FPD Chapter 552

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Sharing Immortality


The most important element of any living being is the ‘soul’.

Many civilizations define living beings differently according to their knowledge. However, when someone reaches my level, they realize that anything can be alive as long as it has a soul.

A rock, a weapon, and even flames. If a soul inhabits it, then it means it’s alive.

And to achieve Immortality, it’s necessary to Immortalize the soul.

Unfortunately, achieving something like that is extremely hard. Only a handful of people manage to succeed.

Like me.

My way to Immortality is called [Immortal Soul]. I’m able to strengthen my soul endlessly, making it tougher and tougher to the point that its natural process of entropy is completely stopped.

Due to that, my soul does not dissipate with time as other souls, who start to dissipate after reaching the end of their lifespan, finally turning into pure soul energy.

Now, how can I share my Immortality with other people?

It’s impossible to teach my way to Immortality to others. Each soul is completely different from other souls, and the laws they are suitable for are not the same.

Even if I try to teach someone my way to Immortality, the most likely possibility is that they will be unable to make any progress; and in the worst of the cases, they can die.

But even if I can’t teach others how to become Immortal, perhaps I can make them Immortal directly.

The result is this technique.

My soul is innately Immortal. Thus, if I fuse another soul with mine, it will become immortal as well.

After that, I only need to separate the fragment of soul representing ‘Safelia’ from my soul and return it to her body. That way, her soul will turn into a dependent of my soul and she will keep her own awareness while sharing my Immortality.

The problem is that each soul is ‘individual’.

[Individuality of Souls] is one of the Universe’s Laws. Each soul can have only one ‘consciousness’.

That is one of the reasons the Universe’s Laws tried to punish me when Safelia’s soul started to fuse with mine.

I was attempting to create a soul with two ‘consciousness’!

I was going against the Universe’s Laws.

And I was about to be successful.

Unfortunately, something went wrong.

Safelia’s soul was incredibly small and fragile. If my soul was like an ocean, Safelia’s soul was like a drop of water.

Then, what would happen if a drop of water falls into the ocean?

It becomes a part of the ocean. It’s assimilated, turning salty like the rest of the ocean.

That was what was happening to Safelia now. Her soul was too small compared to my soul; thus, it was being assimilated by mine.

I hurriedly tried to stop it, controlling my soul to stop ‘assimilating’ Safelia’s soul; but even like that, her soul continued being absorbed!

Certainly, her soul was gaining the properties of my immortal soul, but at the same time, she was ceasing to be ‘Safelia’ and becoming ‘me’.

“Dammit!” I cursed and tried to think of a solution, but even after several minutes, I failed.

Moreover, because Safelia’s soul had already started to fuse with mine, the process was irreversible. Even if I separated her soul from mine right now, she would slowly lose her sense of self, disappearing from this world.

I could feel ‘Safelia’ trembling in fear. Her soul pulsed in despair and panic, trying to stop the process of assimilation.

But when even I could not stop it, there was no way she could do it.

At this rate, her soul would be completely assimilated in one day.

“You failed.” I heard a voice coming from behind me at that moment.

Turning around, I saw Ysnay looking at me with a complicated expression. Beside her, the [Queen of Timeless Distortions] was observing the fusion of the two souls with a curious expression.

Even though I did not want to agree with Ysnay, I could only admit it.

“Yeah, it looks it did not succeed.” A sigh escaped from my lips.

Looking at the soulless body of Safelia, I felt a bitter taste in my mouth.

She risked her life to help me, but her soul will disappear, and I can do nothing to stop it.

“Your idea was good.” The [Queen of Timeless Distortion] spoke up at that moment. “Fusing a soul with yours to share your Way to Immortality, but at the same time, keeping both souls’ individuality. To be honest, even I’m impressed by this idea… I don’t think someone else can do something like this but you, Immortal Soul.”

“I failed though.” I smiled self-deprecatingly. “It looks like I still need to perfect it.”

The [Queen] nodded. But then, she looked at me with an impish smile.

“Actually, maybe I can help you.”


The [Queen] chuckled and waved her hand. Immediately, a projection of the World Tree appeared. Then, that projection extended, showing each one of the characteristics of the tree.

Including a very special one.

Soul Replacement.

This property made the soul of the World Tree very fragile, allowing another soul to devour it easily.

I then remembered the elf god inhabiting the World Tree. He had taken over the body of the tree, using it as a container for his soul.

Back then, I remember I thought it was a clever method. But it looks like the reason he was successful was due to this characteristic of the World Tree.

I immediately understood the Queen’s intentions.

“I see… If I use this technique on myself, then Safelia’s soul should be able to slowly devour my soul and counter the process of assimilation.”

If I use it well, then the rate of her soul being assimilated and the rate of she devouring my soul would reach an equilibrium, effectively resolving the current situation.


“What do you want in exchange?”

There is no way the [Queen] is helping me without second intentions.

Immortals are not that kind.

And just as I expected, the [Queen] smiled.

“Nothing now. You will just owe me a favor.”

I raised an eyebrow.


I remember she asked for a favor as well in our last deal.

What in the hell is she planning? Why is she asking for so many favors?

Ignoring the expression of suspicion on my face, the [Queen] continued smiling.

“Yes, but this favor will be a bit different than the last. Last time there were some conditions to the favor, but this time you will have to help me once unconditionally, no matter how difficult it is.”

I narrowed my eyes.

“What in the hell are you planning, [Queen]?”

“Who knows? Then, do you accept the deal or not?”

I closed my eyes for a moment before sighing.

“Okay. I accept.”

Actually, I’m confident in creating a similar technique with enough time.

But I don’t know how much it will take me.

Perhaps one year? Perhaps ten?

Perhaps one hundred?

I don’t have that kind of time.

Plus, I promised Safelia that I would do my best to keep her safe, and I don’t like to break my promises.

With a sly smile, the [Queen] extended her finger and touched my forehead.

Immediately, the details of the technique appeared on my mind.

I learned the technique as quickly as possible and made a few modifications to it. Then, I executed it.

A few minutes later, a very small part of my soul turned fragile.

At the same time, I sent a message to Safelia’s soul.


Perhaps due to the fear she was feeling and her will to survive, she understood my intention immediately and started to devour my soul.

Immediately, her soul grew a bit, only to be assimilated once more.

Before long, the rate of her soul growing and being assimilated reached an equilibrium.

And one hour later, her soul had become Immortal.



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