FPD Chapter 565

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Eating a Daemon Princess (3)


The actions of the princess filled me with excitement. I could not help but accelerate my movements, making my thrusts faster as I enjoyed the tightening of her lower cave.

In front of my fierce attacks, the inexperienced princess could only moan. She closed her eyes and raised her head, her mind completely blank.

Suddenly, a strong stimulus came from her lower body and paralyzed the princess. Immediately, her body tensed up, and her vagina clenched my rod tightly.

Then, she let out a loud scream as a lot of love juice gushed out of her honeycomb.

I grinned and cooperated with the princess orgasm, making my giant spear pierce straight to the bottom of her cave, hitting Princess’s E’Athar womb directly.


Feeling a powerful surge of pleasure, the princess hurriedly put her arms around my neck and pushed her tender body upwards, trying to get even greater pleasure.

Finally, her body lost strength and she collapsed on the bed tiredly.

Gasping, the princess looked at me with a small smile and covered her eyes with her arms.

“Oh, god… What I have done…” She said pantingly.

I smiled and kissed her small mouth. Then, I moved the spear that was still inside the princess slightly.

“Uuuu…” The princess gasped and glared at me angrily, but I just smiled and continued moving my member.

Slightly, slowly, teasing her sensitive cave.

Even though the princess was a virgin, her narrow hole was filled with so much love juice that it was easy to slide my penis inside. Each time I moved slightly; I could feel endless comfort.

In front of such a delicious feeling, I could not stop myself from wanting to fuck her even more.

“H-Hey, l-let me rest…” The princess groaned and said to me with a blush. “A-Actually, w-we should stop here… I-I have a fiancée, remember?”

“But you already betrayed him, didn’t you?”

“Whose fault do you think it is!?”

I chuckled and looked straight into her eyes. Then, I pulled my penis back until it was only one-third inside before slamming it inside again.


Princess E’Athar screamed and hugged my neck involuntarily, putting her head on my shoulders as her body twitched due to the sudden pleasure.

“Y-You… You… You like to bully me…!”

“Well, you are very cute when you are bullied.”

“You…” The princess glared at me angrily. But then, I slammed my penis inside her again, making her gasp.

“See? You are cute like this?”

The princess put on a pitiful expression and looked away.

She was so cute that I could not endure anymore. With a grunt, I started a new round of lovemaking.


Princess E’Athar groaned softly. Once more, she was drowned by the pleasure coming from our lower bodies.

She could feel her heart beating quickly, as though she was about to have a heart attack. At the same time, she felt her body screaming for more pleasure.

Princess E’Athar moans filled the room. Looking at the daemon princess panting as she received my attack gave me a powerful sense of conquest.

After several thrusts, I grabbed the princess’s calf and pulled it up to expose the place where our bodies were joined. I could hear the princess groaning in shame and embarrassment, her eyes filled with lustful joy.

Looking at the place where our bodies joined and seeing the bit of blood that slid out of the princess’s hole due to her broken hymen, my body was filled with excitement.

Such a visual temptation made me unable to resist.

Snorting, I grabbed her breast and pressed her body hard, moving my waist up and down once and again, invading her virgin hole and feeling the incomparable pleasure brought by the friction between my rod and the walls of her vagina.

I pierced her hole repeatedly, reaching to the deepest part of her honey cave with each thrust. At the same time, the princess moans were filled with an intoxicating pleasure that made me increase the speed of my movements.

“Ahnn… S-Slower…” The princess gasped intermittently. Bus despite her words, her legs wrapped around my waist, and her half-open eyes filled with lust showed the delight she was feeling.

My strong thrusts shook the princess’s body. I could see her plump breasts shaking up and down with the rhythm of my thrusts.

Seeing that, I could not help but lean my head down, stick out my tongue out, and lick and bit her sensitive nipples.

“Ahhhh….” The princess yelled immediately. After that, she gave me a lustful look and closed her eyes to continue enjoying her first sex.

Soon, the princess’s breath was once more becoming heavier. The already charming redness on her face was becoming deeper, and she started to press her waist forward vigorously, creating slapping sounds when it collided with my waist.

I raised my head in comfort and sighed. Meanwhile, Princess E’Athar opened her mouth and moaned uncontrollably.

Each thrust was reaching to the princess’s uterus. The hardness of my member was making the reaction of the uterus especially intense, as though it was being hit by thunder, which made the princess’s body convulsion fiercely.

“C-Claus… S-Slow down…”

The princess moaned softly and looked at me with a pitiful look, but judging from how her waist moved up and down to collide with mine, it was obvious that she did not dislike this rude way.

So, I instead put my strength in my waist. I lowered my head and kissed the princess’s lips as my waist moved quickly like a motor with full power.

The huge meat stick messed the princess’s insides once and again, the fierce thrusts making the princess’s body shake intensely.

“You… Ah… S-So good…”

The princess shouted and hugged my body more tightly. She curved her neck and enjoyed the powerful collisions as her movements catered to my rampage.

“Good! Princess, you are so tight!”

I was excited by the princess’s alluring groans. Thus, I started to invade her more and more fiercely, bringing out more love juices with each thrust, and occasionally kissing and biting her huge breasts.


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