FPD Chapter 566

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Eating a Daemon Princess (4)


The lovemaking between the princess and I became fiercer and fiercer. By this point, the princess had liberated her body and mind, enjoying this beautiful experience without caring about anything else.

She did not care about our status as human and daemon, or about her fiancée. She only wanted to continue tasting the pleasure of sex.

The comfort in her entire body made the princess groan uncontrollably. She twisted her body under mine as she moved her hips and kissed my shoulder and neck.

“Ahnn… Uuu… C-Claus…”

Hearing the princess moans filled me with satisfaction. Each time she moaned or panted I could feel my excitement growing stronger.

Our bodies collided once and again. Each time, the princess’s body shivered softly, and her legs tightened around my waist slightly as though she wanted to bring me closer to her.

Eventually, she started to move her body faster, trying to increase the pleasure she was feeling.

I immediately knew that she was about to get another orgasm.

Without hesitation, I sped up my movements, hitting her in her deepest part once and again with a merciless sequence of thrusts.

My sudden increase increased in speed left the princess breathless. She gasped for air as her body trembled in joy.

Then, she let out a long scream as her back and neck curved backward.


Her vagina tightening around me as I pierced the secret hole of the princess once and again until she let out a deep gasp and her love juices gushed out of her hole, drenching the bed.

The princess trembled. Her body twitched a pair of times, processing the pleasure of her last orgasm as she panted.

One minute later, she finally let out a deep breath and smiled bashfully.

“… I did not know that sex was so good.”

I chuckled and kissed her lips. The princess did not resist, opening her mouth and letting my tongue to invade her.

Soon, though, she noticed something wrong.

She could still feel my erected organ inside her hole.

The princess frowned. She then looked at me and tilted her head with a confused expression.

“You are still hard?”

“Princess, I have not cummed yet.”

The princess was startled. But then, her expression stiffened.

“T-Then, we have not ended?”

“Of course not.” I chuckled. “But don’t worry, I’m about to cum soon.”

With a grin, I hugged the princess’s body. One of my hands held her back as my other hand held her sensual buttocks.

Then, I pulled the princess’s body up.


The princess was startled. She felt that her body was suspended, only held by my penis inside her.

Surprised, she instinctively hugged my neck tightly.

I chuckled and put both hands below her buttocks. Then, I left the bed and held her body as she hugged my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist.

In the next moment, I thrust my penis up.

“W-What are you doing?” The princess groaned and asked in a panic, but I did not reply, just hugging her body and kissing her neck.

The tingling sensation coming from her neck made Princess E’Athar tremble. Then, she felt my lower body starting a new series of thrusts on her.

The sudden pleasure shocked the princess so much that she almost released my neck. She hurriedly hugged my neck tighter to not fall and let out a deep moan.

“Ugh… AHnnn. Y-You…”

I laughed and continued my thrusts, ignoring the glare of the princess. In this new position, I could feel her weight against my penis, creating a very satisfying feeling.

Princess E’Athar groaned in pleasure. She glared at me again and snorted, but then, she started to twist her body, searching for the position that gave her the greatest enjoyment.

I could not help but chuckle. This girl was pretty interesting. Although on the outside she was tough, on the inside she was weak had a wild side.

I did not mind it, though. Instead, I found this side of her very cute and sexy. In fact, it made me want to continue fucking her for several days without stop.

I hugged her body tightly and walked towards the wall of the tent. With each step I took, my glans would slide up, making Princess E’Athar hum in pleasure.

Then, I pressed her back against the wall of the tent, holding her curvy body before kissing her small mouth.

“Are you ready?” I asked teasingly.

The princess snorted. “Who is afraid of whom?”

But despite her tough words, her hazy gaze and half-opened mouth showed that she could barely keep her reasoning.

“I’ll start then.” With a grin, I pressed her body fiercely and lowered my head to kiss her mouth. Then, my powerful lower body started a series of quick thrusts.

“Ahh… Uuu… AHhh… C-Claus…!”

Princess E’Athar’s moans became high-pitched, letting out a fascinating cry that almost made me lose my mind. I immediately kissed her little mouth, using my tongue to invade it, and increased my thrusting speed.

Our two naked bodies were entangled against the wall of the tent. My heavy breathing and Princess E’Athar’s seductive moans made the air hot.

By this point, the princess was completely dazed. Whether it was her moans, or the twisting of her body, or her groans, each one of them was filled with intoxicating lust.

Such crazy sex made her breathless, and her moans soon turned into screams.

In fact, if not that I had used my abilities to stop the sound from going out of the tent and to stop the tent from shaking, the entire daemon camp would have noticed what was happening here.

The fierce attacks continued for a while. With each thrust, the princess’s moans became louder, until the point where they became strangely high-pitched.

Soon, her breathing became short and her moans became faster. I could feel her arms hugging my neck strongly, as she pressed her body against mine.

I immediately knew that her third orgasm was coming. Without hesitating, I increased the speed of my thrusts, moving faster and faster.

I was already ready to shot my white semen inside her hole. My penis trembled softly, and my abdomen turned hot.

Finally, I felt the princess shiver. Her body tensed up and her throat let out a long groan.

Immediately, I pierced my penis until her deepest part and shot my white-hot liquid deep inside her uterus.

Feeling my semen inside her, the princess groaned and closed her eyes, enjoying the aftermath of her third orgasm happily.

Unfortunately for her, I was not planning to let her rest yet. I lifted her tired and sweaty body and carried her towards the bed again, leaving her hips in the air and putting her legs on my shoulder.

I then grabbed her breasts with both hands and kissed her lips.

The princess woke up from her third orgasm at that moment, looking at me with a bewildered look.


I grinned and stared straight into her golden eyes with a playful look.

We are just starting, princess.

Then, I thrust deep inside her and started to drill her honey cave like a violent storm.

Immediately, the princess’s moans returned, filling the room with beautiful lustful sounds.

And the sounds only stopped when it was night.



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