FPD Chapter 554

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I Don’t Think That We Are Going to Die, General


Immortals are cold. After living for so many years, they stop caring about the life and death of mortals.

Immortals are lonely. Due to their strength, they find it hard to see mortals as equal, and due to the same strength, they are always wary around other Immortals.

Immortals are stubborn. Once they decide on an objective, almost nothing can make them stop.

Thus, even when I knew how difficult the [Queen]’s goal was, I did not try to stop her.

And the [Queen] was not expecting it from me either. We were just two people with different goals that made a deal.

She wanted only one thing from me. For me to keep my promise.

“How troublesome…” I said with a wry smile.

However, when I saw the ice-cold face of the elf Immortal, I sighed and shrugged.

“Okay okay. Don’t worry, I know how to repay my favors. You helped me to complete my goal. Thus, when the time comes, I don’t mind helping you to complete yours.”

The [Queen] stared at me for several seconds before nodding.

“Thank you.”

She then turned around and took a step forward, space and time distorting around her as she teleported thousands of kilometers away.

I shook my head with a wry smile.

“As expected, making a deal with an Immortal is not a good thing.”

I glanced at Safelia one last time before stepping across space and returning to Fort Mist.

I did no need to worry about Safelia. Even though her soul was briefly assimilated by mine, it was not enough to damage her. She should wake up normally after seven or eight hours once her condition stabilizes.

By then, she will notice the changes in her body.

I wonder how she is going to react.

Anyway, the project [Sharing Immortality] can be considered a success.

Well, I still need to improve some things. For example, I need to stabilize the rate of growth and assimilation to avoid something like Safelia’s situation happening again.

The consumption of energy is another problem. The energy I consumed during the entire process is equivalent to the mana of several thousands of fifteenth-layer powerhouses.

Well, that is not much of a problem. My soul can keep with that consumption of energy even if it lasts one thousand years more.

The next problem is a bit more complicated, though.

Right now, the number of times I can use this technique is limited.

My soul is still injured, and the process of fusing it with Safelia’s soul and then separating the two souls again was a bit burdensome on it.

I think the current me can do it one or two times more before having to rest for a few days.

That is good for now, though. I should use it on Katherine next, and then, perhaps I’ll use it on Raven.

Daisy, Louise, and Aunt Dayana are also a good option. I should use it on them after I recover.

When I returned to the house in Fort Mist, I found Aunt Dayana seated on a sofa in the living room.

As soon as she saw me, she raised an eyebrow.

“Claus? You look in a good mood.”

“Oh? Is it that obvious?”

“… It is. How strange. I have never seen you in such a good mood before. Did something good happen?”

I smiled mysteriously and put a finger on my lips.

“It’s a secret.”

Aunt Dayana rolled her eyes.

“Acting so mysterious…”

Chuckling, I walked towards my aunt and planted a kiss on her lips. Aunt Dayana smiled gently and kissed me back.

Soon, we were making out on the sofa.

But at that moment, a cough came from behind us.

“Claus, did you forget that General Liko and his army is leaving right now?”

I looked back and Katherine and rolled my eyes.

Do you think I did not notice the slight jealously in your eyes?

Aunt Dayana giggled and patted my shoulder.

“Boy, go and play with your girlfriend. We can talk later.”

“Okay, Aunt. We will ‘talk’ later.” I smirked and kissed my aunt one last time before walking towards Katherine.

Then, I grabbed her hand and smiled at her.

“Come on, let’s watch what General Liko is doing.”

When we arrived at the rear walls of Fort Mist, the army had already started to evacuate.

Rose, Andrea, Lina, and General Anson were standing on the wall, looking towards the army with heavy expressions.

Their ice-cold gazes were fixed on the place where General Liko was standing.

General Anson greeted me as soon as he saw me.

“Prince, you are here.”

“How is the situation?”

“As you can see, the army already started to retreat.”

I looked at the soldiers leaving the fort and nodded.

Practically the entire army that came to reinforce Fort Mist left. The only ones that stayed were my group and the soldiers that died during the previous battles.

Surprisingly, none of the men of General Anson left. Each one of them stayed in the Fort loyally, ready to follow their General to the death.

However, many soldiers had died during the last few battles, so only a little over seven hundred people remained in the Fort, including the men of Eternity’s Fangs.

In comparison to the troops of the daemons, our numbers are insignificant.

Half an hour later, all the soldiers of General Liko had left Fort Mist.

Before leaving, General Liko looked one last time toward us. He then nodded with a smile and kicked the belly of his horse, urging it to go forward.

“He is a bastard.” General Anson sneered coldly. “You don’t need to worry, Prince Claus. I promise that I will make him pay personally for his wrongdoings. Your blood will be avenged.”

I was speechless. Hey, man, why are you speaking as though I’m already dead?

Seeing that I did not answer, General Anson sighed and patted my shoulder.

“Prince Claus, you are someone worthy of my admiration. Someone like you would have been a great emperor.”

I blinked. Wait a moment, perhaps…

“I don’t want to be the emperor, General. You can support my sister instead. She has the makings of a great Empress. I’m sure that someone like her will bring the empire to greater heights.”

The general was stunned before laughing boisterously.

“Hahahaha, if you say so, then my men and I will support your sister!”

“It’s a promise then, general.”

The general chuckled. “It’s a shame we will be unable to see the day she becomes the empress. Sigh, I never expected my death would come so soon.”

I looked at the General with a strange expression.

“About that. There is something I did not tell you, General.”


“You see, I don’t think we are going to die.”

The general was stunned. He then looked at me with a confused expression.

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, it’s complicated to explain. However, what if my master is not injured and she was just feigning it?”

The general stiffened. Meanwhile, Katherine, Rose, Andrea, and Lina looked at me with eyes opened wide.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, what are you talking about, boy?”

I chuckled and put on a playful expression.

“Why don’t you listen to my plan first, General?”



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