FPD Chapter 564

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Eating a Daemon Princess (2)


The princess’s lips felt sweet. Her soft grey skin felt warm against my touch, and her beautiful white hair felt seductively on her back.

I hugged her waist as we kissed, pressing her body against mine as our lips were locked with each other.

Meanwhile, the princess opened her eyes slightly, her golden eyes meeting mine with a bashful expression.

Right now, the princess was filled with excitement and lust. The joy of seeing the success of our plan combined with the feeling of dependence she had developed towards me in the last few days erupted at this moment, making her take the initiative to jump towards me.

Aware of that, I decided to use this opportunity fully. Without hesitating, I threw her against the bed and started to take off her clothes. My movements were very skillful, and in less than two minutes, the princess’s grey skin was completely exposed to my eyes.

At this point, the princess finally panicked a bit.

“D-Don’t look.” She screamed and hugged my neck tightly again. In order to not let me see her naked body, she pressed her body against mine as she blushed.

However, that made her sensitive skin rub against my clothes and provoked an itch that spread all over her body instantly. At the same time, some strange feelings appeared on the place between her legs, making the princess feel weak.

“Y-You…” The princess looked at me with an embarrassed expression. “G-God… W-What am I doing? Prince C-Claus… W-We can’t…”

I smiled and kissed her mouth again. Then, I stood up and took off my clothes without giving the princess the opportunity to stop me.

When the princess saw my naked body, her already red face turned even redder. Moreover, she caught a glimpse of the huge beast between my legs, making her gasp.

The strange feeling between her legs became stronger immediately, making the princess rub her legs against each other involuntarily.

“L-Let’s stop here, okay…”

“Why?” I asked as I lowered my head to kiss her neck. “You like me, right?”

The princess hesitated briefly. But she then looked at me with a complicated expression and bit her lips.

“I-I have a fiancée.”


This is unexpected?

Seeing my startled expression, the princess hurriedly explained.

“I-I don’t like him. I-It’s just a political marriage. B-But, I don’t think that betraying him is right anyway.”

I thought for a moment before a smile appeared on my face.

“A fiancée, huh? That is good…”


“I only need to steal you from him.”

Before the princess could say anything else, I once more covered her lips with mine.

At the same time, I used my hands to roam her naked body, exploring each inch of her skin and making her groan in comfort.

The kiss this time was longer than the previous ones. Before long, the princess was squirming seductively as small moans escaped from her mouth.

When we finally separated our lips, she gasped deeply and panted.

“I like you, Princess,” I murmured sweetly on her ear, making the princess shiver.

She looked at me with a complicated expression and sighed softly before closing her eyes.

Seeing her like that, I could not help but chuckle and I kiss her lips again. At the same time, I moved a finger towards the place between her legs, making the princess open her eyes wide.


I grinned and moved my finger away. Then, I brought it towards the princess’s face and showed it to her.

“So much love juices, princess…”

“Uuu…” Embarrassed, the princess covered her eyes with her arms. I chuckled and kissed her neck softly as I continued caressing her body.

In front of my caresses, the princess resistance became weaker and weaker. In fact, she inwardly wanted to do this, however, the fact that she was a daemon and I human, and the fact that she already had a fiancée, were making her hesitate.

However, as I continued teasing her body, her rising lust quickly eliminated her resistance.

Before long, the princess was panting softly and hugging my neck with a hazy look.

At that moment, she felt the beast between my legs separating her lower lips slowly.

Startled, the princess looked down hurriedly, but without giving her time to react, I pushed my waist forward.


The princess gasped in pain, but she bit her lips immediately; her body as a fifteenth-layer practitioner helping her to bear the pain.

Her fleshy hole felt slippery and soft. The feeling of entering it was so exciting that I wanted to groan.

Each time I advanced a little bit, I could feel the princess trembling. The pleasure and pain caused after losing her first time filled her with a strange feeling.

I could not help but sigh in satisfaction when I saw the small frown on her face.

As a princess, I’m sure that many men have coveted her perfect body. Hell, she even has a fiancée.

But now, she is losing her virginity to me and the others will not have any opportunity.

The feeling of conquest was so great that it felt exhilarating.


The princess moaned again. Hearing her moans, I was fascinated. I could not help but lower my head, and while the princess was breathless, I kissed her charming mouth rudely.


Feeling my tongue invade her mouth and her lower body being pierced constantly made the princess’s consciousness a bit fuzzy. She instinctively wanted to escape this strange and novel feeling, but the pleasure that struck her repeatedly made her unable to think straight.

Princess E’Athar hugged my neck. Her tongue moved fiercely trying to satisfy her carnal desires. She could feel the huger root inside her body moving once and again, and each time, her sensitive body would tremble in pleasure.

“Princess, you are so beautiful.” I breathed on her ear and continued kissing her mouth. The kiss was so long that the princess could hardly breathe by the end and her entire body turned limp.

I enjoyed it as my hands clasped her beautiful breasts tightly, squeezing them once and again.

The feeling of having her breast groped made the princess groan. She twisted her body softly, her body trembling with each thrust of my waist.

I continued enjoying the daemon princess greedily. Her beautiful toned body, her big breasts, her soft skin, and her pleasurable cave.

With each thrust, I could feel her love juices squirting out, drenching the bed and sliding down her legs.

Eventually, the princess’s moans became faster and longer. She let out a long groan and rubbed her body against mine as though she wanted to become one with me.


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