FPD Chapter 569

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General Liko’s Suffering


Sierra City was the city right after Fort Mist.

It was a big city under one of the nobles in Earl Riea’s faction. And due to it being located near the border with the daemons, it had a greater number of soldiers stationed in it than normal cities.

Right now, General Liko was standing in the walls of the city and looking in the direction of Fort Mist with a serious expression.

He had been like that for almost two hours already, and during all this time, he had been frowning and emitting an ice-cold aura.

Right at that moment, a soldier approached him.


“Do you have any news?” The general asked without looking at the soldier.

The soldier hesitated slightly before opening his mouth.

“None of the men we sent returned. We think they are dead.”

General Liko frowned.

“… I understand. You can go.”


As soon as the soldier left, the expression on General Liko’s face turned grave.

The fact that the men that he sent to check on the situation of Fort Mist did not return meant that they most likely died.

It was not the first batch of men he sent. But just like this time, the other men died as well.

In other words, they had been intercepted before they could escape back with the news of the situation.

Normally, that would mean that the daemons took Fort Mist and were advancing towards Sierra City. They then noticed the men he sent and killed them.

However, it was strange that not even one of his men survived.

Plus, for some reason, he had a bad feeling about the situation.

Since a while ago, he had been feeling a chill on his entire body; as though his death was approaching.

And General Liko had an idea of the reason why.

The oath of General Anson.

General Liko still remembered his eyes full of killing intent, swearing to kill him and exterminate his entire family.


Cursing in his mind, the general decided to stop thinking about that and return to his lodging.

The city lord of Sierra was a member of Earl Riea’s faction, so General Liko had been well-received here. The city lord even stationed a beyond-twelfth-layer practitioner near General Liko in case that General Anson attacked.

But strangely, General Liko did not feel relieved after knowing that.

Quite the opposite, he felt even worse.

And today especially, he felt a strange weight on his chest, as though something terrifying was about to happen.

Taking a deep breath, General Anson saluted the soldiers guarding the place where he was staying and entered.

But as soon as closed the door, a powerful killing intent locked on him!

The killing intent was so powerful that General Liko felt the hairs of his arms and neck standing up!

But when he was about to shout, a soft and calm voice came from behind him, stopping his words.

“You should not shout. We don’t want to kill you so quickly.”

The general felt a terrifying chill on his spine.

Moreover, to his shock, he discovered that he could not open his mouth!

He could not speak.

Turning his neck stiffly to look behind him, he saw two people seated in the living room calmly. One of them was a young man with a calm expression, and the other was a middle-aged man playing with a cup of wine.

Both of them were looking at him with smiles on his faces, but their eyes were glaring at him with so much killing intent that he felt as though he could not breathe.

Just at that moment, his instinctive reaction as a twelfth-layer practitioner kicked in.


A brief shout escaped from his mouth, and his mana circulated around his body violently, ready to erupt and attack.

But then, the young man smiled softly and waved his hand.

Then, a needle made of mana flew towards General Liko, piercing his abdomen.

He did not manage to see how the needle reached him. He did not even feel it piercing his abdomen. By the time he noticed it, the needle had already pierced his abdomen, dispersing his mana and causing him incredible pain.


“Hey, Prince, don’t you think he is being too loud? What if the people in the city heard him?” General Anson asked curiously.

But the young man just shrugged, his blue eyes looking at General Liko in amusement.

“Don’t worry. I sealed this place with my mana. Nobody can hear what happens inside.”

“Is it so?” General Anson grinned happily. He then stood up from his chair and walked towards General Liko with a vicious smile.

Without caring about the screams of pain of General Liko, General Anson grabbed his hair, lifting his face and looking straight into his eyes with a bloodthirsty expression.

“General Liko, do you know what are the three things I hate more in my life?”

General Liko did not reply. However, his eyes were shaking in fear and despair after being aware of his current situation.

Despite that, General Anson continued.

“I hate scheming bastards, I hate traitors, and I hate cowards… And you, General Liko, are the three of them at the same time.”

A pale expression appeared on General Liko’s face. But before he could say anything, General Anson sent his mana inside his body violently.

His mana was filled with an ice-cold killing intent that felt like countless blades cutting every cell in General Liko’s body.


The pain was so strong that General Liko could not even scream. He only gasped, his eyes turning bloodshot due to the pain, and his body spasming violently as though he was having convulsions.

But at that moment, the young man spoke up.

“Careful, General Anson. I still need to ask him some questions.”

“Is it so? What is it? I’m pretty good interrogating others.”

“Really? Great then. Can you ask him about the people that ordered him to kill me?”

General Anson nodded in understanding. He then looked towards General Liko and out on an evil smile.

“Let’s see how much you can endure, General Liko.”

Fear filled the eyes of General Liko. His eyes shook violently, and his face turned ashen white.

But General Anson was not merciful.

He did not even give him the opportunity to talk. And instead, he started with the torture straight away.

Just like that, the cries of General Liko resounded in the room for half an hour.

When they finally ceased, the man who was once a proud general of the empire lay on the ground, dead.



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