FPD Chapter 559

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This Wasn’t in the Script


Hearing the screams of pain and surprise coming from the daemons, I shook my head.

“It was even easier than I thought.”

My plan was rather simple. We would retreat from Fort Mist to create the illusion that we ran away. At the same time, we would install a magic formation around the fort.

That formation had two functions.

The first one was to create a barrier to stop the daemons inside the fort from escaping and the daemons outside it from reinforcing them.

And the second one was to teleport the human soldiers to the walls of the fort.

Once there, the human soldiers would take advantage of the crowded situation of the daemons to kill as many of them as possible.

To my surprise, the plan was more effective than I expected.

The daemons had lowered their guard completely, and some of them had even put down their weapons.

In that situation, the result was that when the attack started, most of the daemons were unable to react.

Bolts after bolts of crossbow flew towards the daemons, killing hundreds of daemons in the first volley.

But that was just the start.

Soon came the second volley, and then the third, and then the fourth, killing hundreds of daemons each time.

It was followed by several powerful magic spells coming from the human mages, that killed from tens to hundreds of daemons with each spell.

Thanks to that, almost five thousand daemons died during the first ten seconds after the attack.


The daemon general followed by the daemon powerhouses finally moved at that moment. They yelled in rage and attacked the human soldiers.

But at the same time, General Anson and Ysnay moved.

I joined as well with a smile, attacking two daemon powerhouses and forcing them to withdraw their attacks.

The only one of us that did not move was Katherine, who was doing her best to keep the barrier around the fort.

The daemon general’s expression was ugly. Right now, he could see that they had fallen into a very insidious trap.

Moreover, after seeing the barrier around Fort Mist, he instantly understood our intention.

We planned to bury all of them here!

The daemon general then looked at Katherine, who was keeping the barrier up, and then at me, and his expression turned uglier.

With two new beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses on the enemy side, it meant that the possibility of all the daemon powerhouses dying here was not low.

After all, they barely could fight back when it was only General Anson and Ysnay, much less now!

He could only pray that Ysnay was injured due to yesterday’s forbidden technique as they thought. Otherwise, all of them would die today.

But in the next instant, his last hope disappeared.

Because he saw Ysnay unleash a sword slash, immediately bisecting one thirteenth-layer practitioner.


The daemon general’s expression turned pale, and the expressions of the other daemon powerhouses were filled with despair.

“Bastard Anson! To think you were so dirty as to pull something like this out!” The daemon general screamed, but General Anson just sneered indifferently.

“This is war. I would do anything to kill as many daemons as possible.”

Growling in rage, the daemon general attacked General Anson. However, General Anson snorted softly and wielded his spear to block his attack.

This time, though, the daemon general did not have reinforcements, so he quickly started to lose ground.

Just then, another daemon powerhouse fell.

This time, it was under my hands.

With a smile, I slit the throat of a daemon powerhouse as I blocked the attack of another.

Just like that, the second daemon powerhouse died, leaving only seven alive.

The dead of that powerhouse was seen by all the daemons below, making their situation even more despairing.

They knew that once all their powerhouses were dead, nobody would be able to stop us from slaughtering each one of them.

By then, perhaps none of them would survive.

But at that moment, an ice-cold voice resounded in the battlefield.

“Idiots! What are you doing!? Are you going to let yourselves be killed like this!?”

Hearing that voice, my lips curved up.

Princess E’Athar is finally making her move.

With a shout, the princess brandished her sword, cutting down several bolts flying towards the daemons and garnering the attention of the daemon soldiers.

“If you have time to despair, then take your weapon and follow me! We need to break this barrier and regroup with the soldiers outside. That is our only opportunity! Follow me!”

Princess E’Athar’s voice seemed to wake up the daemon soldiers. Now that they did not know what to do, her confident words gave them a direction.

Several of the daemons raised their weapons and followed her, rushing towards the barrier.

Just like Princess E’Athar said, only if they destroyed the barrier they could have a chance.

At that moment, the voice of the daemon general came from above.

“Follow the princess! Break the barrier!”

Just like the princess, he realized that they needed to break the barrier to survive.

Otherwise, even he would die today.

The words of the daemon general awakened the rest of the daemon army. Quickly, the daemons organized themselves and followed Princess E’Athar towards the fort’s doors to attack the barrier.

Moreover, several of the daemon powerhouses in the sky gritted their teeth and forced themselves to attack the barrier at the cost of receiving injuries.

Under so many attacks, the barrier shook fiercely!

Katherine’s face turned pale. She bit her lips and sent even more mana towards the barrier, stopping it from crumbling.

At that moment, Princess E’Athar raised her sword and filled it with mana.

“[Daemon Sword]!” She shouted.

In an instant, her mana surged up, becoming strong enough to be a threat to beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses.

Then, she aimed her sword at a specific part of the barrier.

According to our plan, this part of the barrier was weak enough to be destroyed by her next attack.

Thus, she executed her attack.

“[Half Moon]!”

With a bellow, her sword was swung down, releasing all the mana inside it in a powerful sword ray.

But just at that moment, something that even I was not expecting happened.

“Not so easy!”

Jumping down from the walls of the fort, a black-haired girl swung her sword and blocked the princess’s attack. At the same time, she released a wave of mana, pushing all the daemons near the barrier away.

“None of you will escape today.”

With an ice-cold expression, the black-haired girl, Rose, held her sword in front of her, facing the entire daemon army by herself.

Meanwhile, I was looking at that scene stunned.

… Miss Hero, this was not in the script.



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