FPD Chapter 555

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The Second Dependent (1)


Five minutes later, General Anson and his direct subordinates, plus Aunt Dayana, Aunt Sera, and the other girls, were in my house listening to my plan.

“In other words, everything was an act.” The general looked at me with a strange expression.

I nodded. “It was. Ysnay is very strong. There is no way she will be pressured by just five weaklings.”

The general looked at me speechless.

Weaklings? They were three beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses, including a daemon in the fifteenth layer!

If they were weaklings, then what about him!?

“I don’t understand, Prince. Why did you do this? If your teacher would have shown her true power during the last battle, we could have dealt a heavy blow to the daemons.”

“Is it not obvious? I wanted to get rid of General Liko. I don’t like to have someone plotting about how to kill me around me.”

General Anson put on a pensive expression and sighed.

“I see… But even with your teacher’s help, the lack of low-tier soldiers will make it hard to defend the fortress.”

“That is right, so I’m not planning to defend it.”


I put on a sly smile.

“I’m planning to use it as bait. Hehe, these daemons are destined to suffer this time.”

I then started to tell them about my plans.

When I finished, the people in the tent were looking at me as though I was a monster.

“Is that possible?” Aunt Dayana could not help but ask.

“It is. I guarantee it.”

“Then…” General Anson frowned. “You are right, it’s a good plan. However, we are still at a disadvantage in the number of top-tier practitioners. Even if your teacher’s strength is greater than what she has shown, there are nine daemon powerhouses. If they decide to escape in different directions, we will only be able to kill one or two.”

… Actually, Ysany can kill them all for herself.

I smiled wryly and looked at General Anson.

“Don’t worry, General. I guarantee that at least six daemon powerhouses will die tomorrow.”

“Really?” The daemon general was startled, but he decided to trust my words.

Anyway, the other option was to defend until the Fort falls. It was not very hard to see what option was better.

“Very well, we will go with your plan.”

“Perfect. Let’s start with the preparations immediately.”

The general nodded and started to give orders to his subordinates to prepare for the plan.

At the same time, Aunt Dayana and Aunt Sera went to prepare the things that we needed, Lina went to organize the men of Eternity’s Fangs, and Andrea went to prepare something to eat.

If we were going to follow my plan, then we needed to hurry up. After all, it was already night, and it was likely that the daemons would attack early in the morning, or perhaps even at dawn.

We needed to have everything ready by then.

I was not worried, though. I was confident that everything would be fine.

But although I was confident, someone else was very nervous right now.

“C-Claus, were you serious?”

“Of course.” I nodded to Katherine and stroke her beautiful green hair. “Why, you don’t like the plan?”

Katherine looked at me fixedly and her expression quickly turned into one of panic.

“A-Are you crazy? You told the general that I would cast a magic array around the entire Fort. I-I’m not strong enough to do something like that!”

“Oh, so you are worried about that?”

“Of course I’m worried! And you should be worried as well.”

I chuckled softly and held her hand. “Don’t worry, did you forget the words that I told you this afternoon?”


“I told you that I have a way to make you stronger.”

Katherine opened her eyes wide.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course I am. Come on, follow me.”

I then grabbed her hand and pulled her towards her room.

Rose, who heard the entire conversation, was curious and followed after us.

I did not mind it. After all, Rose is practically my woman already. It doesn’t matter if I show the technique to her.

After we entered the room, I sat down on Katherine’s bed and patted the place beside me.

“Come, sit down.”

Katherine blushed slightly, but she obeyed. She then used her crystal blue eyes to look at me.

“W-What do I need to do?”

“Nothing much. Before that, though, I must tell you something.”


I fell silent for a moment and looked at Katherine with the most serious expression I could do.

“Katherine, after I use this technique, we will be bound together for eternity. It will be a bond even stronger than marriage. You will be unable to escape from me even if you want. Do you still want to continue?”

Katherine was startled. But then, her entire face turned red.

In fact, Rose’s face turned just as red.

After all, I mentioned that this technique would create a bond stronger than marriage. The girls could not help but be embarrassed.

Embarrassed, Katherine looked and me shyly and nodded.

“I-I don’t mind… Y-You know that I like you, Claus.”

I looked at Katherine with an amused smile.

This girl… I can see that she doesn’t understand the seriousness of my words.

She probably thinks that my words are just a formality or something like that.

But hey, she agreed. That is everything that matters.

If one thousand years later, she accuses me of fooling her, I can tell her, “Love, I reminded you about it, but you agreed, why are you blaming me now?”

Thus, with a smug smile on my mind, I bit my fingers to get a drop of blood.

In the next second, the tridimensional magic array appeared again, pulling our souls out of our bodies.

Then, the fusion started.

The earth shook, and the weather changed. Once more, the Universe’s punishment descended against me.

And two hours later, Katherine’s soul had transcended mortality.


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