FPD Chapter 568

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Ceasefire Treaty


Two days later, General Anson, Ysnay, Aunt Dayana, and I were inside a tent located halfway to the daemon camp.

This tent had been set up one day ago with the purpose of serving as a neutral ground for the negotiations with the daemons.

Yes, right now, we were in the middle of negotiating a ceasefire.

In front of us, Princess E’Athar and some of the remaining higher-ups of the daemon army were seated and discussing with us about the terms of the treaty.

Right now, our negotiation had gone for more than five hours, and it was finally coming to an end.

“… Let’s see then.” General Anson looked at Princess E’Athar with an expressionless look. “According to this agreement, the daemons will not attack Fort Mist again during the next year. Is it right?”

“Yes.” Princess E’Athar nodded firmly, ignoring the bitter and unwilling looks of the daemons behind her.

“… However, I don’t think it’s enough. After all, you were the losers. I think you should compensate us for the damage caused to Fort Mist.”

“We just lost a battle, General Anson.” Princess E’Athar replied calmly. “But if we are determined to continue attacking and sent more beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses to attack the fort regardless of the cost, how long do you think you can endure? A ceasefire is better for both of us.”

General Anson nodded, but in truth, he did not want to agree to this.

More beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses? Powerhouses like those were not cabbages. The number of people able to reach this level was limited, and although the daemons indeed had more beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses than the Arcadian Empire, the difference was not very vast.

Plus, moving a beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouse was not easy. Most likely, the daemon empire could not afford to send more beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses to Fort Mist for a while.

But despite that, the daemon general only hesitated for a while before nodding.

“Very well, I’ll agree to these terms.”

As for the reason why he agreed, it was because I told him to.

Princess E’Athar smiled softly. She did her best to hide her joy and bowed slightly. “Thank you, general. Let’s sign the treaty.”

“Very well.”

Five minutes later, both parties had signed it.

In fact, this kind of treaty was not very binding, and both parties could break it at any time. But normally, people tried to follow them as much as possible.

After all, once you break a treaty, other parties will find it hard to trust you again.

After the agreement was signed, Princess E’Athar stood up and bowed towards General Anson one last time.

“I’ll be leaving, General. See you later.”

“I hope I don’t have to see you again.”

The princess smiled softly and turned around to left.

Before leaving, though, she glanced at me for an instant.

Fortunately, it was so quick that nobody else noticed it.

Once the princess and the daemons left, General Anson grunted and looked at me displeased.

“Prince, I still think it’s better if we slaughter the remaining daemons. They should not be able to offer much resistance if we attack them right now.”

“Calm down, General. Violence is not the only method to resolve problems.”

“But it’s the most effective.”

I was speechless. As expected of someone that grew up defending Fort Mist from daemon invasions. He was used to using violence to resolve most things.

Fortunately, General Anson did not ask about why I told him to agree to the ceasefire, nor why we had to agree to the terms of the daemon princess even if they were not very advantageous.

Right now, the daemon general’s trust in me was at the maximum level. As high as it could be.

He suspected that I had some kind of plan, but if I did not want to say it, he did not ask.

Of course, I could not tell him that it was to give Princess E’Athar more speaking power among daemons.

With these terms, nobody could use the fact that Princess E’Athar signed a ceasefire treaty to attack her. After all, the terms were pretty good taking into account the terrible defeat that the daemons suffered.

In fact, she will likely be praised for bringing back half of the daemon army alive despite the circumstances.

Well, we still need to see how the situation developed after this; but even in the worst of the cases, Princess A’Ethar should not be punished after she returns to the daemon capital.

“With this, Fort Mist doesn’t need to worry about another daemon attack for the next year.” I sighed.

General Anson nodded.

“One year is not much, but it should be enough to reorganize the fort and recruit new soldiers. When the daemons return, we will be prepared.”

I glanced at the general and smiled mysteriously, however, I said nothing.

Hehe, I don’t think that the daemons can afford to attack us again.

With that thought in my mind, I changed the topic of conversation.

“By the way, General, should we take care of that issue now?”

The general was startled. But soon, his eyes lit up.

Then, a bloodthirsty look appeared on his face.

“Yeah, I think it’s time to kill that little rat.”

My lips curled up in a smile.

I can’t wait to see General Liko’s face after we appear in front of him.



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