FPD Chapter 551

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I, The Immortal Soul (2)


“I, [The Immortal Soul Wandering Through Eternity], with the Universe’s Laws as the withness, declare today.

“From today onward, we will be one, and our souls will not be separated ever again!”

My voice resounded throughout the world.

The earth trembled, and the weather changed. Every powerhouse in the world felt a frightening pressure caused by the attention of the Universe’s Laws.

Beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses and gods panicked. They hurriedly tried to find the source of this shocking situation!

However, their strength was not enough to find the reason behind this frightening pressure!

But even if the gods could not understand what was happening, they did.

The Immortals.

In Fort Mist, a beautiful black-haired woman raised her face and looked towards the capital. Then, with a complicated expression, she overwrote her fate, disappearing from Fort Mist and appearing in the sky over the church as result.

In a cliff in the elven lands, a chained fox girl narrowed her blood-red eyes and looked in the direction of the capital in surprise. She then tried to break space to arrive where her dad was, but the chains stopped her no matter how much she struggled.

In the sealed world tree, a beautiful elf with a multicolored jewel on her forehead and emerald-green eyes put on an expression of astonishment. Then, she distorted space-time and teleported beside Ysnay.

And in the daemon empire, a young man opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the empire, his gaze piercing through space itself.

“That magic circle… Interesting, how interesting. Is it what you want to achieve in this world? Hahahaha, you are crazy! But I was not expecting less from an Immortal!”

Right now, though, I knew nothing of that.

My entire focus was on the magic array in front of me.

The blood-colored array emitted an ominous glow. It was as though it wanted to swallow all the souls nearby.

I did not allow it, though. With a thought, the array froze.

Then, I looked at Safelia.

“Are you sure you are ready?” I asked with a serious look.

I knew how dangerous this was. It was much more dangerous than when I did the contract with Raven.

The contract back then was much simpler than what I’m trying to do now. Even I am not sure if it will be successful.

In fact, this contract has been ready for a while, but I have not used it because I’m not certain of its effects.

There is a small probability that Safelia will die in the process.

However, I can’t continue delaying it.

Without testing the technique, I will find it hard to improve it further.

Plus, I don’t know when that immortal will make his move, and Ysnay should be making her move soon as well.

Hence, I must hurry up.

Thus, when I talked with Katherine this afternoon, I made up my mind.

But I had to choose carefully the first person on who I should use the technique.

Raven was the best option. We have a contract in place already, so there is almost no risk if I use this technique on her. }

However, Raven is very important if I want to achieve my dream. I don’t dare to risk her life even if the possibility of her death is very small.

Thus, I chose the second-best option.


There is already a master-servant contract between us, so her soul should be relatively familiar with mine. With a bit of luck, everything will go alright.

When Safelia heard my question, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes with a determined expression.

“Do it.” She said.

Without hesitating anymore, I activated the magic array.

Then, a powerful bloody light exploded around us!

Safelia trembled in fear. Suddenly, she felt her entire body losing strength.

A powerful pulling force attacked her. However, the pulling force was not directed towards her body, but towards her soul!

Instinctively, Safelia tried to resist it, but the strength of her soul could not go against the magic array. No matter how much she struggled, it was useless.

Before long, her soul left her body and flew towards the magic array.

It was my turn after that.

Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes. Then, my soul left my body as well.

Safelia’s soul was intangible, as though it could disappear at any moment. In comparison, my soul looked like a small marble. A beautiful and transparent spherical marble with a hair-sized crack on it.

The crack was much smaller than before, though. Even if it had not completely healed yet, it was close.

Soon, my soul was floating beside the magic array as well. The two souls stood one across the other, with the magic array between them.

Right at that moment, I spoke up.


The magic array obeyed my words. Instantly, it grew in size, swallowing Safelia’s soul completely!

Immediately after that, it moved towards my soul, attempting to fuse the two souls together.

Yes, I was not planning to make a contract this time. I was planning to fuse our souls!

That was the method I found to share my Immortality.

Safelia’s soul shook. Even though it could not speak, the fear it was feeling was impossible to hide.

It trembled, raged, and struggled, refusing to fuse with me.

I did not hesitate to strengthen the magic circle, stopping her struggle completely. Then, I roared and released as much soul power as I could.

Finally, our souls touched, and they started to fuse smoothly.

I laughed in delight. It was successful!

But then–


A terrifying power appeared, pressuring the entire world and attacking our souls!

In Fort Mist, the hero trembled in fear, unable to understand what was happening; at the same time, the seer paled, fate becoming muddy for an instant.

Gods used their power to hide, afraid of facing this terrifying pressure; and even the Immortals frowned, wary of pressure attacking us.

It was the anger of the Universe’s Laws. Punishment towards the fools that dared to violate them.

However, I just snorted. It was my second time facing the punishment of the Universe’s Laws, and I was not planning to be injured this time.

With a thought, my soul lit up, burning fiercely like a torch in the darkness. Then terrifying energy erupted from it, clashing against the Universe’s Laws.

At the same time, I used a bit of that energy to protect our souls and stop them from suffering any harm.


The world roared again. It seemed angry by the fact that we were resisting it.

More and more power attacked us without stopping, trying to annihilate our souls. But I burned even more of my soul in answer, using it as fuel to create a powerful barrier to defend against the Universe’s punishment.

Meanwhile, our fusion continued. Each second, more of Safelia’s soul became my soul, and her soul became smaller and smaller.

But even though our souls were fusing, I was careful to keep Safelia’s ‘awareness’, her consciousness, untouched.

I wanted to make her immortal like me, not to devour her.

Finally, our souls were fused completely.

And that was when something went wrong.

All of sudden, I felt the attack of the Universe’s Laws stopping.

Startled, I tried to find the reason.

But then, I noticed.

Safelia’s ‘awareness’ was disappearing.

Her soul was being devoured by mine.



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