FPD Chapter 574

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A Lively Morning


“… Mm~” With a soft groan, Raven’s naked body collapsed on my chest as her body twitched softly.

I sighed in satisfaction and caressed her hair, rubbing her cat ears softly and making the cat girl hum in answer.

I have already said this before, but Raven is really cute.

Plus, her expression of satisfaction after a climax is very sexy. To be honest, I’m tempted to start a new round of attacks after seeing it.

But well, it’s already morning, so I should stop already.

I smiled softly and felt the warmth of the three girls on the bed. One of them was Raven, who was sleeping on my chest, as for the other two, they were Daisy and Louise at my right and left respectively.

Last night, I made the three of them my new dependents.

Just like with Safelia and Katherine, after their souls were made Immortals, I increased their cultivations to the fifteenth layer.

That should be enough for their bodies to get used to their new souls.

This time, the process of making them my dependents was much easier than the previous times. Plus, it took much less of a toll on me. At this rate, I will get completely used to the process before long.

For now, though, I should get used to the new feeling of closeness I feel towards the three girls on my bed.

Just at that moment, the brown-haired maid at my right opened her eyes dazedly.

“… Good morning, your highness.” Daisy said with a small smile.

“Good morning.” I grinned and kissed her soft lips, making the beautiful maid giggle and return the kiss.

Unfortunately, it seemed like she was not satisfied with just a kiss. She glued her naked body to mine and kissed my lips repeatedly, her expression one of extreme happiness.

“… Your highness, I love you.” Daisy said sweetly.

I smiled and caressed her hair, kissing her forehead softly.

Right then, I felt someone kissing my neck from the other side.

At some point, Louise had woken up as well. She then put a hand on my chest and kissed my neck gently, looking at me with a seductive expression.

In front of the attacks of these two beauties, the holy weapon that had been in a holy crusade the entire night was once more ready to go to war.

But at that moment, the door of the room was slammed open.

“Big brother, good morning!”

Then, three cute little girls appeared at the entrance.

And when they saw the scene inside, they froze.

It was not so bad for Claire and Lina, after all, they had already slept with me before; but Lena, who had zero experience with the opposite sex, turned completely red when she saw the scene of debauchery inside the room.



With a shout, my little sister turned around and ran off.

Meanwhile, Claire looked at the four of us with a curious expression after her initial surprise and pouted.

“Brother-in-law, why did you not invite me as well?”

I chuckled amusedly and waved my hand, using mana to throw the two girls out of the room and close the door.

Sigh, it’s so hard to have a peaceful morning.



As expected, the commotion of the morning couldn’t pass unnoticed. When it was time for breakfast, the gazes of Dina, Aunt Dayana, Lena, Elene, and the others were fixed on Daisy, Louise, Raven, and me.

Due to that, they noticed the huge change they underwent during the night.

The first one to notice was Headmistress Evelyn. When she saw that the three girls that slept with me last night became fifteenth-layer practitioners, her expression turned dumbfounded.

Then, she stood up abruptly.

“That is impossible!”

Rose, who had seen the process when I made Katherine my dependent, blushed and looked away.

At the same time, Dina put on a stunned expression, wondering what in the hell happened last night. As for Katherine, she just shook her head as though she was already expecting that.

In the middle of that awkward silence, Evelyn glared at me and left with a huff.

“Where are you going?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m going to cultivate. I need to breakthrough to the fifteenth layer.”

Heh… So the girls’ breakthrough stimulated your competitive spirit, huh…

“Do you need my help?” I asked with a smirk, but Evelyn snorted and glared at me angrily.

“Dream on!”

She then left without touching her breakfast.

The rest of the girls could not stop themselves from looking at me strangely.

“What?” I asked.

“… Claus, I just realized how shameless you are.”

“My beloved Katherine, I have always been shameless.”

Katherine rolled her eyes and decided just to eat her breakfast.

After breakfast, Raven and I went to the Red Skull Gang.

We used the teleportation formation in Raven’s room that was connected to Raven’s room in the headquarters of the Red Skull Gang.

When we left the room, we met Marana and Akilah that were coincidentally around.

As usual, Marana was going to greet me respectfully and Akilah was about to make a sharp comment. But suddenly, the two sisters noticed the change in their younger sister.

“Raven, you…”

“What the hell!?”

Seeing the expressions of shock on Marana and Akilah’s faces, Raven smiled proudly and put on a smug expression.

“I am a fifteenth-layer practitioner now.”

“The hell!” Akilah was dumbfounded. “How is it possible!? You were in the ninth layer the last time I asked!”

Marana nodded with a stunned expression. But then, she seemed to think of something and looked at me.

And as she expected, Raven confirmed her guess.

“… It’s the power of love.” The cat girl said.

… Well, that was a good way to describe it.

Smiling wryly in my mind, I shook my head and looked at Marana.

“Are you free now? I need to speak with you about the situation in the capital.”

Marana snapped out of her surprise and nodded.



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