FPD Chapter 572

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Back in the Mansion (1)


After the victory parade finished, I left the palace and went to my mansion in the capital.

Ysnay, Katherine, Rose, Aunt Dayana, Aunt Sera, Andrea, and Lina lived with me in the mansion, so they came with me. The men of Eternity’s Fangs, on the other hand, returned to the headquarter of the Red Skull Gang.

I was a bit excited on the way to the mansion. After all, it has been a long time since I saw the people living there. Actually, I’m missing them a lot.

And just as I expected, the girls were waiting for us when we arrived.

Claire, and their mother Mia; as well as Iris (The fiancée of my brother, Bryan), Elene (The doctor of the palace), Headmistress Evelyn, and Susan, were waiting for us at the entrance of the mansion.

I did not see my sisters, Dina and Lena, nor Louise or Daisy, so they must be in the palace. Marana, Akilah, and Raven were at the headquarters of the Red Skull Gang and they could not visit me publicly; and Hope was with the empress, so she could not come either. As for Safelia and my fiancée, Clara, they were busy with matters of the church.

Don’t matter. I’ll meet them later.

Same with Lluvia, Clarice, and Nana. They did not know that I am Prince Claus, so I’ll visit them later with my identity as Clark.

Right now, there is only one week before the birthday of the emperor, so I plan to take advantage of this week to bond with my women as much as I can.

After that, I don’t know how much leisure time I’m going to have.

The girls were a bit reserved after they saw me. After all, they found it embarrassing to behave intimately with me in front of so many girls.

Only Claire rushed towards me boldly and jumped towards my chest as soon as I left the carriage.

I hugged her petite body and kissed her cheek as I enjoyed the soft body of my silver-haired sister-in-law.

Claire tried to kiss me as well, but unfortunately, she was stopped by her mother, who found the entire thing shameless.

The girls had prepared a welcome party for us. It was rather simple, with just food and some beverages, however, I could feel their care and love through it.

To my surprise, Rave was waiting for me at the welcome party. Apparently, she had come through the teleportation formation installed in her room.

As soon as she saw me, the cat girl lunged towards me and kissed my lips.

The bold actions of the cat girl surprised the others, however, Raven did not care. She just gave me a small smile together with a ‘welcome back’, before sitting happily on my lap and snuggling on my arms.

Due to that, though, Claire and Lina became bolder as well and started to fight Raven for the place in my lap. Eventually, the three little girls somehow managed to settle down, with one of them on each one of my legs, and the last in the middle.

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry when I saw that.

However, I could not deny that I felt warm seeing their enthusiasm.

Perhaps it was because I finally reached my goal, but I could feel my feelings towards the three little girls growing noticeably.

Raven noticed it through our connection and looked at me while tilting her head. But one second later, her eyes opened wide in surprise.

“… Big brother, you…”

I did not reply and just smiled softly.

When Raven saw that, her mouth opened in an ‘o’ shape before putting on a happy smile and grabbing my hand.

“… Congratulations.”

“It was thanks to you.”

The black-haired cat girl turned red due to my words, lowering her head in embarrassment.

Seeing that, Claire and Lina looked at us suspiciously, but I just smiled without explaining.

The small party continued like that, with each one of us talking happily between us.

Andrea and Rose were talking with Iris, while Aunt Dayana and Aunt Sera formed a group with Mia, Elene, and Ysnay. Finally, Katherine was talking about something with Headmistress Evelyn.

Just at that moment, I saw Katherine putting on an awkward expression.

I had an idea about what was happening, so I apologized to the three little girls on my lap and walked towards Katherine and Evelyn.

When Evelyn noticed me coming over, she sighed.

“You are here, boy. Hey, can you explain to me what happened to my student? I mean, her cultivation all of sudden became greater than mine, but she doesn’t want to explain how it happened. So, can you tell me what in the hell is happening?”

“Well about that…” I smiled awkwardly and shrugged. “You can say that Katherine had a fortuitous encounter. She went through something that helped her to advance her cultivation greatly.”

“A fortuitous encounter?” Evelyn was confused. But then, she noticed her student blushing and glaring at me with a half-angry half-embarrassed expression.

Immediately, she twitched her lips.

“It can’t be…”

“It is.”

“… Claus, you are a bastard.”

I know, thank you.

Evelyn’s face quickly turned dark, and mana started to leak out of her body as she looked at me. At the same time, Katherine panicked and stood up in front of me.

“N-No, teacher. I-It’s not his fault. I-I wanted it too.”

“Is it so?” Evelyn stared at her student fixedly. But then, she sighed.

“I don’t understand. I told you many times that you had to be careful around him, right? I told you that he is a wolf in sheep clothing!”

“T-That is…”

“Then, how were you fooled by this womanizer!? Do you know how many women he has!?”

“T-Teacher, n-not so loud. T-The others will hear you.”

“You! How can you be so naïve! To think you would fall into the claws of this bast–Ummm!”

Before Evelyn could continue talking, I hugged her waist tightly, sealing her lips with a long and deep kiss under the dumbfounded gaze of Katherine and the others.

When the kiss finally ended, Evelyn panted heavily and glared at me with an angry look.

“C-Claus! W-What do you think you are doing!?”

Calming a jealous woman, of course.

And if you don’t remember, you were fooled by me even before Katherine was.

Aish, I’m such a sinful man.



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