen left, she will be the vice-president.”

I nodded and looked at Iris. Iris was a very beautiful girl. Her violet-colored hair and brown eyes gave her an exotic type of beauty. Her body was very petite, and her expression was shy. She met my eyes briefly before lowering her gaze embarrassedly.

I wondered where I met her before. I’m sure it’s not the first time I meet her.

I looked at Dina with a doubtful expression but she ignored my gaze and continued speaking nonchalantly.

“As for you, Claus, you will be the treasurer. I remember you are pretty good with numbers, so you surely will not have any problem.”

I smiled wryly and nodded.

“Are we all the members of the student council?” I asked.

Dina nodded. “We still need another secretary, but I have not found anyone suitable yet.”

I pondered for a moment before speaking. “What do you think about Daisy? I’m sure she will be happy to be of help.”

Dina put on a surprised expression for a moment before nodding. “Right, I forgot that Daisy entered the institute with you. By the way, Claus, you and Daisy sure are close, huh?” Dina narrowed her eyes and stared at me suspiciously.

I laughed awkwardly and looked away. C’mon sister, why I never noticed you were so jealous.

Dina continued staring at me before sighing. “Anyway, I’ll explain to you the work of the student council.”

Sister Dina then began to speak about what the work of the student council implies. To summarize, it mostly is to help with the institute affairs and activities, pass information to the students, and inspect the school’s grounds.

Also, we have to mediate in the students’ problems and supervise the extracurricular activities. If it is necessary, we have to cooperate with the students’ guards committee to stop fights between students from happening.

I heard Dina’s words half-heartedly. I guess I’ll have to find a way to skip the student council’s work.

While I was lost in my thoughts, Dina finished explaining everything.

“Is there something you don’t understand?” She asked.

I shook my head. Dina looked at me briefly before nodding. “Okay. Don’t worry Claus, I’m sure you will like the work in the student council. After all, you will have four beauties for yourself.”

Andrea and Iris blushed, and Dina’s gaze narrowed again. I could only smile wryly seeing my sister’s jealous side.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Dina tilted her head and went to open the door. We looked towards the door curiously.

When Dina opened the door, another familiar face was there.

It was Katherine. I did not think I would meet her again so soon.

Katherine was also a bit surprised after seeing me. She instantly wrinkled her brows and looked at Dina with a questioning expression.

“He is my brother, Claus. he just became a member of the student council.”

Katherine’s frown deepened, but she did not question my sister’s decision. Instead, she spoke about the reason she came.

“Some students organized a party tonight, but unfortunately most of the members of the committee are not on the school grounds currently. I wanted to ask you if the members of the student council can help us to make sure that nothing bad happens tonight.”

“Oh? How many people you need?”

“Just one or two will be enough…”

Dina fell deep into thought and looked at us. She then nodded to herself and looked at Katherine. “Okay. Claus and Andrea will accompany you. They are new members of the student council, so it will be good if they start to familiarize themselves with the work.”

Katherine frowned when she heard my name, but in the end, she agreed. “Okay, tell them to be ready at 6:00 pm.”

Dina nodded in understating. Katherine then told some other things to sister Dina before leaving.

Once she was gone, I looked at Dina with a helpless expression. “Hey big sis, I think miss Katherine has a bad impression of me.”

Dina giggled briefly. “Don’t worry, Kathe is a bit cold and prejudiced against nobles, but she is a good girl. I’m sure she will soon realize that you are not as most nobles and change her attitude accordingly.”

I sighed heavily and shook my head. “I hope so.”

Dina then looked at Andrea. “You already heard the situation. Think of today’s party as an opportunity to observe the other students. Claus, take care of Andrea tonight and made sure that nothing happens to her. Do you understand?”

I nodded confidently. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.”

Andrea blushed and looked at me with an embarrassed expression.


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